The Secret Rooms Of Our Lives

“I looked around at the rooms that I did not see as rooms but more as a landscape for my emotions, a biography of memory.” ~Anne Spollen, The Shape of Water

We all have secret rooms within us.

These are the rooms that hold our dreams and fears.

We allow access to only those we trust.

Sharing our fears makes us vulnerable.

Voicing our dreams can make us feel like we’re setting ourselves up for failure in the eyes of others if we never attain our goals.

We seek solitude to restore a balance others are unable to provide us.

We need our private rooms to sort out our pain, contemplate life, and make choices.

We don’t like people barging in without invitation, therefore we need to remember not to intrude the space of others.

It’s permissible to knock on the door, but don’t enter unless the room unless the homeowner requests your presence.

Respect for boundaries is vital in relationships.

Visit your own secret room. Curl up and drift off in a dream. Rise and open the curtains to let the sunshine bounce against the walls. Dance across the floor. Feel the coolness of the hardwood floor beneath your bare feet. Sing and let your voice rise to the ceiling. Smell the wild honeysuckle as it winds its way along your path. Taste the salt of your tears and know what gives your life meaning.

Enjoy your room. Know it is yours, whether you wish to share it or not.

38 thoughts on “The Secret Rooms Of Our Lives

  1. Your writting is amazing. Always gets me thinking. Always makes me go, “Hmmmmm.” Sometimes it makes me smile.

    I hadn’t thought of my rooms having hardwood floor. I’ve only thought of carpet. But when I read that I picture myself dancing barefoot on a smooth cushions hardwood floor and I can’t stop smiling.

    So . . . from here I am going to close every window on my computer, all ten of them, without looking. I am going to turn off my computer and go to bed with a smile on my face. Picturing one of my rooms with hardwood floor fit for dancing!

  2. Great pic of the old house. The window at the very top on the left was one of them. The other was on the opposite side but on the 2nd floor instead of the third (if you don’t count the basement). I wish now I had explored those very real secret rooms more. I’d probably have fallen through the ceiling though!

  3. As a teen, I loved the song “In My Room” by the Beach Boys. ~ “There’s a room where I can go and tell my secrets to. In my room. In my room.”

    My place. My space. My pace.
    Absent without a trace.

    Thanks, Suzi,

  4. Suzi, again, I LOVE what you share here because you always touch the core of my own thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

    “Respect for boundaries is vital in relationships.”

    You said it!

    For me, the key to having a healthy relationship is know ‘when’ to speak and when not to; respecting each others personal space.

    “It’s permissible to knock on the door, but don’t enter unless the room unless the homeowner requests your presence.”

    Thank you, my friend!

    Have a wonderful day……X

  5. “We seek solitude to restore a balance others are unable to provide us.” How true. I’ve been doing some yoga alone these days and I let myself sing/chant the opening invocation that I do at class….alone. Just my voice. What an intimate thing.

    It’s been amazing what has come from that little gift of solitude.

  6. What a beautiful scene, Suzi! I absolutely do have secret rooms and find I must hide away in one of them often if I’m going to be fully me! It’s my “Debbie time,” and I’m so much richer for it — so’s everyone around me, hehe!

    • Ha, this is such a typical Patti response. I’m surprised you don’t have your room all boxed in plastic bins and labeled! If you did, I’d ask you to come over and help me with mine!

  7. Do enjoy your private room. To clear it of any hobgoblins. But pray, now and then step out and embrace the wide expanse beyond those walls.
    I have had occassion to toch on this subject in a recent post of mine, ” Get more selfish by the day”

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