Man In The Moon

Dirt Man took this a little over a week ago. When I looked at it on the camera I thought the shadows of the moon looked like an old lady holding a baby. Once I loaded it onto the computer I could see the man in the moon. Actually, I see two men in the moon. Do I have an overactive imagination? (Remember how I saw faces on every mountain when I went out West?) What do you see?

Living in the Gap
January 18, 2012 – Playing like a child
I could hear the rushing of the wind as it whooshed between the houses. The sound was similar to wind traveling through canyons. I could hear the rustling of the leaves as they clanked together and whipped into the air. I walked out to find it was a pleasant warm wind, not a biting, fierce demanding gust. I felt as if the wind had a place to go and was in a hurry to get there, like an excited child who wanted to meet up with friends. As it bent and swayed the limbs overhead, it stooped to dance around me. It tickled my neck and teased about me as if it wanted to play. So, guess what I did….I played. I twirled and ran around …until I discovered the wind had run off with one of my garden flags! After that I didn’t think he was being a very nice friend.

31 thoughts on “Man In The Moon

  1. Sometimes when I look at the full moon in the sky I see the man in the moon. In your wonderful photo I see craters and hills and . . . Too much TV do you think?

  2. First, please tell Dirty Man that I said, WAY TO GO!

    Being a HUGE moon lover, this image took my breath away. The clarity is stunning!

    For me, I see the form of a fetus in a womb. And if you look REAL close, you can see a spark of light, which to me….looks like a heartbeat.

    Lovely post, my friend! Really enjoyed.

    Happy Wednesday!


  3. I see a clown with a fake nose eating a snow cone. Really a spectacular shot, DM.

    I like breezes but wind scares me. I’m afraid of trees falling on me and being “swept away” and getting squished under a telephone poll. Your image is more appealing.

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