Getting Your Feet Wet

“No one can enter the river wearing the garments of public and collective ideas. He must feel the water on his skin. He must know that immediacy is for naked minds only, and for the innocent.” ~ Thomas Merton, Raids On The Unspeakable

Does your true desire call your name?

Does the sound of the roar frighten you?

Step off the bank.

Wade in. Get your feet wet.

Even if you can’t see the bottom, you must trust.

Let the water flow over you. Let it wash the fear away.

Practice. Be the best at who you are.

Float until you learn to swim.

Go with the ebb and flow.

Ride the waves.

Write those words until the book arrives.

Stroke by stroke, paint the canvas until the picture appears.

Snap away until the perfect photograph emerges.

Chisel away the rock until the shape that calls you is formed.

Play the chords until the song sweeps your soul away.

Show us what moves you.

39 thoughts on “Getting Your Feet Wet

  1. Although I live on the other side of the Atlantic, on a small island just off the southern coast of England, your beautiful words resonate. It’s as though you’re writing them just for me! I would like to repost them on one of my blogs – with a link to yours, of course. Would that be OK with you, Suzicate? (I’m fairly new at this and not sure what the etiquette is!)

  2. FAB-U-LOUS post, Suzi!

    Such inspiring words, my friend!

    These totally resonated with me…..

    “Float until you learn to swim.

    Go with the ebb and flow.

    Ride the waves.”

    Thank you for sharing this reminder.

    Have an awsome day…..X

    P.S. grrrrrrreat post photo!

    • Trying to keep myself going here, too….almost caught up on my writing from taking four days off. I mean I’d just caught up from taking off those two days. Thanksgiving is going to do me in…and believe it or not, I’ve run out of things to write about…I need some inspiration, motivation, to keep on keepin’ on!

  3. I wish I could float away. I need to learn to go with the ebb and flow. I need to learn when to paddle to shore when the rapids get rough…. instead of taking a beating and losing my floatie.

    Beautiful photo….wish I was there. πŸ™‚

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