Facing The Sun

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. It’s what sunflowers do. ~Helen Keller

While Dirt Man and I were on a road trip we came upon a farm with sunflowers that stretched along side the fence line. I thought maybe the farm harvested sunflowers, but that seemed unlikely as the fields were not filled with them. Dirt Man surmised that it was just ground cover. What a beauty!

When I was a little girl, my babysitter’s husband (also my next door neighbors) grew a few sunflowers each year. He planted them on a hillside near the mailbox. Everyday when Mrs. Kidd and I would walk to the mailbox, she’d let me grab a hand full of seeds to take back to eat later. They would often find me sitting on that hill munching as many seeds as I could. So much for the birds, the intended recipients! His two or three orignal sunflowers increaded to about five or six in the following years, as he told me he was planting enough for both the birds and “his girl”

Everyone know that Black-eyed Susans are my favorite flowers with sunflowers running second. Recently, I had a birthday and both of my sons brought me flowers. Oldest brought me a mix of gladiolas which included purple ones (my favorite color). Youngest brought me sunflowers, Why did he get me sunflowers? Did he know that it was my second favorite and couldn’t get Black-eyed Susans? No, he knew it was one of my best friend’s favorite! I thought that was funny that he knew her favorite and not mine.  Actually, she has them plastered in her kitchen so it’s kind of obvious, and I also have a quilted sunflower wall hanging in my kitchen that she made for me. At any rate, sunflowers warm my heart. They are simple yet pretty, and they’re hardy and useful.

48 thoughts on “Facing The Sun

  1. What a pretty arrangement! I’ve never seen the smaller sunflowers that you’ve shown along the fence. Hmmmmm 🙂 I only remember the really tall ones.

  2. Gorgeous bouquet!

    I grew sunflowers a couple times to share with the birds. They must have been 10 feet tall with flowers the size of dinner plates. If I’d given you a bouquet of them . . . you would have needed a bigger vase. 😀

    The local CSA plants sunflowers all along the road too. I expect that it encourages pollinators to appear in the area AND keeps birds happy and away from the tomatoes.

    • I’m tempted to try to grwo them along with my sunflowers next years. The other day I watched a gold finch almost tear the head off a Black-eyed Susan. He was sitting on it and ripping the seeds out. Funny thing was that the flower did not flop over with the weight of the bird!

  3. What a lovely present from your sons. The only flowers I remember getting from my two kids were a handful of half-wilted dandelions. I treated them as if they were American Beauty roses and put them in a small vase. My kids were so pleased with themselves. Later in life, they gave me potted plants which I now prefer, since they don’t die in a few days.

    However, I adore sunflowers. I believe the sunflower is my personal symbol. Great pics, Suzi!! You do have a way with flowers and critters – picture-wise, that is.


    I agree with you about sunflowers…

    “sunflowers warm my heart. They are simple yet pretty, and they’re hardy and useful.”

    To me, sunflowers always look as thought they’re smiling. They’re probably the most happiest looking flower in the world.

    I adore that floral arrangement your son gave you. So colorful, bright and cheery! Gladiolas are probably my second favorite flower.

    Hope you had a super birthday, my friend!


  5. Beautiful! You raised very caring, loving young men. The sunflowers are uplifting, they always make me smile. We have a bunch that grow next to the road by our house, not sure if they will make it this year.

  6. I have a patch of black-eyed susans that are a source of happiness for me. I love sunflowers too but can’t seem to find too many around town this year. And happy, happy birth day to you, my friend.

  7. I know your birthday must have been wonderful, Suzi, as your sons remembered you with some of your favorites! The only “flowers” I recall receiving from my son were dandelions, picked from the outfield while he was playing T-ball and jammed most unceremoniously into his pocket!

  8. What a lovely arrangement. The dignified Gladiola with the casual, warm-hearted, fun-loving sunflowers. I love sunflowers too, as well as black-eyed susans and as you know often confuse one for the other.

  9. Maybe that’s why you don’t have a green thumb –
    too much weed tolerence – I’m like you – try hearbs
    many grow faster then grasses and are natural bug
    repellents. Cilantro is extremely prolific – but smells like
    a stink bug – wait and the same plant gives you cooriander.
    The tiney plain flowers are no match for those splendid
    giants but they attract some of the neatest minature bees.

  10. So coincidental that so many women love sunflowers. They are my favorite too. And another coincident my birthday was July 26 and my husb got me sunflowers, too. He also didn’t know it was my fav although I thought I had told him they were. Brown eyed susans are my second favorite also.

    Don’t mean to be trite. Just sayin’.

  11. Sunflowers fascinated me as a little girl, as well. I would move them so they would have to turn to face the sun. I couldn’t believe how a plant would do that.

    Your sons are learning how to win girls’ hearts, you good mom!

    Fresh cut, long-stemmed whatever are a welcome addition to my home anytime. My fav, however is white bouquets, dressed with salal or other natural shrubbery.

    • Love flowers, but I do not have a green thumb, good thing I like weeds, too because I have lots of those. My boys have grown into compassionate young men. I think fresh cut flowers/shrubbery add much to a room.

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