Honeymooning In The Middle Of Nowhere

By the time we got there the sun was slipping into the lake and dusk was settling over the mountains…I might even have that backwards, but I was exhausted and sick so the details are a bit fuzzy. I felt like I’d been beaten and drug up the mountain hanging by a chain to the back of the car. Yes, I felt that badly. No, I had not been drinking. It must have been some sort of a virus. All I wanted to do was curl up in a ball (ALONE) and go to sleep. This was not how any bride wanted to feel on her honeymoon. And it definitely was NOT how any new groom wanted his wife to feel.

We removed all the boarding from the huge windows along the curve of the wraparound deck and aired out the lodge. The end overlooked the lake and the long side offered a gorgeous view of the mountains and the empty farmhouse below.  Not that I cared at that particular moment, but later I did. Dirt Man did attempt to carry me up the steps, and I believe we sort of tumbled and caught ourselves. The most important thing was that he carried me over the threshold. I have no idea why that was so important other than it was tradition.

We had been so busy mingling with guests we didn’t get to eat at the reception. My mother had packed us a basket from the reception, so we nibbled while Dirt Man fired up the hibachi to cook steaks. He popped a bottle of wine. Maybe it was champagne…I don’t remember. I just know I didn’t feel like eating or drinking. Did I mention I really wanted to go to sleep? Needless to say that did not happen at least not for a while. There was one tiny detail we had forgotten about the lodge. It had bunk beds; I kid you not! All was good; I mean we were newly weds.

After he fell asleep, I woke back up. We had the windows open so I could hear the crackling of breaking twigs above the croaking frogs and humming cicadas. And I swore I thought I heard deep breathing right at the window screen, though it might have been my own inhalation. I shook Dirt Man awake and told him I thought someone was outside. He assured me it was deer or other woodland critters scurrying through the bushes. I drifted in and out of sleep…I kept waking up to make sure no one had broken in and killed us!

We had looked forward to having acres upon acres to ourselves for an entire week. (I obviously hadn’t given any thought about us being alone at night in the middle of nowhere and the possibility of intruders!) We got up at our leisure and cooked at the lodge. We basked in the sun on the dock. We swam, just the two of us in the mountain lake surrounded by woods on three sides; nothing but the birds, fish, and occasional airplanes for company. We may or may not have gone skinny dipping; I plead foggy memory! We fished. I take that back…he fished; I watched. We paddled the boat around the lake…he paddled; I relaxed. We walked hand and hand through wooded grounds of running cedar and pine needles with sunlight trickling through the tree limbs and warming our shoulders. We sat the telescope up on the deck and gazed at the billions of sparkling stars; our own celestial street lights.

Just so you don’t feel so sorry for Dirt Man, I did feel better after a day or two and we had a wonderful time. Through the years we returned to the lodge many times with our children in tow…and they loved the bunk beds!

The funny thing is that we chose our honeymoon as such because we didn’t have any money, and now we can afford to do what we couldn’t then and yet, this is the kind of thing we both love…just being together out in the middle of nowhere. And yes, once it gets dark, I still think everything is after me…

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The Spin Cycle: The Honeymooners


Living in the Gap

February 9, 2012 – Backyard Security System

As the dog charged into the backyard the robins scattered, with the exception of the one guarding the birdbath. Red dabbled across the cedar as the robins settled among the blue berried speckled boughs of green. The sun fought through a barricade of rainclouds as a startled squirrel blasted across the frame of the dog pen and up the cedar of perching robins. Feathers fluttered a bit and reconciled to share the tree with their furry friend. The squirrel climbed high and scuttled to the edge of a limb that stretched across the yard. Behind and above the birdbath guard, they formed a line of security…all eyes on Wylie whose only interest was getting a pet from the neighbor.

52 thoughts on “Honeymooning In The Middle Of Nowhere

  1. Great memory, Suzi. Glad that your honeymoon was “stellar” after its rocky start. We had a similar experience camping “in the middle of nowhere” once . . . the feeling of being visited by less-than-friendly visitors after dark.

  2. Honeymoon stories. That’s not a topic I’ve heard addressed, and it’s a lovely one. What a horrible way to begin, but glad it obviously worked out.

