Starting to “Live in the Gap”

I started living in the gap a day early. (Just explaining that sometimes my entries might actually be a moment from the day before rather than the day I post) We decided to take a drive today. Our intention was to take a ferry across the Currituck Sound and catch the sunset on route. We had just enough time to slip by MacKay Wildlife Refuge and snap a few pictures. I am only going to include one sunset picture and an incredible shot of some turtles sunning on a log in the marsh…and then I will post my “Living in the Gap” entry.

Also, since I have somewhat neglected my poetry blog for several months of the past year, I’ve decided to start posting some of our (Dirt Man and myself) photography with haiku on this site. Please check us out here.

Living in the Gap
January 1, 2012 – Connecting with Nature

I closed my eyes and extended my arms while facing the sun. I felt the warmth against my face and the coolness beneath my arms as my hair tried to bend like the marsh grasses and become one with the wind. The saw grass and cattails rustled, rattled, and clapped as the wind gusted between the reeds. The thick rushes glistened beneath the golden rays of the sun. I heard a rush of water and glanced to see a team of ducks (still a bit in the distance) skim across the stream. We were surprised to see how far noise travels on flat terrain.

43 thoughts on “Starting to “Live in the Gap”

  1. I think you (and all your readers) are going to be surprised at what comes forth from “living in the gap.” I really feel your inner peace from this one!

    • I’m sure I’ll be as surprised as anyone. I generally have those moments, but I haven’t bothered to write them down on a daily basis; should be interesting for me.

  2. Medicinal moments in nature…gorgeous, SuziCate. Plus, I could feel the wind on my arms and my hair swirling with the grass. It reminds me to breathe deep. Good entrance into 2012.

  3. Amazing pictures, once again. I can’t get over that sunset picture – it’s just gorgeous. All of your pictures have a serentity to them that I enjoy. Thanks for sharing them 🙂

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