Write Like The Wind

I stand amongst the changing hues of avocado, crimson, pumpkin, and mustard.

I watch the colors mingle as they tango across tree branches and stretch into an azure sky.

The image changes with the breeze and the appearance of two bright white clouds rising above the distant mountain.

Sun dapples fragments of soapstone strewn along the ocher road.

A gust of wind rattles off a song through the woods while my feet shuffle another melody through the fallen leaves.

As I feel the gust whip beneath my sweater, I watch the limbs bend a path. I wonder where I’ll end up if I choose to follow. I question if I have what it takes to bend a path rather than following one.

I stop and close my eyes. I smile at the thought of the wind’s wildness, its reckless abandon…the pure freedom to travel its choice of speed and direction.

I envy its power, but only for a moment. Oh how I’ve wanted my writing to be as free and wild as the wind… I realize I do have that same power. Yes, I do.

I think about the ability to move as quickly or slowly as desired without expectations or demands.  I understand I am the one who places pressure upon me.

I choose to write like the wind. I will set the pace and follow my heart. I refuse to feel guilty about what I do or don’t write. Nor will I criticize my every word; I’ll just write like the wind.

The leaves lift into the air and shimmer in the sunlight. And for a moment, I am the wind. Swoosh!

38 thoughts on “Write Like The Wind

  1. What a lovely image — to write like the wind. Yes! Yes! Twirly, whirly, up and down, round and round, mix red leaves and yellow, shower on a lawn for fun. Tangle hair, everywhere. Dance, skip, blast, bless. Play with writing. Write like the wind.

  2. Hi Suzi….I am enjoying your blog. I used to write thoughts a lot but when the world changed so drastically and our human rights began to be threatened I found my direction changed as well. I seem to be writing now like a diary of what has become of our world. It is troubling but it all must be recorded. I hope one day soon to be able to return to just my thoughts, so it’s been nice to read your words. Thank you…Visionkeeper

    • Visionkeeper, thank you for reading. Sometimes we must right just for a record for others and sometimes we must write just what we feel…we’re usually led where we are supposed to be.

  3. ” I question if I have what it takes to bend a path rather than following one.” I want you to say more about this. Is this about owning your own path.

    I was just writing about paths. I finished and clicked open my email in search of you. Once again, my friend, linked up. In my path writing I was thinking about leaving voices behind. Leaving behind those who control, through no fault of their own, my words.

    Sometimes I write to please, because I worry people will like me. But I want not to worry. I want to find my own words without care of what others want from me. I want the stillness of my own thoughts. Those are the words I want to find and the path I want to follow.

    • Rebecca, does the life coach or friend want to know?
      It is about “owning” my path, the freedom to write about things I fear to write…we talked a bit about this. I’m considering attempting it for my eyes only. Your last paragraph sums it up for me.
      Paths…so many to travel and forge ourselves! I love it when our writing is in “sync”…can’t wait to read your piece.

  4. For me, I find the dicipline of writing helps keep me focused. Between a wife, a full time job, three kids, and all of my other aspirations, I need the structured dicipline to keep me on task. Every writer is different. For me, it’s a time thing. I need about 2 solid hours of uninterupted concentration a day to work on whatever project I’m brewing.

    Oh, how I envy the free! *smile*

    • Discipline is my biggest problem. I write at least a bit every single day. However, I write in my head much more often than what makes it’s way to ink. I have failed at establishing a set time to just write; life (myself mostly!) gets in the way.

    • When I’m in my own element, out in nature) they do flow, but coming back and getting them down is another thing…this was a journal excerpt after a day of breathing in fresh air and nature’s lovely canvas. Thank you.

    • Me, too. Most often I’m a gentle breeze, but on occasion I’m a bit more forceful…funny you should say this because I wrote a post yesterday about this and was going to publish it today and chose this one instead.

  5. Another thought-feel provoking post, Suzi!

    LOVE the analogy of writing like the wind.

    “I choose to write like the wind. I will set the pace and follow my heart. I refuse to feel guilty about what I do or don’t write. Nor will I criticize my every word; I’ll just write like the wind.”

    Often when composing a blog post, I will write it out roughly (using my head), and then return to it in a day or two, allowing my intuition to tweek and prune what’s not necessary. It seems that my head will initially get it all out on the page, but then my intuition (like the wind) blows away any clutter.


    Fab post, my friend! Have a great Thursday!


  6. You do seem to write like the wind.
    I have been blocked up. I want to say constipated but don’t want to use that word because it is so crude. Maybe more inhibited?
    I’ll keep this post to remind me to write like the wind and be free! 🙂

  7. Whoosh … thanks for blowing your thoughts through my life today. This was a fun read. I have been marveling at the strong Fall winds and how they tear through the woods throwing confetti up into the air. I wish I could write like the wind … I am more of a contemplate fog and it takes at least a week for the fog to lift. ;0)

  8. And so you have, Suzicate. Glorious prose…you didn’t need to have your camera with you. A photo would not have allowed me to fly through the kaleidoscope of branches!

    Just lovely. Freedom!

    • I have named mine which makes it easier to shut it up, but these are the types of posts I am more hesitant to share because of my critic. I think the more personal it is the more I talk myself down…

  9. “…changing hues of avocado, crimson, pumpkin, and mustard.” What a lovely way of saying green, red, orange and yellow.

    Yes, write like the wind…wherever it takes you. But there is something valuable in a good edit now and then. 😉

    • So I sound like I was hungry with all those food references? My problem is that if I’m not careful I will edit myself out of an entire post….I’ve done it many times.

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