    Ours was also less than ideal. We had a one-night honeymoon in Santa Fe at the Holiday Inn after an afternoon wedding in Los Alamos, 35 miles northwest.. When we arrived, our reservation had been canceled. My husband was a Jr. and EP, Sr. had stayed there two nights previously… They were gracious about it and treated us to a bottle of champagne since the bridal suite EP, Jr. had reserved had quickly filled. At least we did have a full-size bed (if kings or queens were available back then, I didn’t know about them.) Somehow we’ve made it nearly fifty years now, in spite of that rather inauspicious beginning.

    • I look forward to reading what you write on the subject, Sharon. And yes it does work itself out regardless of the beginning…will be thirty years in about 6 months! Congrats to you and hubby on soon to be fifty!

  3. OMG….what a sweet and romantic story, Suzi.

    “The most important thing was that he carried me over the threshold…..”

    *smiling at that*

    “The funny thing is that we chose our honeymoon as such because we didn’t have any money, and now we can afford to do what we couldn’t then and yet, this is the kind of thing we both love…just being together out in the middle of nowhere.”

    And really, when you think about it….isn’t that what a honeymoon is all about?

    Just being together in the middle of nowhere.

    Thanks for sharing, my friend. LOVED this post!


  4. I LOVE this! Aside from the being sick part, it sound so idyllic. I wish Jimmy and I could do this NOW! Well, except that Jimmy would be like you, sure there’s a bear about to eat us – he is a Brooklyn city boy. And your wedding picture is gorgeous!

    You’re all linked up!

  5. Honeymoon or vacation, that’s what it’s all about – being together in a place you love, with him there to protect you from the night creatures and time to be free and joyous.

  6. That photo is gorgeous! It could have been in the 1800’s or 1900’s. Just exquisite! Being sick on your wedding night (and day) is just terrible. But you looked beautiful, sick or not!

    Your place reminds me of when my husband Robert took me to “the ranch”. It was a free range cattle ranch in the foothills of the Sierras and about 500 acres. The cabin was built by his grandfather. It had a certain charm, but I too got nervous at night there. Too many “critters” around and we were so isolated. But Robert had shotguns, handguns, etc. so I believed him when he said we were safe.

    I enjoyed it when it was new to me, because it was shockingly different. In time, I grew to not like it as much, as I became disenchanted with the man I had married.

    • I got the dress based on a movie I’d seen about someone from that time period!
      Had it been the “right man” you might’ve ended up being a rancher’s wife! Just waiting for Alex to get you on the Rez for a period of time…oh, that’s right you like the Rez…I know I would!

  7. I thought you were going to say you saw big footprints outside your window the next day. Lol. Besides the dark and heavy breathing, I think your honeymoon sounds perfect! Swimming, fishing, and having an adventure together. 🙂 The first of many.

    • Wow! And you didn’t get sick on this trip…I think we can chalk up the family vacations with your girls getting sick to stemming from HIS side of the family then!

  8. What a lovely memory — and what a handsome couple you make! Glad you finally perked up enough to enjoy your honeymoon;it’s nice that you took your kids to the same lodge so they could enjoy it, too!

    • Hubby’s parents once owned the property and the man they sold it to let us use it whenever we wanted…unfortunately, we no longer know the people who last purchased it.

  9. I love it! What great memories. Sometimes the best times happen when things so not go and planned or expected. I’m new to spin cycle and loving the honeymoon stories. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Sounds lovely in spite of the shaky start!
    I can relate. We went hundreds of miles through wilderness over shocking roads to reach a boat to take us to a tiny tropical island. Once there, we fell asleep in the sun with painful results. Then, on the way back, new wife drank some water she shouldn’t have, and got a tummy upset.
    In spite of all, it was wonderful!

  11. Love your wedding picture, SuziCate. You don’t look the least bit sick in that particular shot. A gorgeous smile hides many a bad bug.

    I agree with you – that is the location and setting that my soul would settle right into without hesitation. Especially with a bear or moose as a voyeur! 🙂

  12. I don’t know if my wife would ever want to be totally alone in the middle of nowhere. I think it sounds really interesting. The closest we come to roughing it is going camping, but the campground is now more of a resort than a wilderness with pools and hot tubs.

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