Be The Great Pumpkin

Whether you’re all alone or clumped in a group, never think you’re just another pumpkin in the field.

You have the opportunity to be THE pumpkin in your field.

Though you might think pumpkins look pretty much the same, upon closer inspection you‘ll find they are quite unique.

A pumpkin’s fate rests on someone else.

Your life’s path is up to you.

You weren’t simply stuck in a patch.

You were chosen to be there.

You are given the tools you need to chisel your individual design in life.

Wash off the dirt from the field.

Scoop out all the stuff that brings you down.

Remove all seeds of doubt and those which bring your spirit down.

Circulate your seeds of good intention.

Use all you’ve got with the time you have.

Carve yourself a face of your own.

Don’t be empty; let your light shine.

49 thoughts on “Be The Great Pumpkin

  1. Suzi, I LOVE this!!!!!!!!

    I want to print this out and paste it on my bathroom mirror, so I can read it every morning!

    AWESOME words of widsom….

    “Carve yourself a face of your own.

    Don’t be empty; let your light shine.”

    You are soooooooooooo right!

    Thanks so much for sharing this today, my friend. You’re an inspiration!

    Have a marvi Monday!


    P.S. GREAT photo too! Love the color of the pumpkins against the gray.

    • Is this coincidence? No, there are no coincidences. Just this morning I was listening to a downloaded interview of Michael Dowd and he mentioned how much DNA humans share with zucchini and now you bring pumpkins into the equation. LOL! Hold the phone … Perhaps you meant people share DNA with each other. Now you know. We share it with pumpkins and zucchinis too.

      Great points in the post, and great photo. I’m making an educated guess that Photoshop was somehow involved, with striking results. I salute your imagination.

      Your light is shining brightly.

      • I meant we are much like pumpkins. Someone else posted we share 99% DNA…WOW!
        No photoshop. It’s my new camers’ “color accent” – you can pick a color to stand out and the rest of the photo is black and white, my favorite feature on it! I have a really cool photo of a box of gourds done the same way – now to find a subject to tie in….

    • I never knew this. Thank you, Nancy, for enlightening me today…better make sure I don’t rot from the inside out…somebody better make me into a pumpkin pie…no I don’t like those, I want to be a pumkin cheesecake! (Of course, I want to be a jack-o-lantern too and shine until I can’t any more!)

  2. Once again you hit the nail on the head, Suzi. You seem so young to be so wise, but then again, out of the mouths of babes… No, I don’t mean you are a baby…you have lived, loved, suffered and grown and are fully entitled to the wisdom you have and share so generously. I’m going to stop there, being a pumpkin of many words sometimes 😛

    The picture is absolutely outstanding. As others have mentioned, the pumpkins showing up so vibrantly in the grey fields is almost shocking, but beautiful all the same. Enter that one in a photo contest!!

  3. So much more on the inside here. You know, stuff that can so easily and quickly made into something else. Roasted seeds, pies, and then even something decorative. I have thought about this posting all day, and then came back to (finally) comment. Such an impact this writing has… to you. EFH

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