Looking For Love

We were looking for Love, in all the right places. Still it was no where to be found. According to a friendly stranger, Love is now a crumpled heap on the ground, barely visible unless you know where to look for it. The Love post office, that is.

Dirt Man and I took a road trip this past weekend. We decided to take the long scenic route. It has been my hope for a while to go to Love, Virginia and take a picture of the tiny little post office that was known for receiving a magnitude of mail at Valentines to have a LOVE post mark before being delivered. We traveled the Blue Ridge Parkway, exiting at milepost 16 in Nelson County. We headed into Love’s Gap and then Love Mountain.

My error was that I had mistaken the building for the post office at Vesuvius, Virginia and thought the building was still standing. Dirt Man knew where Love’s Gap was located and had a good inclination as to where the post office should be located. We didn’t see it on the roadside so we turned on a road headed up a hill. This led us to some sort of resort with a country store, cabin rentals, and a place where concerts and weddings are held. We were disappointed not to see the post office.

At first we thought maybe it had been relocated inside the country store. Lucky for us, a man was walking across the grounds to the store while we were turning around. I rolled down my window and asked if he could direct us to the post office, and he explained the demise of the building. I suppose the government couldn’t afford to keep an office open for such a small community, and a nearby town was appointed to take over Love’s mailing system. I was happy that this gentleman did tell me of someone I can contact to obtain a picture of the old post office. Even though there is no post office in this community, Love remains.

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34 thoughts on “Looking For Love

  1. hello suzicate, when we traveled across the country in the US, we would look for the post office to take a picture of the town. too bad there was none in love. i guess everybody texts their love letters or blogs:)

  2. Names of cities in our country never cease to amaze me. Your scenic-route weekend sounds like a Love-ly trip, even though you didn’t get the shot you wanted.

  3. What a faaaaaaaaabulous story, Suzi!

    I had no idea there was a place called, Love, Virginia.

    How COOL is that?

    …” the tiny little post office that was known for receiving a magnitude of mail at Valentines to have a LOVE post mark before being delivered.”

    OMG…how sweet!

    And you you’re right….”Even though there is no post office in this community, Love remains.”

    What a GREAT ending!

    Have a wonderful day, my friend!


  4. Not only do I love your post but I love the history behind it. Where do you live that you can hop on the blue ridge parkway for a drive? We live in NO VA a two hour trip to the parkway but doable it we want to make a day out of it. Going to the Shenandoah Valley this weekend for a reunion of my late husbands family. May write about it.

  5. I love these quaint towns with memorable names. Sorry about the post office. Just heard recently that the postal department has plans to close down about 3600 post offices all across the country. First bookstores, now post offices… what is the world coming to?

  6. Oh, it would be so cool to live in Love. I tried to see if there were othere states that have a Love too, but the mapping system I was trying to use has gone primarily the way of advirtising and all I could get to come up were stores.

    Sorry you were unable to get a picture of the post office. But . . . at least you tried and now you can cross it off your “something I have always wanted to do” list. Yay for you!

    • There is a Valentines, Virginia as well…about a hundred miles from here…maybe I’ll have to track that one down. They postmark with a heart on Valentines Day. And the little town is pretty much just the post office now.

  7. You mean there was a post office up here? I live up here, moved here in May 2012. I love it, its so nice and quiet and beautiful. Does anyone know what’s up with that Mailbox that’s way in the sky? I think it says Air Mail or something. I wonder if its really used.

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