In Anticipation Of Christmas

I saw Santa and Mrs. Claus this weekend. He didn’t ask if I’ve been naughty or nice, but he did give me a candy cane…guess that means I’m on the good list.

Our tree shines through the window and into the night while inside we’re enjoying the ambiance of the Christmas season.

Our tree is decorated, and the presents are beginning to gather. Actually, though they are not under the tree in this picture, they have all been purchased and wrapped.

All the goodies have been baked. The baskets have been made and delivered.

All the stockings have been stuffed and hung…not on the mantle as we don’t have one but on the stair railing. (Sometimes in life we must improvise!)

This is the first time I started and finished prepping so early…now I can relax and fully enjoy the beauty of this Christmas season.

54 thoughts on “In Anticipation Of Christmas

  1. Your Christmas house looks so pretty! Warm and inviting. I know you and your family will enjoy the season. We got our tree up and the lights and the garlands over the mantels. We have one less stocking to fill this year, and that hurts, but we are going to celebrate because we all need the love and the season in our hearts.

  2. Love the tree – perhaps we’ll get ours in today. Or tomorrow. Shopping done, except for one little gift card I still need to buy. Wrapping – maybe today. Or tomorrow. I have master’s in procrastination.

  3. I love your tree! It looks similar to mine with a combination of old and new ornaments and a more traditional feeling than the perfectly color-coordinated ones. I’m glad you have your preparations done and can now enjoy the season.

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  5. Good for you. I love to be done early and be able to sit and listen to Christmas music and just enjoy the lights. Your tree is beautiful and your baskets look like a lot of fun.


  6. Awesome! Good for you. Since last year I couldn’t do much because of my injure toe, this year I was going to be soooooo ahead of the game. I was starting to think about preparing in OCTOBER! I was going to make things and clean and . . . . oh so grand! I got side-lined. Maybe next year. :-}

      • No plan…all spur of the moment. My son and his girlfriend put up the tree on Thanksgiving day which has never been done in our family history. I decided to shop online the next day. Then here and there I decided to do things on the spur of the moment and then wow I was done! I hope I do it like that next year. My problem is that usually when I do things early I just keep shopping and spend way too much money…but not this year!

  7. I wish I had a picture of the living room of our first house as well as a picture of the window from the outside. It looks identical to the room in the picture of your tree. The door and the window are near exact copies. Uncanny.

    Great pictures and post.


    • She doesn’t pay much attention to it. It blocks her view from the front window which is her perch on the window seat (we moved the seat to fit the tree) so I’m sure she can’t wait for us to take down the tree!

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