Owls Well That Ends Well

Breathless and panting, she slammed the front door behind her and rested her back against it. Her big brown eyes looked like they were going to pop out of her head.

“Oh my God! There’s an owl on your neighbor’s roof. I waited in my car forever and it wouldn’t leave. I was so scared it was going to get me so I finally just ran for it.”

“Really?” I looked out the side window while Lady E (Oldest’s girlfriend) pointed out the owl.

“Wow, I can’t believe it’s sitting there in the daylight. The people down the street just had a bunch of trees cut down. I wonder if it lost its home.”

“I don’t know, but he’s scary looking.”

“I’m going out to get a picture of him. Watch and if he swoops down at me call for help.”


I go outside, armed with my camera and slowly inch my way to the edge of my yard. It doesn’t move, so I venture into the cul de sac. I’m afraid to get any closer so I zoom in on it. The owl doesn’t appear to be moving much, if at all. Still, I take a few shots and run back inside.

Lady E and I continue to talk about how crazy it is to see such a huge owl in the neighborhood. Oldest comes downstairs laughing his head off. “You guys are a couple of blind idiots!”

“What?” we exclaim in unison.

“Can’t you tell it’s fake?”

“No, it’s not,” we both protest. I even swear I saw it move.

“Mom, don’t you remember they put it up a few months ago?” Then I sort of remember us laughing about it and wondering why anyone would put an owl on their roof. I shake it off and proclaim it to be a real owl.

Lady E and I look at my pics and we both swear it looks like a real live owl. Now, I must admit we both wear contacts. Finally, I put the pics on my laptop so we can both see what we’re looking at.

Yes, we’re a couple blind idiots…see for yourself!

49 thoughts on “Owls Well That Ends Well

  1. This cracked me up. As soon as I saw it I thought it was one of those fake owls that people put up to scare other birds and critters away. And I’m a New York City girl, Suzi. If I could tell it’s fake, I’m thinking the other birds and critters are laughing their little tail feathers off.

    • You know it’s not nice to rub poor eyesight in the afflicted’s face, lol! In this pic you can tell, but I swear before I zoomed in and put it on the computer you couldn’t, well, I couldn’t until then!

  2. When I saw the picture (small version) … I thought … awe, so cute. And, I was envious … I would love an owl to make his home in my yard and deal with all these pesky, destructive squirrels.
    Our imaginations can create very humorous events in our lives … thanks for the smile today.
    By the way Suzi … an owl will not hurt you and is 100% more likely to fly as far away from you as possible, not swoop at you. But, that just added to the smiles of your story.

    • I saw one in the tree in our yard one day, very pretty. Then one time while we were hiking, one kept following us…hubby kept doing his call back and forth with him and I was waiting for it to swoop down; he laughed at me but neglected to tell me it wouldn’t try to come at me. Guess that would have ruined all the entertainment I was providing him!

  3. Thanks for another great laugh. I didn’t pick up on the obvious fakeness, perhaps because you jolted me into recalling the evening we returned home from a trip and as I flipped on my computer, I noticed a great horned owl sitting in the yew tree about eighteen inches from the window two feet from where I stood. Owl appeared oblivious to my peering through the window, though its eyes were open and scanning. Hoping to get a better shot, Hubby crept out and squatted beneath the tree with camera in hand. That did it. Away it flew!

  4. ““Can’t you tell it’s fake?”

    Bwhahahahahhaahha….OMG, how funny, Suzi!

    But I have say that when I first saw the photo, it really DOES look real!

    Great post title!

    Have a HOOT of a day, my friend……X

  5. Too funny!

    I thought that you knew it was fake all along and wanted to pull her leg a bit before telling her that she didn’t need to run for her life from a balloon.

    Now . . . do owls attack people?
    Why would she be scared of it even if it was alive?

    Wait, owls eat bats.
    So maybe they attack people who are “blind as bats”?

    Is that it? 😆

    • Now, I’ve always thought owls to be a wee bit spooky and they swoop after small animals…(Miss E is tiny enough to be mistaken as a small animal) so I always thought they might be attackers! Now I know that attack bats and since I’m blind as a bat I will be on the lookout for attacking owls!!!!

  6. Thats jus to funny a real Lucy and Ethel moment. Now Lucy would have talked Ethel into goining on the roof for closer inspection. ? why would you put an Owl on your roof what are they trying to ward-off……Owl be seeing you………

  7. HA HA HA!! That is hilarious! I know I would have done the same thing. Do they use it to scare off something? I’ve seen fake owls on roofs before, but can’t remember why or what it keeps away.
    Great story!

  8. I read this earlier today and you had me cracking up. We have a fake iguana/lizard looking thing that has made its way around my mom’s house for years and it scares me every time. She moves it around the yard on purpose, I think.

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