Take Me To The Woods…

As you sit on the hillside, or lie prone under the trees of the forest, or sprawl wet-legged by a mountain stream, the great door, that does not look like a door, opens.  ~Stephen Graham, The Gentle Art of Tramping

Take me to the woods.

I want to fill my lungs of the earth.

I want to breathe in the dampness of the early morning air.

I want to watch the sun rise over the tree tops.

I want to taste the morning mist as it settles into the moss and fern.

I want to envelope the scent as the pine and cedar mingle.

I want to push my way through the thickets.

I want to feel the tickle of the wind against my neck.

I want to hear the drum of the woodpecker as it echoes through the forest.

I want to search for the fine line where earth blends to sky.

I want to shuffle through the leaves and forge my own path.

I want to settle my soul into this world of mine.

Take me to the woods…

43 thoughts on “Take Me To The Woods…

  1. All of the above reasons you mentioned are exactly why I live in the country with woods at my back door. It is God’s place of worship and my space for balancing,,,,Thanks

  2. Everytime I read your words about your love and appreciation of nature, I am reminded of why I ALSO feel the same way.

    The healing and clarity I receive…..

    “I want to shuffle through the leaves and forge my own path.

    I want to settle my soul into this world of mine.

    Take me to the woods.”

    You said it, my friend!

    And thank you!

    Beautiful photo, Suzi!


    • Nature is truly healing. Yesterday I sat for a bit in a “healing garden” …just something so soothing listening to water while surrounded by trees, fern, etc, just earth beneath and sky above, no noise but the squirrels and birds (and unfortunately airplanes taking off as we were right beside the airport).

  3. Pretty picture and certainly well thought out and written. You know though, that I am afraid of trees, particularly when there are a lot of them. There’s just too much opportunity for mayhem, serial killers and aliens in those places so never go alone.

  4. We all have places like this where we feel most at peace. For some, it’s ocean-side; for others, it’s the woods. You’ve captured that feeling perfectly, and it’s obvious this place of beauty fills you with peace!

    • I haven’t yet got around to posting anything from the weekend. Those four days off along with the other two put me behind on my NaNoWriMo (or whatever the nonfiction version is!) I am playing catch up, over 9,00o words yesterday…have my daily 2,000 today and almost 2,000 more to get me back on my self-imposed target! But eventually I will be posting some pics!

  5. Your sentiment is exactly why I live with trees all around. Bamboo to the left and trees right off the deck. We walk in the woods of my property every day with my dog. Hope I never have to move.

    A walk in the woods is very centering and communication with God is always a given. “I feel closer to God in Nature than anywhere else on earth”. a quote from a friends grave stone.

  6. You have brought to us the allure of the woods.Yes, the woods are lovely, dark and deep. Let my promises wait for a while, Let me trudge the long miles a whille later, let me just rest my weary bones on mother earth and sleep for a while.
    In a recent post of mine, ‘ A leaf among the leaves, a flower among the flowers ‘, I recounted two translations of a popular Telugu lyric by a great Telugu poet D. Krishna Sastri, expressing his desire to stay in perpetuity in yhe woods that he loved dearly.

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