On Living A Frost Free Life

“Those who are disconnected from Spirit often tend to manipulate and control others to feed off their energy in order to sustain themselves.” ~Sonia Choquette from The Power of Your Spirit

While frost is incredibly beautiful to the eye, its influence can be devastating. The same goes with people. Appearances can be deceiving, but the heart always knows the truth. Look deep and rely on your intuition. You’re given instinct for a reason. It is a means of protection; a frost prevention of sorts.

Frost damage is usually apparent rather soon. Grass quickly turns from green to yellow. The growth of plants might become limp or blackened. A person’s spirit is equally susceptible to the poisons of others. Unfortunately, the effects of such toxins might not be seen for many years. Sensitive souls lose faith in their own abilities. They stop trusting others. Their color fades as their courage withers. Their enthusiasm for life dies.

Frost can kill blossoms and damage fruits. Manipulation, intimidation, and bullying has the unfortunate power to harm emotionally, preventing the victims from fully engaging in this life they were gifted.

After prolonged periods of cold, plant roots are unable to take in water and die. In time those hurt begin to put up barriers to prevent more pain, often killing themselves a little at a time.

Prevention is far better than cure. Much caution is taken to protect cultivated crops while nature is left on its own. Protect yourself by not allowing emotional vampires to intrude upon you. Surround yourself with gentle loving people. Be the person you want as a friend and you will attract them in return.

We are given a substantial amount of power in this life. It is our responsibility to use it wisely. It is both an opportunity and an obligation to pay it forward. Someone before us nurtured and mentored us, helping shape us into the beautiful beings we are. We can nurture others and watch them bloom. Human spirit is fragile. Don’t freeze it; warm it with love and compassion. May you always be frost free.

Living in the Gap
January 12, 2012 – Rainy Day

Light and dark grays blend in the sky to create a leaking canopy. Drip. Drop. Rain falls, splattering onto the picnic table. Pools of water indent in a rippled circle as the drops hit and then swell into a liquid mound. Vinca vines gently sway as the rain rolls from its leaves. One purple vinca blossom cradles a thimble of rainwater. Tall pines watch in silence.


40 thoughts on “On Living A Frost Free Life

  1. It hasn’t got that cold here. Frost is beautiful to look at. Love the leaf pics!

    I like your metaphors too. Sometimes, I am a little frosty if I don’t know someone. It takes time for me to warm up. 🙂

  2. Again, such a WONDERFUL analogy you use to make your point.

    I never thought of frost and human pain as similar, but you’re spot on!

    Love these two sentences…

    “Protect yourself by not allowing emotional vampires to intrude upon you. Surround yourself with gentle loving people. Be the person you want as a friend and you will attract them in return.”

    “Human spirit is fragile. Don’t freeze it; warm it with love and compassion. May you always be frost free.”

    Gorgeous photographs. Especially enjoyed that last one!

    Thank you for sharing, Suzi! Have a terrific Thursday!


    • I know my analogies are a bit off sometimes, but nature just makes me think in comparison of how it touches on our own human frailties.
      So glad you liked the photos. I took about twenty and narrowed it down to five. That last one is taken of a piece of sheet metal.
      Hope your day was fantastic, Ron.

      • I don’t think your analogies are a bit off, ever! They are always right on target, I would say they might not be the ONLY way to look at things, but I always think they are amazingly right on. :-).

  3. Your advice is spot on, Suzicate — ‘Human spirit is fragile. Don’t freeze it; warm it with love and compassion.’ It’s so sad when people mistreat others, freezing them out. I think, rather, we’re called to be lights, casting warmth wherever we go. Lovely photos, by the way!

  4. Oh the daggers that can be hidden in dastardly deeds and words, SuziCate. If you are going through one of these frosty sessions, I hope you are speaking up to the person or group.

    Speaking up is the single most difficult part of life that I observe in the lives of the women I mentor. They turn into frosty beings themselves – as a defense mechanism, but it doesn’t resolve anything.

    Unfortunately, some people are so unable to ask for what they want, they only know how to manipulate.

    It helps to run into a “force” that loves us enough to say, “no more”. It happened to me. As painful as it was to look at myself practicing avoidance, frostiness, and manipulation, I’m glad I did.

    I’m frequently amazed at how often a little investigation reveals misconceptions and misplaced contempt.

    • All’s good here; just one of my nature/human trait analogies. I wanted to post my frost pics and this was the first thing that popped in my head!
      There is a huge difference in speaking up for what one wants and manipulating others to get their way…boy, have I seen it done! I used to not speak up when others tried to manipulate/use me…eventually I learned to not allow others to have that kind of power over me and to distance myself from those kind of people.

  5. If only the Internal Weather Service issued frost warnings so we knew to protect ourselves! Beautifully put and written, and Soul Dipper’s comment about frosty souls begetting frosty responses is so right on! I read Dracula while on vacation (who would have guessed? It just happened to be on my iPad and I found it at the right time). That analogy is worth a book or two. So let’s blast frosty souls with lots of loving writing to prepare us and them for a thaw.

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