Across A Clouded Dune

 “A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.” – Lao Tzu

Fear of not knowing prevents many of us from taking on new projects. It might be fear of failure, or even success as that also alters our lives. Change in itself might simply be what holds us back. Many of us take comfort in familiarity.

While I am one to resist change, it is only through change that I am where I am and who I am today. I don’t like venturing through clouds as I like to have a clear vision of where I am going. Because I know this about myself, I have to encourage myself to try new things, to step out and experience life…otherwise I will stagnate instead of expanding my world.

Even if we think we can see where we are headed that still might not be where we end up.

It takes courage to open ourselves to possibility.

We never know how we’ll benefit if we don’t take that step into the unknown.

If we are afraid to venture past the clouds and dunes, we’ll surely miss the ocean. And truly, that would be a shame.

59 thoughts on “Across A Clouded Dune

  1. Fab post, Suzi!

    And I know that you and I have shared the same feelings on change….

    I too resist change, but at the same time crave it. Therefore, like you, I have to encourage myself to try new things and step out of my comfort zone. And the funny thing about it, is that once I actually experience the change, I think myself, “WOW….this wasn’t as scary as I thought.”

    Thanks for the reminder, my friend!

    Beautiful photo! It almost looks like the moon and sun combined


  2. One step at a time
    Searching the rhyme
    Through darkness or cloud
    No peeking allowed.

    I used to think it would be wonderful to see the future in advance, getting to see the end results of our choices. That’s how it works in some of the movies, but in real life such a system would be very confusing. We frail beings would still make mistakes, influenced by our own weaknesses. Go ahead, climb the dune, cross the bridge, start the sentence, open the door, and let yourself take the first step.

  3. I don’t like change either, but sometimes there is no choice.
    In those cases, it seems I find myself stronger having made it to the top.

    Miss the ocean? I hope I NEVER do!

    As always, great post….

    • I usually have to remind myself there is probably something fabulous I’m going to miss if I don’t open my eyes and take a chance…still I tend to proceed with caution, old habits die hard.

  4. I’m not sure I want to see the future….it may differ from what I want it to be. But one thing’s for sure; I’d hike through just about anything if I knew there was a beach and the ocean on the other side!

  5. Great post. I have taken on something that is overwhelming me right now and I’ve thought about quitting. You’re right. I have to see it through – or as you say, take a step into the unknown.

  6. I love routine but I also love adventure so I’m probably somewhere in the middle. I agree with you that change is daunting but the results can be really life affirming if you are lucky. Nice reflective post

    • Results can be life affirming. I think my problem is that I spend too much unnecessary time with fear over it that it takes me a while to take that first step toward wherever it may be I want to travel.

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  8. I think there is also a big difference between change that one seeks and change that is forced upon us. If someone decides to change something then they sometimes can be a bit more in control, but if it is something that we have no control over because it is a forced change then that doesn’t always feel right.

    Like you said, I guess, you gotta have to courage to open up to the possibilities and see how you can benefit from the change.

  9. Great post, Suzi. I believe that fear (of failure or success, those miserable twins who catch us coming and going) is keeping me from working on my w-i-p, a fantasy novel called Battle Cleric. That actually hadn’t occurred to me until I read your post.

  10. I think change is scary–even when I initiate it. But looking back I can see the great wealth in change. I would be so “poor” if I had never changed.

    Inspiring post, Suzi.

    • You’re right, even when I choose to make changes it is still scary for me. And without those first big steps, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am grateful to have made those changes and hope I have the courage to make any necessary future ones.

  11. I’ve missed your blog. I forget how often, (I swear, all of the time!), you end up writing about things that have been on my mind. You always know what to write. I think you touch more lives then you realize. I’m glad to be back, and glad to read you, again.


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