A Realm of Possibility

Today marks two years The Water Witch’s Daughter has traveled WordPress.

We’ve dug our toes in the sand and dipped them in the ocean.

We’ve chased butterflies and rainbows.

We’ve climbed trees and mountains and reached for the stars.

We’ve inhaled fresh morning dew and the sweet scent of lilac.

We have taken one step at a time.

We’ve crossed the waters a time or two.

We’ve lost our heads in the clouds and flown through the sky.

We’ve discovered a bit of wisdom here and there and found our own truths.

Together we have dowsed the earth and my soul.

We have captured love and laughter and held them close to our hearts.

This blog has been ever changing as I have been.

Where shall we go next? Wherever life leads us!

My heart overflows with gratitude for each of you. I am thankful to know each of you and share this experience with you.

Thank you for traveling along this journey with me. You’ve made it worthwhile.

Much love to each of you. I hope we have many more adventures together. ~SuziCate

52 thoughts on “A Realm of Possibility

  1. Two years! I passed my two years in June. What a journey it has been. I know I’ve enjoyed every moment with you and all the paths we have gone on.

    Thank-you for your inspiring, heart-felt ways. Thank-you for sharing you!

    Love your blog to pieces! I look forward to many more years. 🙂

    • Angelia, you were one of my very firsst connections, and I immediately felt at home with you. I feel you are a kindred spirit. I adore the love you put into all you do; you are an inspiration to me!

  2. Happy Anniversary!
    I am grateful for your words and thoughts and I am so glad that I stumbled upon your blog near the beginning …. yes, we have shared a lot and I too hope that it continues.

    Congratulations Suzi …

    • Thank you, Linda! I will write as long as I have something to say and the time to post it! Sometimes I probably should keep my mouth shut, but I’ve never been able to accomplish that one!

  3. Awesome visit once again, thank you. It’s easy to see why you’ve been here two years with such success. You deserve it and I, too, look forward to many more years of your magnificent sharing. 🙂

  4. I loved your list, especially: We’ve dug our toes in the sand and dipped them in the ocean.

    This is a very “right brain” blog!

    You encourage us to see the vibrancy of nature, and stop sleepwalking through life. You help us tune out the chatterbox in our heads so that we can focus more fully on “feeling the splash of the waves on our toes or the sand beneath our feet.”

    Write on! _/!\_

  5. Oh, Suzi, that was so beautiful – the pic and the commentary on our journey. I felt so healed and beautiful inside. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating – you are a beautiful soul who calls forth the beauty in each of us…best of all, you do it by just being you. When I am on your blog, I feel like just being me. Thank you and congratulations for two adventurous years.

  6. Congrats, Suzicate. Thank you for a beautiful blog. I respect and appreciate your turn of phrase and the sage concepts you share readily within the delivery. The fact that you allow the unfolding to happen shows even more of your wise approach to living.

  7. A HUGE congratulations on yourTWO year blog anniversary, Suzi!

    Woot! Woot! Woot!

    It’s been an absolutely joy and inspiration knowing your through this blog.

    “This blog has been ever changing as I have been.

    Where shall we go next? Wherever life leads us!”

    And wherever this blog goes….I will follow!


    ((((( Suzi )))))


  8. Congratulations on your blog’s second birthday! I first met your blog in December, on a repost that Duke had on his blog, but I was hooked. I love your photos and insights, and I hope you will contunue to share them with us for a long time.

  9. YAY! (I am always surprised at how I “miss” certain posts. I get them e-mailed to me, but I’ve missed a few. So I am late to this celebration.)

    I am so happy I found you and your blog. It is a great source of beauty and “thinking” to me. You share so much of the wonderful places you go. You know how much I appreciate that. And you often get me thinking.

    WAHOOO YOU! And thank you!

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