Norfolk Botanical Gardens

A few weeks ago, Dirt Man and I took a few days off. We spent our time exploring a few places we hadn’t been in a while. We could not have gotten more cooperative weather. The days were sunny and warm with just a light breeze. Lucky for us, all of the colors of the Autumn season were in full thrust. We took the opportunity to play around with my new camera. I didn’t take many shots. I had good intentions, but Dirt Man convinced me to allow him to take most of the photographs. I must admit he is very good at approaching subjects from the angles I suggest and taking shots of somewhat obsure items. We had a lot of fun, and our pictures turned out great. It’s difficult choosing only a few to showcase. Without further ado, here are some photographs taken at Norfolk Botanical Gardens.

52 thoughts on “Norfolk Botanical Gardens

  1. Your comment about him convincing you to let him use your new camera cracked me up. We bought our first digital camera almost exactly ten years ago to use on a special trip. “Figure out how to use it,” I was told. I spent hours taking pictures and learning all about that camera. I told friends I’d make slide shows with the pictures and … when we arrived at our destination, the Love of My Life picked up the camera and asked, “How do you turn this thing on?” I did not have it in my hands again until we got home three weeks later. It took me several days of growing wrath to realize that he was in an “I took more pictures than you did!” contest with a friend. I let it go. Now we both have cameras. I have one and he usually carries three, plus lenses, etc. So much for the concept that a digital camera reduces the amount of gear. LOL!

    • Seems to be the way with us! When we went out West, he had his “nice” camera and I had my cheap one and he swapped with me because mine had better manual settings. He wanted this new camera but had talked me out of getting a new one very recently, so he had no choice but to give me this one since he has a much nicer one. However, his camera does not operate in all the special modes this one does so he still takes over. He does take much better photos, but I have an eye for things he wouldn’t normally take photos of so we compromise by my pointing out what I want and letting him operate the camera…a win-win situation except I’m not getting the experience I’d like to be getting.

      • I’m a big fan of point-and-shoot. I love my little Lumix. He’s the one with the SLR, lenses, etc. I’m with you — see the great shot and get it in the camera. Photoshop can do the rest. This is much like writing — you can only work with what you get on the page. I shoot very rough drafts with my camera. The fun is in the editing.

  2. Suzi, these photos are SUPER SPECTACULAR!

    The clarity and colors are INCREDIBLE!

    LOVE the editing on the purple berries!


    Thanks for sharing your day with us, my friend! Enjoyed it!

    Have a great week…….X

  3. These are just beautiful, Suzicate! I tried to pick out my favorite, but each one is lovelier than the one before it. Thank you for sharing your trip to the Botanical Gardens with us!

  4. Wow! You DO have a good eye. I am amazed that you point out what and he takes it. That would never work with my hubby and me!

    I think that there might be some special settings that were used on some of these shots.

    I love them.

    I am going to guess that since you were out and about you are feeling better. Did I guess right?

  5. The purple berry picture is my favorite (purple is my favorite color, also!) A close second is that first picture. The more I see of your photos, the more I realize I’m going to have to find a way to visit Virginia 🙂

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