Gentle In The Night, Irene Came And Left

We are fortunate to report this is the worst of our damages.

Every hurricane past, I’ve been a frantic mess of anticipation. In wait of Irene, I was relatively calm. Maybe it’s because I’ve finally learned in life it’s no use worrying about things of which I have no control. All one can do is be prepared. Being a scouting/camping family (and the fact that Dirt Man is usually more than prepared!), I felt assured we could handle being without electric for a week or so. My main concern was the possibility of tree damage to our house.

I am counting my blessings this morning. We have debris cleanup, small limbs, twigs, leaves, and pinecones; nothing major. We were spared. Maybe Wylie’s growling at the wind and rain really did intimidate Irene! Maybe it was the protective force of all of the prayers, positive thoughts, and well wishes from our family and friends. Maybe, Irene just had other plans. No matter the reason, we are grateful, and hope others made out as well as we did.

The storm did not even seem to be hurricane strength as it passed over us. At times, the rain came down in sheets that hit the pavement and bounced back. Other times, just a steady downpour. The wind swooshed as my trees and the neighbors mingled, shook hands, and danced the night away. The worst was the sound of limbs and pinecones pounding the roof. The noise only woke me up a few times.

We lost power at 5:55 pm. We turned our main switch off, and turned it back on when we woke up this morning, so I’m not sure quite how long we were without power. We had candles and battery operated lanterns, charged batteries on our ipod touches, kindle, laptops, etc… We brought out the board games, and had plenty of beer and food. It was actually nice in a way to have our sons be “forced” to spend time with us!

I’m off to clean up Irene’s mess…

We have lots of these limb "daggers" throughout the yard.

61 thoughts on “Gentle In The Night, Irene Came And Left

  1. I’m so glad you’re safe! After 14 years in Florida, I too have learned that all you can do is be prepared. Worrying is a waste of energy. But I’m sure Wylie’s growling had something to do with weakening the storm. 🙂

    I chatted with my son in Annapolis this morning and he reported wind and rain last night but no damage. Their big worry was flooding but they seemed to have fared well too.

    What a relief! It’s a beautiful morning!

    • Couldn’t believe how bright and hot the sunny day after the storm was! As BIG BAD WYLIE was growling barely so we could hear her, there was a fly in the window…she sniffed it and left it alone..she is soooo docile!

    • Thanks, Angelia for your prayers. Wylie is one of those sweeties who wags her tail while she growls very low…and only lets out a bit of a bark when she’s afraid.

  2. Thank Heaven you and yours made it through okay! Yes, I imagine there’s a mess to clean up, but that at least is manageable. The weather should be beautiful once Irene fully exits your area.

    • We put a big dent in the clean up yesterday…22 lawn bags for front and side, at least ten or twelves bags to go in the back; it’s been raked into piles but not bagged, not to mention the piles of debris that need to be bundled.

  3. I was soooooo thinking of you all last night, Suzi.

    I’m so relieved to hear Irene didn’t hit you as hard as they expected – whew!

    We got a lot of heavy rain and wind, but not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. we didn’t lose power, thank god! Today, it’s just windy and gray. Although, the sun looks like it’s trying to come out.

    Looking at your photos here reminds me of when I lived in Florida and the aftermath of the several hurricanes I’ve been through. Lots of debris.

    You take care, my friend. Happy to hear you and your family are safe and sound.

    Enjoy your day!


  4. Thank God. This is such good news. What a great gift this Sunday morning. I can now go and pick blackberries with a sense of peace. Amazing, SuziCate – your well being has taken our hearts by storm even though we may pass each other on the street and never know! Thanks for taking the time to let us know you are okay.

  5. I spent a good deal of time yesterday, here in the safety of the western part of the country, watching the reports about Irene and worrying about my friends in the much-tormented eastern part of the country. I was so happy this morning to see posts on Facebook from a couple of you, and thrilled to see this post and hear your good news. To life!

    • It was heartbreaking to see reports of devastation. Peopel in my hometown are STILL feeling aftershocks from the earthquake last week….it’s been a weird week for us.

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  7. Thanks f or this post letting everyone know you were OK. As you expected the electric went off and you handled it with grace. Glad you had your boys to spend time with. blessings 🙂

  8. It definitely seemed like a hurricane here! I was up in Ohio but the dude stayed home to watch over things. We lost 4 trees and 2 more don’t look well, and we had lots of water damage, but the house itself is fine, I think. We lost power for 24 hours, but I think that’s pretty good!

    Glad you had minimal damage!

    • I’m sorry you had damage…four trees, wow. The plus is that you didn’t have damage to your house. Sorry it was a bit stronger your way, but glad you guys are safe.

  9. Oh SuziCate, I was away and without a computer, but I watched the news on TV and said to my friend ‘I have a friend over there, you know, I do hope she’s OK …’ You were in my prayers!

  10. Glad you weathered the storm. Sometimes its healing to lose the 21 Century distractions that occupy so much of our time. Sitting around with candles and games and talking with each other for entertainment. What a concept, eh? Really glad it all worked out.

    • It was nice to not have the noise of the tv, several computers, music, etc…all at the same time, to actually hear one another speak and not be too distracted to listen.

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