It’s A Wonderful Life!

Feel the warmth of the sun on your shoulders

and the tickle of the wind in your hair.

Smell the sea salt as it sprays into the air.

Breathe long and deep; enjoy your day.

Do the things you must, but take time to play.

Living in the Gap

February 3, 2012 – Squirrel seeking shelter

The rain was so light it was hardly a drizzle, more like a mist. A fluffy-tailed squirrel tucked himself beneath the azalea bush that grows at the base of a tall pine. His hands were cupping pinecone seed to his mouth. His face twitched each time he gnawed. As  a droplet of rain fell from the azalea leaves onto his tail he shook it furiously which in turn caused more to fall on him…he ran around to the other side of the tree and shot up the backside. He stopped midway and turned around and looked down as if he was searching for the culprit who threw water on him. It made me think of how we do things with consequence yet we look for someone else to blame.

February 4, 2012 – Sewing on a button

The other day Oldest asked me to sew a button on a jacket for him, and I obliged. I’ve known both of my kids to sew buttons themselves (when I’m not available). I never really thought about whether I had taught them or they taught themselves or learned in Boy Scouts. Anyway, Youngest asked me to sew one on a shirt for him so I took full advantage of the opportunity. He threaded the needle for me and handed it to me. I showed him how to knot it (though he already knew all about knots from Scouting!) and proceeded to show him how to go in and out diagonal and then the other way. I told him to do it at least four times each way and before I knew it I was in for a fifth time…extra stitch for sureness…and then tied a double knot…nothing like a sewing lesson with your grown son. I guess I had his time for a few minutes…hmmm, I wonder if he was really paying attention or if his mind was somewhere else.

26 thoughts on “It’s A Wonderful Life!

    • Thanks. I love both the mountains and the sea. I grew up surrounded by mountains and now live near the ocean; best of both worlds. And yes the sun makes it MUCH nicer!

    • Yay, enjoy! Went out today for a mini photography shoot at a local historic place and then to a park for a bit. Going to enjoy dinner and a movie at home…love leisurely weekends. I hope yours is great!

  1. Beautiful picture – do you get tired of me repeating myself? I wonder sometimes how smart squirrels are – do they really have extraordinary memories so they can find the nuts they’ve stored or do they have an extraordinary sense of smell to smell them out? I do know they have an exaggerated sense of their space, listening to them chatter from high up in a tree after one of the dogs has chased them.

  2. “Do the things you must, but take time to play.”

    So right you are, Suzi! And that’s what I plan on doing this afternoon….PLAY!

    Great photo capture! Stunning reflection!

    “. As a droplet of rain fell from the azalea leaves onto his tail he shook it furiously which in turn caused more to fall on him…he ran around to the other side of the tree and shot up the backside.’

    HA! Don’t you just love squirrels?

    Happy Saturday, my friend…..X

  3. Another incredible photo, SuziCate. Your second Gap really got my heart. I remember my mom saying to me, “Don’t feel you have to stay long, but come often.” after I asked her how I was doing as the advocate of my parents’ well-being.

    We too often learn the value of our presence after the fact!

  4. Gorgeous photo! And I love your story of sewing buttons with your son — yes, his mind might have been elsewhere, but his body was present with you. What a lovely memory and how blessed you are that he’s still listening to his mama!

  5. My guess is that he needed/wanted some special one-on-one time with you. When we get older, the opportunities to spend special/quiet time with our parents on-on-one are few and far between. Sounds like you made the most of it.

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