Flying in Formation

Migratory birds fly in formations called echelons. This is done to conserve energy; much like the way cars draft in races. It keeps them in the same direction and assists in communication.

Most families have their own way of flying in formation. We implement systems among us to support one another. While each of my family members has individual goals, we are rooted in a like value system. We offer comfort and assistance to one another. We each have our place in the line, but we understand the need to shift positions at times.

I’m fortunate to be from a family that functions from a place of love. There is no doubt we’ve at times overstepped our boundaries in the name of love. (When you take a family of two parents and six kids and then add their own families to the mix, there is going to be a lot of drama!) We say what we think and not always in the best manner, but we do communicate. Though we’ve had our share of disagreements, none of us would ever throw another under the bus for our own personal gain. It has been a lifelong process of accepting one another as we are not as we’d like them to be, but there has never been a question of loving one another. While that has been difficult at times, it has been freeing. It has allowed us to love without expectation.

My family lost several loved ones this past year. We were most profoundly affected by my brother’s death. If you have ever lost a member of your immediate family, you know it can shake you to your core. It can test the fabric of the entire family unit. We each dealt with it in our own ways, and hopefully have become more devoted to one another because of it.

The past eight months since my brother’s passing have been a time of examination of relationships and opportunities of bonding. We’ve learned relationships can’t be one-sided. We’ve dropped our insecurities and fears to open ourselves to one another. We’ve grown to know we can’t take the past back and must work to live each day in relationship. When we love each other first, there is no room for jealousy. When we each choose our actions based in love, there is no one to blame for any shortcomings.

The special thing about love is that when we feel loved, we feel free to love others. May we each forge our way into the future with love. May none of us be self-serving. May we have peace of mind within our connections. If we are all compassionate to the needs of one another, peace will reside in each of us.

My advice to you is to live this day in love. Tell someone how much they mean to you. Tell them how they make your life special. Show your love in action. Don’t keep love a noun, make it a verb in your life.

Living in the Gap

January 19. 2012 – Letting my light shine

I am sitting in a chair in front of the window and notice a line of light running across the sofa. It softly extends across the room to illuminate a picture of a lighthouse. As I move in the chair to my right the back hits against the curtains widening the path of light, and as I move to the left it lessens and even diminishes. As I get up and move to the sofa, I see my hair shadow across the brightened trail. I stick my head over and completely block the light…the glow disappears. I think about how we block our own light at times. Maybe we lack confidence or perhaps are even unaware of our own capabilities. I am reminded we each have a light inside and owe it to ourselves to let it shine.

33 thoughts on “Flying in Formation

  1. So touching, Suzi 🙂 This is so beautiful post. I love the way you say that we should show our love in action. Yes we need to do it as long as we still have chance to do it 🙂
    Thank you for reminding us

  2. As usual, Suzi, what a WONDERFUL post!

    Always inspiring.

    I love your analogy of the migratory birds flying in formation.

    “The special thing about love is that when we feel loved, we feel free to love others.”

    That is soooooooooo true!

    “My advice to you is to live this day in love. Tell someone how much they mean to you. Tell them how they make your life special. Show your love in action. Don’t keep love a noun, make it a verb in your life.”

    Beautiful ending, my friend!

    (((( You ))))

    X ya!

  3. First of all, amazing clouds in your shot! That said, family is so important especially during the difficult and challenging times in life. Sure, there are friends that may stick by us, but when families unite, there is no stronger defense.

    • Another Dirt Man spectacular!
      Some have as strong a sense of family with friends which I think is wonderful, but when you have it with those who’ve been with you through it ALL, it’s really what life should be about.

  4. “. . . Love without expectation. . .” such a wonderful thought. It is so much easier to love when we know our expectations of having that love returned are being filled. Being able to love despite not receiving the same quality of love in return – priceless.

  5. This is heartrending. When my mother died sic years ago, rather than bringing the family together, it drove us apart. Sadly, I don’t see my sisters now, not do I have the desire to. Greed came from the darkest places and changed my feeling toward my siblings forever. Sometimes you do have to walk away, and not look back.

    • So sorry, Linda. I know how hard these things can be as I’ve been near equally tragic stories…truly terrible.
      Fortunately, greed never entered the picture, but many other feelings did and it took time to sort some of them out. I’ve come to know each of them are irreplaceable to me…

  6. From the tragedy of your brother’s death came the reunification of your family; from that came new appreciation of each other’s strengths. Full circle, I’d say. How sorry I am for your loss, but how wonderful that you’ve all managed to stick together without letting the grief tear you apart.

    • There was always that threat and it came close at one point…it takes love and work by each one of us…choices we have to make unselfishly for the good of the clan. When we allow love to guide us wonderful things can result.

  7. I am glad that you feel you family has grown in a positive direction with since your brother’s death. That is an amazing thing.

    This is a great idea: “Don’t keep love a noun, make it a verb in your life.” Thanks.

    And, yes, I do think that sometimes we block our own light in many different ways. The way your mind works amazes me!

  8. I heard an echelon today…in the midst of bitterly cold and wintry weather, a flock of geese gaggled their way somewhere. Our weather is warm enough usually that geese stay year round so they may have been going to Occupy Fast Food!

    really enjoyed your description of Love working within familial relationships. Many times while I am mentoring young women, I ask if what they are about to do is motivated by Love. We usually agree to postpone action until it can be. The plans change demonstrably. Love is powerful beyond ego.

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