On Waiting For Irene

Thought I’d give you an update of hurricane conditions here before we lose our electricity. My friend who lives in Chesapeake lost power over an hour ago so we probably won’t be far behind.

Yesterday I made fifteen dozen cookies. I figure if I go down with the house it might as well be with a cookie in my mouth. No, seriously I failed to buy sweets at the grocery store, and my boys are here riding out Irene with us. They thought a case of beer was not enough so Youngest went out in the flying debris and bought two more. My thought process was that I wanted to be coherent to take any necessary action. Maybe their thought process was “ignorance is bliss”!

Not much rest last night as Dirt Man gets weather alert text for our zip code. His phone went off four or five times during the night for tornado watch, tornado warning, and water spouts. Of course, the pelting rain and beating pinecones on the roof also did not make for a restful night.

I made a big breakfast for all while we still have electricity and took a hot shower and blow dried my hair since I might not be able to do it for a while. Sorry, I missed your call Sister Peggy while I was in the shower. My folks and siblings have all called to check in on us. Chances are that once Irene pays her visit, we won’t be able to get back in touch with them, depending on the cell service.

Just heard that three homes in the Sandbridge area lost their roofs. Irene is still one hundred miles from us, but apparently she has sent her peeps ahead to set the tone. Wylie is sitting in the front window growling at the rain and wind. I think she is trying to intimidate Irene. The dog also will not go out to the bathroom. How do you make a dog understand the weather conditions are not going to get any better for a long time? And no, I’m NOT going to attempt to toilet train an 80 pound dog!

Eye of the storm has stalled…only hope that does not mean it’s picking up strength. Currently the rain is falling in shifting sheets and the wind is howling and dropping pinecones and small branches from the trees. Our street is not flooded yet, only the ditches have filled. The dog is now growling at a tree limb floating down the street ditch. I opened the door in an attempt to get a photo, but thought better of it. When I opened the door, I was met with an odd scent. Dirt Man told me it was a mix of bayberry and pine as the trees are clashing together.

So basically things here are a bit mild in comparison to what is to come…

46 thoughts on “On Waiting For Irene

  1. Right now, you wish Wylie had a litter box, I bet. 😉

    I’m glad your sons are there to ride out the storm with you ~ with beer and cookies on tap, it should be quite the party.

    Sounds like you’ve done what you can to prepare.

    Good luck getting Wylie to go out before the storm gets worse . . . maybe right outside the garage door? So she knows she isn’t going to be locked out?

    Stay safe!

  2. Just stay in and stay safe, Suzicate. I’m glad the boys are there with you guys. Poor puppy is upset. Harry gets all backed up when he’s upset too. I think I’ve mentioned he won’t poop away from home at all. Makes for a miserable trip. I’ll be glad when this mess is over for you! Eat cookies. Drink beer. It’s going to be okay.

  3. Thanks for the inside scoop, and I hope there’s no poop. I have no doubt you’ll live to tell about this, and what a story it will be, for your whole family. I love hearing how people make it through these storms and thank heaven I’ve never been in one. Well, not since the hurricane in Virginia Beach in 1964 while we were visiting my husband’s aunt and uncle. I didn’t realize it was a big deal…not even when the power went out and we heard there were trees blocking all the roads. We just played cards by candlelight and drank scotch. Your sons are on the right track. Ignorance is bliss!

  4. This takes me back to when I lived on the Gulf Coast and we were awaiting a hurricane. The tension in the air is so thick beforehand; I think that’s what dogs feel (that, and they pick up on our nervousness!). I had a Spitz who insisted on going out to potty right in the height of one storm — ugh! We both got drenched! Prayers for y’all’s safety!

    • The dog won’t even pee! She walks around like it is above her for her feet to touch the wet grass…me thinks she might be a wee bit spoiled!!!! We’re in a lull right now, nice while it lasts…the worst is due to hit us in around three, three and ahalf hours. Thanks for stopping by and checking on me!

  5. Miami. In 2005 Wilma left us without power for several days the two weeks later Katrina did the same. IN 95 Andrew hit and although we did not get hit as hard as Homestead(was wiped out like a tornado) which is just 30 miles S
    W . In North Miami we had no power for 9 days.

  6. I just got back from a run to counteract the hurricane snacks we bought last night and already started eating. 😐

    We’ve had a bit of rain and my house is already leaking. Jeez. Irene isn’t even here yet.

    I just saw your neck of the woods on TV. Stay safe, SuziCate, and enjoy those cookies.

    • Love it…mine’s just plain Bud Light! My friend in Corapeake, NC lost power 45 minutes ago. We’ve been fortunate so far. The worst should start rolling in about 6:30 my time. Thanks for the good wishes!

  7. Thanks goodness you are not alone.
    We have been hearing the news of the movement of the hurricane. Your blog confirms how scary it must be to live in the path of such a storm. My thoughts are with you and your friends and family at this time. Hugs from New Zealand.

    • Thanks so much. The eye has been wobbling and looks like we might be spared the worst we thought we were getting…raining hard, some wind, still worse is yet to come, but hopefully not as bad as we anticipated. And yay, so far we still have electric as many other areas are out.

  8. Thank you for your update, Suzi, because you have been on my mind all day.

    Presently, we have a lot of rain here in Philly, but the worst part is suppose to hit us midnight or later.

    Anyway, you take care, my friend!

    ((((( Suzi )))))


  9. Good to know you are in such good spirits, Suzicate. I suspect you are in the midst of the worst right now. I have been asking that everything be less harsh than expected. So far, reports are more positive…

  10. I’m glad you got your priorities in order, family , love, cookies and beer.
    blessings to you. The rain is coming down pretty hard here now. windy earlier. Still have electric too.

  11. Oh, I think the waiting is a bit nerve wracking don’t you? I am not even on the East Coast and I am tempted to take up nail biting.

    Praying for all of you over there to be safe.

    Keep us updated as you can.


  12. Beer and cookies…now there’s a natural disaster survival kit that would sell. You should market that one!

    I’m glad your family is around you. I hope you all stay out of harm’s way.

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