Dare To Dream A Little (Or Big) Dream

“A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.” ~Oscar Wilde

We spend our whole lives waiting to be ripe.

We can’t wait to share our talents, but they never seem ready to harvest.

We feel seasoned, but we don’t think others see our full quality.

Sometimes we feel like an ordinary cornstalk in a corn field, just biding our time.

There are times we feel alone.

We think we’re the single stalk standing while all have received their just rewards.

We wonder when our time will come.

Sometimes we must learn the virtue of patience and the benefit of solitude.

We fail to see we are eating away at ourselves.

We blame others rather than doing our own part.

Connecting helps us grow and reach our potential.

Sometimes we must hold tight to our dreams without eating the life from them.

A Segment of Sometimes Series

Living in the Gap

January 5, 2012  – Native American flute “music of the canyons”

I’m having a particularly stressful day. I figure some music might cut the tension, at least lift my spirits a bit. I choose a CD of Native American flute music that was recorded outside with various sounds of wildlife, streams, winds, canyon echoes, etc. Though nothing surrounding me changes as I listen to the music, I change. My breath becomes even; calm. I not only become soothed but centered. I remember how I felt there was something incredibly sacred about the canyon when we went out West. For a moment I am there again. I feel deeply connected to this music. It speaks to my soul.

41 thoughts on “Dare To Dream A Little (Or Big) Dream

  1. Angelia made me laugh.

    In the first shot is that a bug you captured flying next to the corn stalk?

    “Connecting”. Going right along with my goal this year. Today the phone rang asking if I had time for lunch. I had just eaten, but I said I would still love to meet. Yay! Another face-to-face visit!

    I love how the music helped calm you. I often feel music calms or excites. Sometimes with the tempo and beat and sometimes with the memory that it invokes.

    • Yes, it’s a dragonfly…purely accidental!
      Yay to you on connection. I got a call last night that I missed and called her back and talked a bit and then she called me back today; was just fabulous. I love connection!

  2. I like that Oscar Wilde quote!

    Music hath charms indeed, and the simple flutes or recorder-type instuments have the purest tones of all. (I am writing another trio featuring the tenor recorder at present, and I have recorders and a clarinet within reach from where I am now sitting – tootling a few notes gives a lovely break.)

  3. 40 years ago we did the Ravi Shankar thing. But Native American is so different and produces similar effect. There is a whole genre of music based on what you are now listening to with accompanying instruments that have brought to quieting for me. Used in the sweat tent rites.

  4. LOVE the Oscar Wilde quote, Suzi!

    In fact, I love MANY of his quotes because he really got to the ‘core’ of things’ using his both spot on insight and wit.

    Great post, my friend!

    “Sometimes we must hold tight to our dreams without eating the life from them.”


    Have a wonderful day……X

    P.S. beautiful photos. love the dragon fly in the first image. It looks like a little helicopter!

    • Yes, yes, yes! I’ve always been one to study to music etc… Fortunately the hubby and I like the very same kind of music. If he’s home I put him in charge of it, and I just enjoy!

  5. The photos are amazing. They really show exactly what what you are saying. As a side note, Alex has an uncle by the name of Tree Cody and he’s a very famous flute player. The guy is about 6 foot 8 inches tall and he’s magnificent. He’s married to Alex’s Navajo aunt. Tree Cody is from another tribe. (Navajos are not that tall unless they come from Tuba City.)

    • Linda, I googled him and listened to his music…he really is good. Thank you so much for telling me about him. So, Navajos from Tuba City come in extra large? (LOL!)

      • Tree Cody performed at Alex’s sister’s wedding. Stunning. Tuba City Navajo’s are “big un’s”. When I was in Tuba City, I looked for some but everybody will inside that day. Or playing basketball or something. One or the other.

  6. Your photography is incredible, SC. Only surpassed by your insightful prose. Dreamers keep this world in balance, so please keep up the good work. Looking at that lone cornstalk makes me think of the fragility of life, and how we must know when to duck. Then again, that corn seed will probably spawn fifteen other stalks come next spring…..EFH

  7. The first four lines of your poem express how I have been feeling for a few months now. They have helped me feel connected to you – and the others who have posted comments. And that certainly makes a difference!

  8. I am so ripe I must be ready to burst. That would not be a pretty site. I am itching to say everything from my heart, but then I hold myself back in case people don’t want to hear it. That’s a fine line, right there. Is it because people don’t want to hear it? Really? How do I know? Or am I scared to reveal too much of myself?

    That’s why many of us love you and your work, Suzi. You share the real you in words and pictures and caring. Without apology or hesitation. You care enough to share.

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