“Beautifull” Person

You are “beautifull“!

Yes, you are full of beauty!

Believe it and live it.

Look in the mirror.

Love fills your heart and spills from your smile.

You generate beauty in each act of kindness.

Compassion flows through your veins.

Simply put, you are a vision of goodness.

Let your heart radiate.

Be the glow in someone’s life.

If you could only feel the warmth of being in your presence.

Offer yourself the comfort you freely give to others.

Create the atmosphere of acceptance you extend to the world.

See that you can light the way.

Live a life of beauty, today and every day.

Living in the Gap
January 20, 2012 – Curve of the dog’s tail
The curve of Wylie’s tail is filled with boundless joy. It bends up to complete a circle. She wags left and right while I talk to her; the circle is never broken. She runs and jumps for her toy with her tail arched high. Rounded tail, she sniffs and licks each baby with approval. Her circle tightens as her pleasure increases. From her window seat, she watches the pedestrians stroll down the street with their leash dogs; her tail curls in excitement as she wants to play. The curve of her tail remains until…Midnight, the neighbor’s black cat, runs across the street. I suppose joy does have its limitations.

31 thoughts on ““Beautifull” Person

    • My dog almost never growls…I would say never but she has recently started this low pitched growl toward Midnight. I think if she actually saw him closeup she might change her mind. Maybe she’s upset that he doesn’t come over to play!

  1. From a Christian perspective, remembering that I am created in God’s likeness is important. Important especially when I am busy self-loathing and missing opportunities to focus on others.

  2. I love the photo you captured, Suzi.

    Goes PERFECT with this post!

    And of course….your words always inspire me!

    “Create the atmosphere of acceptance you extend to the world.

    See that you can light the way.

    Live a life of beauty, today and every day.”

    Thank you for that reminded, my friend.


    Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend!

  3. Zoe has a long whip-like tail. She actually smacks you hard with it and hits it against doors and walls till it bleeds. At first we thought about having it cropped, but a dog’s wagging tail is like their smile. It’s nothing to be tampered with.

    • Their tails are hilarious. Wylie sometimes gets so excited the small kids get knocked down by it. Once had a dog that used to “sweep off” the coffee table with his tail!

  4. Bailey’s tail forms a circle, or a near-circle most of the time. When she feels a need for attention, it goes down – she’s like a little kid who knows what kind of face to put on when she wants something, for Bailey it’s the tail. Shasta’s tail does not curl so tightly, but she doesn’t have the border collie blood either. Shasta’s tail flops when she’s laying down and we approach, wags furiously when someone says “out” or “walk” or “ride”, or when a flock of quail have gathered for lunch within her line of sight. Their tails speak a thousand words.

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