Hiking Humpback Rock

Humpback Rock is a massive greenstone outcrop. It can be easily reached by hiking about one mile from the parking lot at the visitor’s center. Of course, we did NOT choose this route…we hiked around three miles taking the Appalachian Trail from the picnic area. By taking this route, we were able to view spectacular scenery from other outcrops on the way to the main one.

On our return we did manage to shave about a half mile by taking another trail that runs parallel to the AT for a portion of the distance. This was much smoother, less strenuous as it was much less rock scrambling. We assumed it was an old railroad bed. According to Dirt Man: The 1945 topo map shows the return trail as the Appalachian Trail. Pre-1935, the trail we returned on is not shown on any map.

Original rock wall that runs along the AT portion of the trail to Humpback Rock

View from one of the outcrops along the trail

No words for the beauty, a spectacular sight!

A glimpse of ski slopes at Wintergreen Resort

View from the lower portion of the rock mass

Side view

Another shot

This shot shows off the geological formation.

All those beautiful Autumn colors envelope the Blue Ridge Parkway.

People taking in the view

Blue Ridge Parkway

Overlooking the surrounding towns

Amazing how far you can see

Absolutely breathtaking!

I'm tightening the laces on my boots for the descent, and Wylie is resting while Dirt Man takes a pic of us.

Wylie and I are taking it all in!

I took a few of these pictures, but Dirt Man took the majority of them.

53 thoughts on “Hiking Humpback Rock

  1. Gorgeous colors and vistas . . . I especially love the bottom pic of you and Wylie! 😀

    I better not show these to BFF. He misses the mountains of NC and the Blue Ridge Parkway.

  2. The photos are awesome. I’m so glad you went and shared this so I don’t have to go. I got scared looking at you guys up on that rock. What if you fell off? I would never have gotten up there in the first place with my terror of heights. In fact, I wouldn’t have gotten out of the car in the parking lot. I’m glad you didn’t get attacked by wildcats or bears or snakes. I love that you are such a nature girl!

    • I’m afraid of heights, too. That is why I don’t venture close to the edges. Saw a few squirrels and birds but that was about it. I should have posted the sign for you that said “bear country”.

    • He used the “toy camera effect” and “miniature effect” on some of them. I don’t think any of these were done in “vivid”. My favorite thing it does is picking up one color of your choice and then does the rest of the photo in black and white…I’ll show some of those shots soon. The camera is a Canon PowerShot SX230 HS. I have no idea how to uses filters, lenses etc…so we usually go with an auto with a good zoom. I am loving it so far, and am hoping to get the hang of using all the options it offers.

      • I had a PowerShot six years ago, but it got stolen and now I’m using a Panasonic Lumix that I like a lot, especially the 10x zoom. When it gets beat-up I’ll probably go back to a PowerShot — they have more zoom now. They were stuck at 3x when I had to choose. Be careful with that blur effect. A little goes a long ways!

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    • Photography? I’m the last to get on the bandwagon with that one! I am surprised at how much I love it. I truly think it’s because I see things that inspire me to write and I want to capture them all!

  4. Awesome. I scanned the comments to see if someone asked about the first two shots they look “blurred” on the sides and top/bottom. Fun stuff.

    These are so great. You know how I love, love, love, love when you take us hiking with you!

    • Terre, I thought Dirt Man told me it was called “toy camera effect”, but it I asked again and it is “miniature effect”. I centers on a bos area and blurs out the top and bottom, pretty cool, huh?
      It will take me a while to learn all this cool stuff, but I love it. I have a feeling we’ll be playing around with the camera most weekends!

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