Coloring My Way Into Fall

The cool air of the Fall first hits us head on and as a tease it runs off as quickly as it came. Then it happens for real…we somehow slip into Fall ever so gently like a pair of well worn jeans that snuggle against our skin and gives where needed.

The hard earth cracks forth through thick green extending its worthiness with promises of pecan delights.

With tones of fire and flame throughout the foliage, the red cedar cools us with the softness of blue and green.

Crimson berries dance among the leaves, the boldness nearly jumping off the trees.

Purple tendrils grace the ground here and there to balance the ever changing canvas.

Sometimes we manage to breathe in all the earthiness of Fall in one scene…we seem to hold it as if we think the beauty will disappear if we release the air from our lungs.

The scarlet of Begonia makes its way to warm the heart and soulfully settle into our bones.

The yellow and peach petals of Lantana prance and pitter along their stems; they’re such show offs!

Mustard, muted pumpkin, and touches of burgandy brushstroke against a backdrop of green.

While the delicate Dogwood models its glorious blooms in Spring, it sports a brocade pashmina in the Fall.

Where would we be without the unpretentious cotton that simply bursts forth and beckons the eye to the snowballs scattered across dying fields?

In some firework displays, there are sparklers that unexpectedly explode.

Hardy Echinacea, tired from parading its purple loveliness, drops its petals and settles in for a long rest leaving us with hopes of its return.

52 thoughts on “Coloring My Way Into Fall

    • We’ve really only started with the color changes here. We’re planning to be on the countryside next weekend and it will be almost peak for colors, am hoping to get some wonderful shots.

  1. Gorgeous time of the year. It’s when nature seems to want to display all her goods at one time! Then she stops till about April while she hibernates with the bears. Gorgeous photos. You should submit some of these to some competitions!

    • Nature hibernating with the bears, love it! Actually, around here they don’t really hibernate as we don’t get those really cold winters like they do in some places.

  2. Stunning pictorial of my FAVORITE season of all!

    Excellent photographs, Suzi!

    “Then it happens for real…we somehow slip into Fall ever so gently like a pair of well worn jeans that snuggle against our skin and gives where needed.”

    Ah…I LOVE that feeling!

    Have a great Monday, my friend. And thanks for share Fall’s beauty!


  3. absolutely stunning photography wrapped in warming words… I am thrilled to have wandered by from Ron’s post to peruse your beautiful blog…I shall return to drink it all in!


  4. Beautiful pics, Suzi, and prose to match. I was especially enamored of the insect on the purple tendrils. Great shot! You can almost hear its fall complaint – Oh well, in the fall, beggars can’t be choosers. CHOMP

    • I guess they can’t be choosers. When I went to take photos of the cotton fields, it was wet around the edges, swarming with mosquitos. I looked at my pants legs and there were hundreds covering them, I think they were trying to eat me…guess they weren’t being choosey either!

    • The purple was a bright spot on the side of the road…my good fortune to come across it with the feasting bug upon it! There were mnay other lvoely delights on our walk, but couldn’t post them all…I took almost one hundred photos…better watch it or I’m going to run out of space to store them!

  5. Wow. I love that display of squash and pumpkins. What is that? I want to try (eat) them all.

    Great pictures. I just really realized why I love your pictures. They don’t make me sneeze. Right now when we are getting a little rain then sun I can barely breath much less got outside to see all the beauty. You bring it to me (and yours out there is much more beatiful than we have here). Thanks.

  6. Fall is my very favorite time of year — the wealth of colors, the moderation of temperatures, the absence of wicked storms — what’s not to like? Yes, we know fall signals winter’s approach, but that’s nature’s way, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing your corner of the world with us today!

  7. This nature girl loved your photos. My lantana is still going strong. Of course, it doesn’t get as huge as the plants I first saw in Italy, but I take what I can get in New York.

    You reminded me that I had a souvenir boll of cotton from one of our cross-country camping trips when I was a kid. I’d totally forgotten about that.

    Thanks for the memories.

  8. Excellent natural photos, and with a great message to consider, especially for those who always put themselves before others.

    I aspire to make a living helping others better themselves through my own blog.

    I hope others can find the same wisdom from my writing as they have from yours.

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