Train Wreck


Ever feel like you life is a train wreck?

Are you at a loss as to how to get your train up and running and back on the track?

Be prepared to work hard.

The first step is to dig yourself out.

Pickup the debris and clear the rubble out of the way.

Salvage what you can by making repairs where needed.

Check the mechanics of your train.

Work on the basics, heal the wounds from the inside out.

If you were derailed, examine the tracks. Make necessary reinforcements.

If the train and the track are not the root of your collision, perhaps it is the environment through which your train travels.

Maybe it’s time to reroute.

Take the time and the means to get yourself running and back on the tracks.

Living in the Gap
January 11, 2012 – Parenting
My youngest son called me. Enthusiasm spilled from his voice through the phone and into my heart. I became as excited as him. So much can be revealed through the tone of voice and choice of words. I could feel relief being lifted from his shoulders. I heard the gratitude for opportunity, and the expectation of better things. I felt appreciative he called to share the good news in his life. It’s a good feeling to know things are going well in the lives of my children. It is no greater joy than to share in their success and happiness. A bit later he came by to talk about his plans. His face glowed. He seemed to walk on air. His smile never faltered. My heart overflows with love, confidence, and excitement for him. I hope the new chapter in his life will be even greater than the dreams he has of it.

38 thoughts on “Train Wreck

  1. Good advice with the trainwreck feeling–it is something that we all experience. Reroute is seldom the most visible option, but may be the most viable.

    Best wishes to your son.

  2. Excellent share, Suzi!

    VERY wise words indeed.

    Especially this part….

    “If the train and the track are not the root of your collision, perhaps it is the environment through which your train travels.

    Maybe it’s time to reroute.”

    And yes, I have had times in my life when it felt like a train wreck; getting myself back on track again.

    Thank you for sharing this today, my friend. Hey, I LOVE that photo!

    Enjoy your day……X

  3. Who put the damn loop-da-loops on my tracks?? I’m glad your son is getting ready for an exciting chapter in his life. It’s so great to anticipate it all with them.


  4. Isn’t it exciting when good things happen to our kids? We know they deserve every good thing, of course, but sometimes life doesn’t hand out the good things we parents feel they’re entitled to. I trust you’ll enjoy this new chapter in his life with him!

  5. You have done a wonderful job raising my nephews. The fact that he called you to share such news is a testament to your parenting and the love and trust and confidence he has in your relationship. Give him a big hug and kiss from his Aunt Peg and tell him I am so proud of him!

  6. The life of someone very close to me has been a train wreck for about 6 months. Trying to help and be supportive has caused me more than a few more wrinkles and gray hairs. But it’s a small price to pay to help someone you love pick up the pieces of their like and try and plan to move forward. “Salvage what you can by making repairs where needed.” That’s a great line.

  7. There’s a very interesting contrast, SuziCate – from a train wreck to total jubilation for a son. Your happiness for him gives me a teeny idea of what it must be like to be a mom and go through all these ups and downs “with” your children. It must be very hard at times. The wins must make up for it. 😀

    • I guess that is a contrast! My “Living in the Gap” aren’t related to my posts, and only coincidental when they do click!
      Yes the ups make everything else more than worth it!

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