Solace Of An Evening Walk

“Me thinks that the moment my legs begin to move, my thoughts begin to flow.” ~Henry David Thoreau

One evening last week, I caught the most gorgeous sunset while driving. When I was finally able to pull over to take a picture, it couldn’t be seen. The next night I made it my goal to get a shot of the sunset. Well. it still didn’t work out perfectly, but I did manage to get some lovely sky photos.

As always, if the car keys are not in my hand, there is no way I can escape the house without Wylie. I decided to walk up to the point (island-creeks surround the land from all but one side) where we live. It was time for sunset, but it wasn’t particularly colorful as I could not actually see the sun. I’m not sure if it was behind the clouds or just not visible from where I was. At any rate, watching the clouds move over the calm waters was relaxing, a perfect way to unwind from the day. An evening walk is wonderful for both Wylie and me as we are stuck at home during the day. It’s not that we want to get away from each other, but we need to get outside. We want to breath the air, feel the wind, touch the grass, smell the flowers…bask in whatever bit of nature we can find in the city.

This was the only intruder of our quiet time. I suppose we were actually the intruders. He allowed us to approach and then flew to the water. We watched him wade the water and peck at the sand. Wylie really wanted to play with him, but I don’t think he was enthused with the idea.

We (me, Wylie was oblivious) admired the reflections of the trees and clouds on the water. No one was out and about on their boats, docks, or even in their yards. We seemed to be the only ones out. The solitude calmed my soul. Wylie is a fairly good walking companion…as long as she is not excited by squirrels, cats, other dogs, or people. This was one of the few walks without distractions…just the two of us and all that surrounded. The tiny ripples of the water’s current run right through me. Occasionally I feel a cool mist as the breeze sends it across my face. As far away as the clouds are, they still ground me to this earth. I might seem insignificant is this large chaotic world, yet I feel connected.

A vigorous five-mile walk will do more good for an unhappy but otherwise healthy adult than all the medicine and psychology in the world. ~Paul Dudley White

46 thoughts on “Solace Of An Evening Walk

  1. What a wonderful walk and gorgeous reflection pictures. It was very calming for me to read your post today (and I needed that – I am having surgery in 4 hours and counting) Since I have been unable to make my own similar walks around here … I really appreciate that you shared yours today.
    This looks like a wonderful place to unwind .. and it is close to your home? I would walk there often.

    Like you, even though that natural world of ours is huge, when I am out in it I feel connected. I hope you have a great day and many more walks in this area in the near future … there is a sunset waiting to awe you.

  2. The second to the last picture with the water and clouds is gorgeously framed by the tree in the foreground and the bird profile is divine. Beautiful walk and beautiful quiet thank-you.

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  4. Lovely post, Suzi. Like the rest of your readers, I felt the peace and the connectivity. I think Wylie added to it. A walk alone is good, but one with a companion is great. Thanks for sharing your pictures and your thoughts.

    • Yes, Wylie is my walking buddy. The hubby tends to get a lot of walking in at work so it’s usually just Wylie and me in the evenings. Now, on the weekend we pack it up together.

  5. Beautiful post and pics! LOVED the last quote. So true.

    When we are “unhappy,” putting on our walking shoes or grabbing our bike, is a great way to turn frowns into smiles.

    Quick fix: When I was finally able to pull over to take a picture, it couldn’t be soon. ~ seen

  6. Once again Suzi, you’ve managed to take us on one of your journeys through nature.

    And being someone who is a HUGE sunset person, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this post.

    That first image is so beautiful. Peaceful. Calming.

    “As far away as the clouds are, they still ground me to this earth. I might seem insignificant is this large chaotic world, yet I feel connected…”

    Isn’t nature amazing? I feel the same way.

    Have a wonderful day, my friend!


  7. Wonderful photos. I love walking with Honey because she is so calm and relaxed. She stays right by my side and doesn’t even need a leash. Harry needs to be in chains and under sedation when he goes out for a walk.

  8. Oh how i would love to be able to take a walk like the one you had. I miss my country day so much. as i have gotten older i don’t tollerate the heat like i use to…..Looking forward to the fall to began….I got real cool looking at your photos lol Thanks Suzicate…..

  9. Like you and your readers, I connect to nature.
    You inspired me to stop my conference at writeoncon and put laptop down and take a walk. Just walking around to the pond and around is great and we do it several times a day if we don’t get out and do our two miles. Today is one of those days we stayed in. got too busy, too fast.
    So thank you for this beautiful post to inspire me.

  10. I admire your deep appreciation for the beauty of nature, sunsets and more – what I consider to be the finer things in life. Your pictures are beautiful!! 🙂

  11. The photographs you took are incredible. I can just imagine how it must have felt to stand and watch that – I can almost taste and smell the air. Your description of what it felt like to be there and see this was beautiful.

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