The Reluctant Houseguest

“Death is natural and necessary, but not just. It is a random force of nature; survival is equally accidental. Each loss is an occasion to remember that survival is a gift.” ~Harriet McBryde Johnson

We found this cute little guy in our yard a few months ago. He would scoot through the flowers and weeds from one side of the house to the other and into the back yard. Apparently, this baby was an orphan. We are guessing the mama rabbit was killed by one of the three neighborhood cats that run loose.

He tried to seek shelter in the drain pipe but couldn’t keep his footing as it’s all uphill for such a little one.

We watched to see if the mama returned. When she didn’t we brought the bunny inside and attempted to feed it formula with a small bottle. We happened to still have these from when we rescued the pinkies last year. Anyway, the bunny would not partake of the milk from the bottle. We read up on bunny rescue, and found the bunny might not be as young as we thought. We were told to release it and see if it was thriving on it’s own. We set out a small bowl of water. We found a few areas around the house that appeared to be nesting areas (grassed smoothed down and bits of downy fur). Often the mama rabbits only come back at night to feed their young.

Wylie truly wanted to be friends. The bunny was reluctant. We couldn’t blame the little guy for being intimidated.

We continued to see our bunny for about a week. He seemed to be thriving and getting quite agile. One night around midnight we heard a loud squeal and a ruckus in the vicinity of our side flower garden. The next morning, the bunny was no where to be found. Whether the culprit was a cat or maybe an owl, I don’t know. No matter, we were sad the little guy didn’t make it.

Sprite’s Keeper: Picture Rssay

57 thoughts on “The Reluctant Houseguest

  1. Oh, Suzi, this post totally warmed heart and also made me sad.


    What great photos! Especially love the one of baby bunny being bottle fed – how CUTE is that face!!!

    And bless you and Dirty Man for having taken the time to lovingly care for that precious little rabbitt.


  2. I lived with a friend once who had a rabbit called Puff. He grew and grew and grew until he became Ker-Puff. Marj had a big house and Puff could run around the house top and bottom and we could never find him. Hold that thought.

    One day, I, who am not noted for my cooking skills, decided to make fudge. When it was finished, we had no idea what it was…it certainly wasn’t fudge. Also, it was inedible. I was about to throw it out when…

    Racing around a corner and into the kitchen came Puff. He gave a screeching halt and looked beseeching at the plate of fudge-like material I had in my hand. I gave him a piece. “Look! Puffy likes it!!” He loved it. Marj was ecstatic. In order to get Puff to come to her, all she had to do was wave some of the Puff-enticer (we finally had a name for it), and he came running from all parts of the house (not at the same time though).

    Things went well until we ran out of Puff-enticer. Marj implored me to make some more. Well, I tried, several times. However, since I had no idea how I arrive at the first batch of non-fudge, I didn’t know how to emulate my culinary triumph.

    Puff lived a reasonably happy life, with a wooded area in the back yard, fenced in, to enjoy outdoor life as well…until a neighbor’s dog got into the pen and…well, you know. I won’t forget Puff anytime soon.

    I’m sorry your bunny met the same fate.

  3. I’m so sorry. He was a cutie. I always hate m\when my cats bring me a “bunny present”. I can handle the rats, mice, chipmunks, etc. It’s always a little disheartening when it’s a bunny! 😦 Poor little thumper!

  4. Now you’ve gone and made me cry! Nature can be so cruel at times. Not long ago I was walking my dog when we saw one of the neighbor’s cats carrying a screaming baby bunny in its mouth — the irritating thing is these cats surely get fed, yet it’s a cat’s nature to hunt and capture. Just doesn’t seem fair to the bunnies, though!

    • I’m sorry. I don’t like to make anyone cry. It’s a cat’s nature. When I was a cat owner, I kept mine inside just as much in fear that another animal would harm them or they would harm other smaller animals.

  5. this was painful. i might have ended up with a pet rabbit. he sure was lovely, too tempting.

    i had quite a lot of pet rabbits back at home, the cutest part was they gave birth and little bunnies are so beautiful.

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