Butterflies Flutter By

Butterflies are self propelled flowers. ~R.H. Heinlein

Love is like a butterfly, it goes where it pleases and it pleases wherever it goes.
Love is like a butterfly, hold it too tight, it’ll crush. Hold it too loose, it’ll fly. ~Author Unknown

I wanted so badly to get a few good photos of the butterflies. Unfortunately Wylie wanted to help me. Actually, she only wanted to sniff them. They weren’t having any of it. As soon as I’d zoom in they’d flutter away. Patience and persistence paid off as I did manage to get a couple of good pics.

Just like the butterfly, I too will awaken in my own time. ~ Deborah Chaskin

While this looks like a butterfly, I wonder if it’s a moth? Are there brown butterflies? The strangest thing to me was not seeing a single yellow swallowtail. I usually see more of them than any other ones.

Happiness is like a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you. ~Nathaniel Hawthorne

The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough. ~Rabindranath Tagore

We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty. ~ Maya Angelou

58 thoughts on “Butterflies Flutter By

  1. Those photos are amazing. I have never seen a blue butterfly! Wow! We do get yellow ones, and even green ones I think. Amazing creatures! Harry chases them too, but not to hurt them. On the other hand, Harry does catch and eat flies. TMI? Sorry!

  2. Okay. Couldn’t resist. It appears that your butterflies are a pipevine (top and bottom), Great spangled fritillary (two and four), and a spicebush swallowtail (middle). Yes, there are brown butterflies.

    Even though I’ve spent hours a day on the web for years now, I still get chills of delight at the ease of learning things like this. šŸ™‚ My search was for “butterfiles virginia” and I clicked onto the Images page.

  3. Suzi, these are truly some of the BEST photos I’ve seen of butterflies. It must be butterfly season because so many bloggers I visit are sharing photographs of them. Yours by far, have been the best!

    Holy cow, those ones of the brown butterfly on the pink flower are INCREDIBLE. You captured the detail in it’s wings so sharply.

    And I adore these wonderful butterfly quotes you shared as a narrative.

    “Butterflies are self propelled flowers. ~R.H. Heinlein”

    How faaaaaaabulous it that!

    Thanks for sharing the beauty!


  4. Love your last photo of the blue butterfly — thanks for posting, as our “crop” of the flying beauties has been almost nonexistent this year (must be the heat!)

    • I enjoyed these, Suzicate! I have been trying to capture as many butterflies and moths as possible over the last two years. I started with a point-and-shoot camera, and this Spring was given a terrific DSLR. The photos have improved somewhat – I’m getting there anyway.

      In case you don’t know the variety of butterflies in your photos above, the black/blue one is a “Spicebush Swallowtail.” They are relatively common in my part of the woods, (Western NC) and I have photographed several. It would be easier to ID it for certain if I could see the underside. I will link you to a few posts of mine with photos of b’flies in them – some are part of slideshows. The butterfly like the Spicebush that you will see is a Pipevine Swallowtail. They are very similar, except for the “C-shaped” line of orange spots on the underwing. They are both lovely. Many of mine also look like they have “been through the wars!”

      The other butterfly photo you have is a fritillary. There are a few varieties of fritillaries, and they are sometimes hard to distinguish. I believe yours is either a “Great Spangled” frit, (which is more common), and an “Aphrodite” frit (less common). On one of these links below you will see a “Diana Fritillary” which is rather uncommon, but also beautiful, and a bit larger than the others frits.

      When I take my dog with me when trying to photograph, it is almost impossible to get them to stay still! I usually go out either in the early morning, or at around 4 p.m. – which is when most of them start to show up in numbers! BTW, that wierd looking furry black and yellow insect (on one of my links) with rapidly flapping wings is a hummingbord moth. I had never seen one in my life until last year. We have them in DROVES on our b’fly bushes! They are so much fun to watch and not at all camera shy. Until this year I have never been able to get a fixed-wing photo of one, because my point and shoot didn’t have an adjustable shutter speed. I was successful this year! Hurrah! (It was a real triumph for amateur me!) I’m not sure I’ve posted any of those photos yet. Maybe later. Nancy referenced me over here, because she knows I love b’fly photos!

      Here are the links (don’t feel obligated!):




      Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful pics!

      • Thank you for all of the butterfly info. I am going over to check out your photos. I’m looking forward to finding out if I recognize the hummingbird moth. Was fortunate enough this year to see two luna moths and photo one of them. I’d like to go back to Kiptopeke this year and get some butterfly and bird photos. I went last fall, but was more interested in taking photos of other things and failed to focus on those two species that were abundant!

    • So sorry, Suzicate! I put the comment on your post on Debbie’s comment, because I also wanted to tell her to be patient for the b’flies! I was starting to think exactly the same thing this year – that they were somehow not coming this year for whatever reason. The very day I inquired about it to a nursery owner, they started showing up – several that had not been seen at all this year. So – perhaps they are just late in coming for Debbie, too! hang on!

  5. Oh, my, what lovely pictures! I love seeing pics of one butterfly at a time so I can appreciate the beauty. A flock of butterflies almost overwhelms the eyes. The quotes are so appropriate too. Great post, Suzi!

  6. These pictures are amazing. I just spent two days camping with the one goal of getting a decent picture of the large yellow butterflies that fluttered about. I failed. No full wingspan pictures for me this time. Your patience must far exceed mine šŸ™‚

  7. I’m so envious of your butterfly shots. I can’t seem to get close to them to take a shot before they fly away. Of course, it could be the horse of a dog running by me at inopportune times too. :-/

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