In The Curve Of The Wind

Living in the Gap

January 4, 2012 – Wind

I am sitting here watching the branches of an azalea bush swing with wild abandon. Occasionally it wraps itself around the trunk of a pine and unwinds to dangle freely in the yard. I hear it whispering to birds in flight and wonder what it is saying. Maybe it’s reminding them they should have flown south as the temperature is steadily dropping. Perhaps it is simply the ancient language spoken between tree and bird since the dawn of time.

It occurs to me wind is much like pain, invisible but seldom silent. While we can’t actually see the wind, we can feel its chill and force. We can often see a path of destruction left in its wake. While the cause of pain and aftermath of scars might be visible, pain itself can not be seen with the naked eye.  Tears, puffy eyes, shaking bodies, hunched shoulders, and lined, sallow faces are obvious signs of heartache. We hear sobs, sighs, and gasps of breath, but the voice of pain speaks internally.

Like hungry children we swallow the wind and delight in its antics as long as it doesn’t cross us. When wind and pain walk hand in hand, we know we don’t want to go out to play. While wind has a sometimes destructive nature, we’ve been gifted with instinct for our own survival. May we each know when to take pleasure and when to run.

The secrets of wind and pain might only ever be known by the bearer of such. In life and nature there are things of which we do not utter; we simply live them.

36 thoughts on “In The Curve Of The Wind

  1. You always amaze me. I never would have connect wind and pain, except that sometimes wind causes me pain. But I can see what you are suggesting. Wow! I always love how you do that!

      • If we are going to label it “weird” we need to qualify that and say weird in a good way! I think it is amazing! You ALWAYS make me go, “WOW!”. I try not to comment wth just “WOW!” but that is what I am thinking!

    • Now, I’m going to have to google those images…sounds lovely. My next door neighbor’s yard is incredibly gorgeous when the azaleas bloom. It seems we lose one almost every winter…our yard used to be incredible with the many varieties we had blooming.

  2. Absolutely adore your analogy of the wind to pain.

    You are so spot on!

    “The secrets of wind and pain might only ever be known by the bearer of such. In life and nature there are things of which we do not utter; we simply live them.”

    Love that, Suzi!

    Great photo too. Love the mistiness.


  3. Look at you, going all poet on us again! This is truly beautiful, Suzicate. It’s given me a new way of looking at something. I’d never connected wind and pain before. Your photo speaks volumes, too — just look at all those pine cones!

  4. Interesting analogy, Suzi.

    Pain is such a blessing . . . it protects us from further injury as it screams in alarm, “Watch out!” “That’s HOT.” “Be CAREFUL!” “That’s SHARP!”

    Emotional pain is also a signal that we must look within.

    Once we fully embrace the sadness, anger, or grief, it moves off, silent as the wind . . . and allows our inner balance and harmony to resurface.

  5. Wonderful … a very original and true comparison. I experienced more then my fair share of pain this year. Pain is so hard to explain and to comprehend what others are going through … because it is invisible like the wind. And, both can be destructive at times. Next time I feel pain, I am going to think about the wind … thank you for this post.

  6. I like how you connect the wind and the pain, both cannot be seen but only can be felt. I love this and you are really good in writing a poem, Suzi 🙂

  7. Invisibility is common to both and both are usually natural.
    We can capture the wind, but not control it.
    We can control pain, but not capture it.

    You have me thinking, SuziCate…

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