Hugging Our Lives Away

You can’t wrap love in a box, but you can wrap a person in a hug. ~Author Unknown

I come from a family of huggers.

Maybe it’s just a Southern thing.

Maybe we’re just affectionate people.

Maybe we realize life is too short not to let others know we care.

Whatever the reason, we will hug you whether we know you or not.

We will invite you into our space.

If you pull away, we’ll let go. We’re respectful if we think you feel your space has been invaded…still, we let you know the invitation is open to be a part of our lives.

My mother’s side of the family offered those strong-yet-soft, full-bodied enveloping hugs while my father’s side loosely wrapped their arms around you and you felt their restraint of not wanting an emotional commitment to the physical act.

I craved acceptance and delighted in the demonstration of it provided by my mother’s sisters. Their mother died when they were quite young; still through the nurturance and guidance of their father and grandmother they grew up knowing the warmth of love provided through the close bonds of enclosed arms. They understood they could not only hold love in their hearts but they could contain it within a circle. Together they held hands and stretched their arms to include all they met. That is the power of love nestled within a hug.

I’ve always known no matter what transpired throughout the day, there would be arms to hold to me, comfort me, and love me when the day was done.

A hug can say a thousand words without ever speaking a single one.

What flows from one body to  another in a single hug can restore a heart or create a lifelong memory.

I can tell a lot about a person from a hug. I immediately know how to approach and respond from there on. Reading a hug is not an art, but a gift, an opportunity to know another person in a way conversation does not reveal.

Most people know instantly if a hug is genuine. A reserved hug is worse than no hug at all.

It’s true you risk the possibility of rejection when you open your arms to embrace another. Caring does make us vulnerable, but think of how empty our lives would be if we didn’t take that chance.

Are you willing to lay your heart on the line to show someone else you care? Are you comfortable letting time continue to pass by without showing your concern?

Are you willing to extend your arms to include someone not in you immediate circle? You might be the only hug they receive today.

Your touch might be one that makes a difference.

A hug is a handshake from the heart. ~Author Unknown

42 thoughts on “Hugging Our Lives Away

  1. I am a hugger. All in, no holding back, hugger. I love getting and giving hugs. I think hugs make the world go round.

    I hugged your sister, so I sorta hugged you too, right.

    Love this post! Makes me happy.

  2. There wasn’t a lot of hugging in my younger years – we were all heading in a different direction with too much on our minds! However, my life is now full of huggers. When people come and leave, we hug.

    I agree – one can read a great deal from a hug. I certainly can tell when one of my friends needs a cup of tea and good yak!

  3. I, too, come from a family of huggers (mom’s side more than dad’s). There’s nothing quite like a sincere hug to brighten your day, dispel the bad feelings, and make you feel all warm and accepted!

  4. Suzi, this post put a TOTAL smile on my heart!

    And I’m a HUGGER. And when I say hugger, I mean those teddy bear hugs that usually SQUISH a person – HA! 🙂

    “I can tell a lot about a person from a hug. I immediately know how to approach and respond from there on. Reading a hug is not an art, but a gift, an opportunity to know another person in a way conversation does not reveal.”

    I soooo agree! You can tell so much from a hug. And also, a handshake. I like a nice solid handshake.

    So here’s a BIG teddy bear hug for you…..

    (((((((((((((((((((( Suzi ))))))))))))))))))))))

    Great post, my friend!

    Have a wonderfully huggable weekend!


  5. Our family has never been “huggers”. I think we missed out. When I first met Todd, our dog trainer, he hugged me. It surprised me, but I found I quite liked it. I have certain people that I always hug since they hug me. It’s amazing that our family never did this. I’m changing that with my grandchildren and my children.

  6. I’m a hugger too. There’s an amazing energy between people when you hug them. But I’m careful to make sure I’m not invading someone’s personal space if they don’t like that kind of contact. With my kids though, all bets are off and they get hugs, even when they don’t want them!

  7. Presbyterians are not allowed to do much hugging. Certainly not in public. Unless it’s your kid and only if it’s the kid’s birthday or if the kid won an award or something. But it cannot last too long because it might display intimacy which you can have with God only. You may also hug your wife. Upstairs. Door locked. Drapes drawn. And remember, not for too long.

  8. This is your first post where we differ significantly .. I did not grow up in a family of huggers … and I know that I missed out on something wonderful.
    I have written about hugs, over the years I have grown to love hugs, I don’t get many and I am not always comfortable initiating a hug … however, I appreciate the power of every hug I have had.

  9. You know I love that picture. D-Kitty was tickled that you used him as an example of a hug. He always says our family taught him how to hug because he never did before. Boy did he get a shock the first time he met the extended family! And you know my motto: At least 7 hugs a day! Take one and give 6 away. BIG bear hug to my baby sister! LOVE YOU!

  10. My birth family was not big on hugging. Then when I got married, my husband’s mother always kissed us when we left. I felt bad kissing her and not my own parents. So I started hugging them. It was awkward at first. Now it just feels very good and right. So glad I started.

  11. Hugs are awesome. I am ok with reserved hugs. I think there are different kinds for different situations and most are all good to me. Sometimes there are creepy ones, but . . . .oh well.

    Hugs to you (oh look! A virtual hug!)

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