We stand at the corner post.

Do we go left or right?

One way is possibly success,

the other possibly failure…

But who is really to say?

One thing’s for sure,

sitting on the fence will get us nowhere.

Living in the Gap

January 29, 2012 – A Moment in Time at Fort Monroe

Scent of salt water in the air,

a touch of dampness against the skin,

chilled with the sea breeze,

and yet the sun still tries to rule the day.

Squawks of gulls flying overhead

flags whipping in the wind,

barking dogs and laughing children,

and the very hallowed ground where history made its mark.

Some things still the same, and some forever changed.

****pictures and post about Fort Monroe is forthcoming.

28 thoughts on “Choices

    • Thank you, Colonialist…it was no where and when I edited a word in the sentence it took “no” out and I didn’t catch it – that’s what I get for writing and posting very late when I’m exhausted!!!!

  1. Suzi, that photo is absolutely beautiful!

    As well as your inspiring words….

    “One thing’s for sure,

    sitting on the fence will get us nowhere.”

    You’re right, until we make a choice, we’ll never know.

    Happy Sunday, my friend!


  2. It’s really weird about choices. We make them all the time. I think it’s important to “own” our choices. I’ve made bad choices that took me to dark places. And I’ve made good choices that changed my history in a positive way. But I’ll never point to someone else and say I succeeded or failed because of them.

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