Beaverdam Park

Natural objects themselves, even when they make no claim to beauty, excite the feelings, and occupy the imagination. Nature pleases, attracts, delights, merely because it is nature. We recognize in it an Infinite Power. –Karl Wilhelm Humboldt

About three weeks ago Dirt Man, Wylie, and I hiked Beaver Dam State Park. The sun shone brightly with just enough of a breeze that we were comfortable. Fall colors were still in full swing with the leaves flying through the air and crunching beneath our feet.

One last lady bug was still hanging around in this holly bush.

There is a nature trail and a hiking trail that wind around the lake. We traveled bits of both paths. We got a late start so we only hiked a little over six miles.

They offer canoe rentals. We saw a few people hout fishing while we were walking.

Frogs were croaking in the water, and squirrels were scurrying about the woods.

I found the view along the water trail to be the prettiest area.

The earthy tones of the changes leaves reflected in the water.

Though there is a horse trail we didn’t see anyone riding horses. We only saw a few runners, families, and people walking their dogs. 

Wylie’s sneaking a peek through the tree. 

Dirt Man used one of the special camera modes for this shot of one of the bridges.

The cloud activity was just as awesome as the colors of the woods. 

There’s nothing quite like the solitude of the woods and water.

Hope you didn’t get tired of walking with me today.

Nature is the great emptiness, the source out of which our culture and all its flowering comes, and in order not to lose sight of this, not to become orphans lost in the minutiae of our daily lives and, like the rich man’s son starving outside his father’s gate, to forget who we are, it is vital that wildness be preserved for its own sake, which is to say, for our sake. –Dan Gerber, “Walking in Tierra del Fuego,” from Sacred Trusts

38 thoughts on “Beaverdam Park

  1. This is really wonderful composition. Every time I get hands on my camera, my eyes wander for some act of beauty from the nature. And to my surprise, nature has never failed anyone in giving that wonderful click.

  2. I have to tell you that rarely do I actually hike six miles in one trip, but I loved every moment of this one and I’m not even tired. It must be the energizing influence of all that natural beauty. And the good company!

  3. Breathtaking photos, Suzi!

    Absolutely STUNNING!

    Especially loved the one of the cute little lady bug!!!!!

    “Dirt Man used one of the special camera modes for this shot of one of the bridges.”

    Incredible capture!

    Thanks for sharing the beauty of nature!

    Have a grrreat week…..X

  4. Such beautiful photos, Suzicate — thanks for letting me come along on your walk today (even if it was only virtually!). You have so many lovely spots through the colorful woods and streams — much more interesting than walking on a treadmill inside, ha!

  5. It looks like you had a beautiful walk. I just love the fall colors! My favorite picture was the ladybug. I don’t see too many of those but have always liked them (they’re great for a garden.)

    Thanks for sharing the gorgeous pics. I see you’ve credited Dirt Man with many of the shots…hope it doesn’t go to his head 🙂

    • We don’t see nearly as many of the orange lady bugs as the red ones. It was a gorgeous day. It’s been nice here for several days this past week, but I hear nasty weather is headed our way.

  6. Oh no, I could never tired of the beauty we see on your walks. 🙂

    I love these pictures they are so beautiful.

    I believe Dan Gerber to be correct. We do need to preserve the wild and the wilderness. Its beauty is necessary.

    Thanks for taking us with you on your walks.

    (**pouting** I am so far behind on reading your posts, I don’t know how that happens!)

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