I Remember You Today

I remember you today, as I do many days.

Today would have been your forty-ninth birthday.

I would have joked you about being one step closer to fifty than me.

We would have laughed and then talked about something else.

But this conversation will never be.

I remember those bright brown eyes of yesteryear, eagerly awaiting the future…

I remember you jumping, twirling, and cheering our team to victory.

I watched you become the soft spoken woman of kind words who encouraged me in life.

I remember our laughter, oh the silliness of school girls.

I remember our tears, how we cried over lost loves and nearly lost dreams.

I remember how gratefully and graciously you lived.

I remember how gracefully you took your exit.

I will always wear your friendship within my heart.

Though separated by sands of time, you will be forever etched upon my soul.

Wherever you are, know I remember you today…Happy Birthday, Steff.

****In Memory of Steff

39 thoughts on “I Remember You Today

  1. Lovely tribute to your friend. Sorry you had to experience something so painful, but won’t it be fun to reunite one day and catch up?? Love the bunny photo!

  2. Sorry for the pain in your heart, Suzi. They say that time will dull it and just leave the wonderful memories. It took me 9 years to get some real relief from grieving over my mom (who also died of cancer).

    Funnily enough, today is my birthday. Unlike other times, I feel a strange, peaceful stillness. Last year I had a big party to celebrate my 70th birthday. This year, it needs to be quiet.

    With respect to the cool wind, I had the same feeling when my grandfather passed on and I was lying in a room where the air was perfectly still. I knew he had passed on before my mom phoned a couple of hours later.

    As for your dream of the river, IMO you are trying to swim in the waters of spirit. Steff comes along as a mermaid, indicating to me that she has mastered swimming in those waters. And her message is holding out something for you to look forward to. Perhaps.


    • Happy Birthday, Sandra.
      It’s hard to lose people we love. Memories are good though.
      Thanks for you interpretation of the dream…I’ve wrestled with it for years. Someday I’ll know exactly what she meant.

  3. I went back to the December 2009 post, SuZicate, and the best way I can express the feeling it conjures: If just one person demonstrates this depth of love, I would know I had somehow managed to be a friend.

    Steff’s words mean a great deal to me – as she bounced out of the water in your dream. My near-death experience confirms what she says.

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