Just A Tease, Only A Tease

I am tired and a little sore from hiking, not to mention I have a couple of hundred photos to sort through. I’ll post just a few from our weekend in the country. It was peak weekend for Fall colors. I will mention that we bought a new camera and had a lot of fun (and maybe a bit of frustration on my part) learning how to operate it. Later this week I’ll show you all the cool little tricks it can perform! Meantime, enjoy the Autumn…this is just a tease of what’s to come later this week on my blog!

Quarry on family property

Pumpkin patch at Oak Ridge

Bursts of color everywhere

The mountains present their own canvas.

The beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway

Christmas tree farm and what used to be the Maxwell plantation

Sitting on an outcrop along the Appalachian Trail on the way to Humpback, you can see the slopes at Wintergreen in the background.

The Blue Ridge Parkway from Humpback Rock

55 thoughts on “Just A Tease, Only A Tease

      • Actually, it was really a warm Fall and lasted longer then normal … ours just starts a lot sooner then yours. And, of course, this year we have had some wicked winds … 75% of the leaves came down in one day (it was crazy).

  1. OMG, Suzi….these photos are AMAZING!

    The color is absolutely STUNNING! Great camera! And please do share what camera you purchased because in few months I would like to upgrade my Nikon, so I’d be interesting in checking your new camera out.

    Love the shot of the Blue Ridge Parkway because you can really get a sense of the beautiful fall colors!

    Thanks for sharing natures beauty, my friend! I LOVE this time of the year!

    Have a great week…..X

  2. Great photos, Suzicate. Autumn is my favourite hiking season for a few reasons. The colours and the cooler weather top of the list.

    Wondering what your new camera is…look forward to hearing about the tricks.

    • It’s a Cannon PowerShot SX230 HS. It’s relatively simple, not one with lots of lenses. I just need to learn how to do all the wonderful tricks it allows you to do!

    • Yes, it is an EasyWalker…sves me from her taking me on a walk. The Parkway is one of the things I miss most about living at the beach…fortunately I’m close enough I can visit it from time to time.

  3. Stop posting all of these gorgeous season changing pictures or I will have to ditch my family and seasonless FL and move north.

    Love the pictures, seriously.

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