Observations Of Time

I watch the morning sun cast intricate designs of light and shadow across my world. It’s all in the timing of movement, much like happiness and sadness has shifted through my own life. A light breeze billows in and out of my soul as if it is capable of lifting this deep ache and handing it over to the sun. I bask in the Light of all that sustains me.

Trees dance to and fro, broad limbs bend and command their leaves to curtsy as if they are greeting the sun, anticipating the opportunity of another day.

Second by second, dog day cicadas strum the time away. There is so little of it remaining for each of us, yet we waste it away with careless words and thoughtless actions. We tend to make people seem insignificant while we live with emphasis on material goods and monetary values. We forge ahead, foraging for all we can get.

Crickets chirp in as if to say the time is now, right here in our hands. Yet, we continue to care only about ourselves and what we can get from others rather than what we can give. Be careful to open your hand as time is fleeting, ever moving on.

Edification has drifted through the tall pines to some never land of time gone by. Tall blades of grass poke through the cobblestone and nod in agreement. Nature wonders what has happened to man. Nature knows all too well selfishness when it comes to survival of the fittest, but why is selfishness necessary when abundance flows freely?

Why in our infinite wisdom do we think it is all about us? We think we’ve come to know so much, yet the basics of life we ignore. We have become detached, uncaring of other’s needs. Society, we’re a selfish lot. And a greedy one. We not only take what we need, but all we can get. What can each of us say we’ve left in return? And time is still ticking on that heavenly clock. We might not hear it, but we can see it everywhere we look.

I listen to the robins add a chorus here and there to the cicada and cricket chorus, a challenge to hear what the earth is saying. Crepe Myrtles wave good morning to the nearby nesting cardinals who cry for a morning bite. I am lost in this rush of life on this still quiet morning until a neighbor breaks the silence. My words escape with her on the time-train trudging into tomorrow.

Wings of wind carry in the smoky scent of a distant forest fire. Though the smoke is not visible, the weight of ash settles over me and stifles my spirit. I know I am guilty, as we are all guilty. I take without always replenishing. I wonder what’s in it for me when all is said and done. I feel time slipping away. Part of me aches knowing I can never right all the wrongs of this life, of this time that is mine.

We rush time. We force dreams by control and manipulation. We plan tomorrow without living today. We fail to enjoy this moment in time.

We try to freeze time. We refuse to allow change and balance to occur in a natural process. We want what we want now. We build dams in our hearts and walls in our souls when we don‘t get our way.

We even reverse time by reveling in memory. We think if we could only go back in time, we’d be happier. We want to take our wisdom of experience and do it over again. We fight for just one more chance.

We are but a suspension of time. We hang by threads of grace in an ever spinning world.

When will we learn that the balance of time not only rests in every moment, but the power of action and inaction of every moment?

Change is always on the horizon, seeming to loom overhead while it’s actually in the midst carving its way through flesh and bone to heart and matter. Change propels us forward while we cling to what is familiar, all the while the minutes turn to hours, the hours to days, and days to years. And we wake up one day and wonder where it has gone.

God is the ultimate time machine in which we have no control. Nor can we manipulate or fool Him. He knows our purpose, and the allotted time needed. God’s glory bursts forth in the radiance of the morning sun. It washes over us in the gentle afternoon showers. It paints a canvas across the sky in the evening sunset. In the dark of night, the moon smiles upon us as a billion sparkling stars flicker and light the heavens.

Minute by minute, day by day, year by year, God’s glory resides in you.

What will you do with this passing time?

36 thoughts on “Observations Of Time

  1. Wonderful reminder, Suzi.

    Time is our most valuable and irreplaceable commodity ~ a bank account which mandates daily withdrawals, prohibits deposits, and pays dividends when we spend it wisely.

  2. Suzi, there are so many wonderful things you shared in this post that resonate so deeply with me.

    Two things especially…

    “We rush time. We force dreams by control and manipulation. We plan tomorrow without living today. We fail to enjoy this moment in time.”

    Which correlates perfectly with this….

    “God is the ultimate time machine in which we have no control. Nor can we manipulate or fool Him. He knows our purpose, and the allotted time needed. ”

    Amen! And thank you for the reminder because even though I know this, I sometimes find myself rushing time without living today – which is were God’s speaks to me.

    In the moment.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend…..X

  3. Thank you for the message Suzicate. It seems that the only time that I to reflect is pushing kids in the swing at the park. I hear the cicadas and think about similar things–and the selfishness is an unending question beginning with when.

  4. So often, I don’t know WHAT to write after reading your posts. They are so full. Full of truth, full of wisdom, full of argument, full of agreement, full of positive, full of negative full of this, that, and everything. I often can really only THINK, “WOW!” but I feel bad only writing, “Wow!” But that is what I feel. That is all that my brain can think of after reading such a post.

    Great post.

  5. So many lovely sentences here Suzicate. I found this one –“We plan tomorrow without living today.”—resonated with me. How very true it is that we so seldom just enjoy the moment we’re in without looking toward tomorrow. Thanks once again for your lovely words…

  6. I agree with all the comments above … you have so many wonderful thoughts in this piece. I started thinking about that song “Turn, Turn, Turn”
    “To everything (turn, turn, turn)
    There is a season (turn, turn, turn)
    And a time for every purpose, under heaven”

    I have been thinking about time a lot lately … it usually happens towards the end of summer when school is starting up again and i start wondering where did the past 3 months go? What did I do with all that time?
    Going out in nature slows time down a bit for me …

    • Synchronicity! I just read something last night that also referenced those verses in Ecclesiastes 3. Maybe I need to open my bible a bit and reread and go for a walk to think about it!

  7. I’m going to say it too….WOW! This post was incredible. So many of your lines could be quotes for a generation. Truly great work, Susan!

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