Being Good To Ourselves

Why are we so hard on ourselves?

Why do we treat ourselves as if we are not worthy of all the wonders this world has to offer us?

We are perfectly unique and beautiful with our imperfections.

We deserve to love and be loved in return.

We are worthy of acceptance and happiness.

Let us shed the shame of days gone by.

May we let go of things of which we have no control.

May we stop focusing on other’s opinions of us.

May we love ourselves just as we are.

May we acknowledge that goodness awaits us beneath our layers of protection.

May we choose to be kind to ourselves.

For today, let’s vow not to compare, condemn, judge, or justify ourselves.

For today, let’s promise to put our own needs first.

Let’s take the time today to just be…

36 thoughts on “Being Good To Ourselves

  1. OMG…CMSmith took the words right out of my mouth!

    Yup…this is something I need to print out and place on my bathroom mirror as a daily reminder!

    EXCELLENT post, Suzi!

    “Let’s take the time today to just be…”

    Amen. And thank you!

    Have a faaaaaabulous day, my friend…..X

    P.S. beautiful photo!

  2. Gorgeous photo! And wonderful sentiments. We tend to ask a lot of ourselves and find it easier to forgive other people than ourselves. Enough! This reminds me of the Lady Gaga song “Born This Way”.

  3. My inner critic used to take pot shots at me throughout the day . . . especially when I got in bed at night.

    It ignored the 99 things I did well and picked at the 1 thing that wasn’t “perfect.”

    I learned to ignore it. No one likes perfect people. 😉

    • Learning to shut up or ignore the inner critic is one of the greatest things we can do for ourselves. Mine still roars at times, but my invisible ear plugs are working fairly well these days.

  4. Yes…it is very revealing when I listen to my self-talk. When I first began to hear what I told myself, I knew I certainly would not say those things to another human. So why did I think it was okay to keep programming myself in negativity?

    Great post…I can hear my mom in those words – which is really neat.

  5. i am in the midst of a renovation project at home… and doing it all myself. got frustrated yesterday that things were not as perfect as i would like them to be, but then realised, hey i am just me, i dont need to be perfect. i just need to make this a happy home.

  6. No one is meaner to me than myself. I need to not judge myself so harshly, and let go of past mistakes. Rehashing them and reminding myself of what an “idiot” I am doesn’t help (but I do it anyway, for some reason.)

  7. I think sometimes we don’t feel we can give ourselves the credit we might feel we deserve because we feel we will look arrogant.

    AND, sometimes it seems true that most of us are our own worst critic.

    GREAT words of advice or suggestion: “love ourselves just as we are . . . . . . and . . . . .choose to be kind to ourselves.”

    I say, “Yes! Ok!”

  8. These wonderful words arrived in my inbox, when I was feeling low, beating myself up for disharmony between my adult son and daughter, (for which she clearly blames me.) So your phrases ‘Let us shed the shame of days gone by’ and ‘May we let go of things of which we have no control’ spoke directly to me; giving me strength to act as if everything is how I wish it to be, reminding me to take care and treasure myself. So thanks for that, Suzicate!

    • So happy these words comforted you. I think when we’re younger (your daughter’s age) we haven’t learned to take responsibilty for our own feelings; we tend to blame others. Hopefully, she’ll find that wisdom soon and your relationship can be repaired.

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