Taking Back The Night In The Christmas Light(s)

Recently I posted about my fear of going out alone at night. I decided it was time to steal back the night. With Wylie in tow, I took in the Christmas decorations in the neighborhood. I found it is difficult to take pictures with a ninety pound dog pulling me in the opposite direction. Wylie led the way, one sniff at a time while I followed in the glow of colored Christmas lights.
We saw this dude in the red suit every where we went. Seriously, he was in almost every other yard! 
There were only a couple of manger scenes, but the lighted deer lit up the neighborhood.
This Santa was my favorite. I don’t think Wylie ever lifted her nose from the ground to even see Santa at all.
I guess this is the neighborhood blow up version of the polar express!
Santa, snowmen, penguins, lights, and candy canes…this house has Christmas going on! 

Santa's on the roof making an early delivery!

Ho, Ho, Ho!

40 thoughts on “Taking Back The Night In The Christmas Light(s)

  1. Love the nativity scene and the Santa in the middle. Your neighborhood decks the houses. 🙂

    We have a neighborhood behind us with a canal. Every house has lights. It’s a big attraction this time of year. We went through the day before it started. Sooo cool! Now, we have to go home the back way because of all the cars waiting in line to see it.

  2. Thanks, Suzi! Glad you enjoyed your photo exploration with Wylie and didn’t let the absence of light at night stop you. 😀

    We saw some pretty (and some pretty gaudy) displays on Saturday night when we went to an event at DeSoto.

  3. We finally put our lights up! After 4 years of nothing, we have Christmas lights and Sprite is so delighted by it. But now, she wants us to add to the collection with the yard ornaments. Sigh. This kid is never satisfied.

  4. You did a good job taking photos with Wylie on the other end of a leash! I find it tough going doing that with my Sheltie. Of course, I guess you weren’t hampered by interesting squirrels because it was night-time!

    • Gkad you enjoyed them. We’ve never done much with outside lights. I used to at least put a wreath on the door or a balsam cross on the side of the house…now, I don’t even do that.

  5. When I was a child in SF, my parents would take us to “Candy Cane Lane” every Christmas. There was one block where all the houses were done up to the max. Really magical.

    We have a block here in Alameda that is like that too. The streets are jammed with people walking to ooh and ahh over all the wonderful decorations and the amazing lights. We’ve taken the young grandchildren almost every year and they usually have an encounter with Santa someplace along the street. It’s still magic!

    I love your photos. And I’m glad you went out into the dark to see the lights!

  6. GREAT captures, Suzi!

    OMG…this post totally reminded me of when I was a kid, when my mother and father would take us all around the neighborhood in their CAR to look at all the Christmas lights and decorations on everyone’s home.

    What a GREAT time that was!

    Thanks for sharing the memories, my friend!

    Hope you had a MARVI Monday!


  7. It looks like your neighborhood is in the Christmas spirit! What a great way to take back the night! Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas my friend.

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