Shoot For The Moon

How often have you given up before you even started?

Did someone tell you that you couldn’t do it?

Are you the one who doesn’t believe in you?

Do you not feel you can achieve results expected of you?

Are you the one placing expectations on yourself?

If you must take baby steps to get there, it’s ok;

better to arrive some day than never at all.

After all, we often find the journey to be more important then the destination.

The point is to pack your suitcase and head out.

Tuck courage in your back pocket and fly by the seat of your pants;

sometimes that’s the only way to travel.

Dare to attempt the impossible.

Most of the things we deem impossible aren’t;

they’re only improbable.

Remember there’s a huge difference between impossible and improbable.

You might be the one small thing that makes the difference.

You will seldom regret opportunity,

but you will regret letting opportunity pass you by.

Have faith if the outcome is not your anticipated results;

know things do not always happen in your timing.

Don’t regret failure; regret never trying.

Don’t let fear crush your dreams.

Know you are capable of great things.

Just go for it.

Shoot for the moon.

Trust in the process.

Believe in yourself.

This photo was taken by Dirt Man. Mine was not nearly as large and clear.

Living in the Gap

January 6, 2012 – Moonlight

Photographing the moon has become an obsession for Dirt Man and me. I have been throwing myself out in the cold dark night every couple of days in hopes of some good shots. I’ve gotten some incredible shots, however I admit Dirt Man’s are a bit better. He has much more knowledge and experience with manual camera settings. Kudos to him for attempting to teach me.  Again, I headed out and a few minutes later Dirt Man followed and took over. In the light of the moon with the cold air biting our necks and numbing our fingers, we maneuvered the tripod and camera. We aimed above our heads and over the back of the house, fumbling through the darkness, only seeing what was visible in the sky or on the camera lens. The puffing of rising breath settled in a mist in front of us. Funny though when we got what we were after, we felt warm inside…no change in the temperature outside.

28 thoughts on “Shoot For The Moon

  1. Love shots of the moon. This is GORGEOUS! He must have a real good zoom lens. Awesome.

    I am shooting for the moon, if I miss, I’ll end up with the stars (one of my favorite sayings). 🙂

  2. Kiefer and I were talking about this just last night. He wants to go skiing. I’ve never been, and I have no desire to. Why? Because I think I’ll be bad at it. Definitely gave up before I’ve even tried.

  3. BEAUTIFUL shot. Kudos Dirtman! You know how obsessed I am about taking pictures of the moon, clouds, sky…. I love love love this! He’s gonna have to teach me these settings!

    • You can get a really good zoom in on the easy setting, but for the quality you need manual. I wish I understood all the stuff he tells me…or that I could remember the next time I go to take a pic!

  4. Okay, first I have to say….FANTABULOUS shot of the moon!!!

    Thee BIG cheers to Dirt Man!

    And second, I need to print this post out and place these words on my bathroom mirror to read each morning.

    Suzi, you are SO spot on!

    “Are you the one who doesn’t believe in you?”

    Yup..often times it’s ME who doesn’t believe in myself that stops me from trying.

    “After all, we often find the journey to be more important then the destination.”

    You said it, girl! The joy is truly in ‘journey.’

    Thank you for sharing yet, another inspiring post, my friend!

    You da’ BOMB!

    Have a glorious weekend……X

  5. Wonderful shot of the moon. And, like Ron, I find this post very timely for me. I am on the threshold of taking that step to restore my faith in myself, and not to run when the going gets tough.

    By the way, when I make that leap, I sure hope I don’t land on my courage 😛

    Another excellent post, Suzi.

  6. Great photo! And great inspiration. When I was young, I always felt like I had really missed out because I didn’t go to college. At 24 with 2 kids and divorced, I thought it was pretty much impossible. At 30, I did it. And I’ve never regretted it even though I worked full time and went to school at night. All you really have to do is do it!

  7. As usual —- WOW!

    Love this post. All too true.

    Love the picture. Yay Dirtman. My hubby was getting really good at taking pictures of the moon, but he stopped taking pictures all together for some reason.

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