Birds And Bees, A Closer Look

No, this is not a post about sex. I am actually talking about birds and bees. Hummingbirds, yellowjackets, honey bees, and bumblebees to be exact!

My MIL has hummers visit daily from dawn to dusk. I sat on the porch and quietly waited for a few shots. They are extremely fast, and noisy little things with those turbulently beating wings! I took many pics but didn’t want to inundate you with them, so I will only post a couple.

I guess the yellowjacket wanted a taste of sweetness (sugar water), too. I remember when I was little, there were a lot of yellowjackets near our back porch. My sister and I set out glasses of Mountain Dew and drowned them. It was quite an accidental discovery as a bee killer. We left our glasses and came back to find some bees floating in them, so we decided to trap them. Yes, we did manage to find ways to entertain ourselves!

There was seldom a moment a hummer got to eat alone!

The bumblebees seemed to be especially attracted to the Echinacea. The bed of flowers was never bumblebee free!

At times, there were as many as eight birds trying to feed. I counted twelve zipping to and fro across the porch from feeder to feeder. She has two feeders on one porch and one on another. Each feeder almost continuously has bird activity. They are a joy to sit and watch. I won’t say it’s relaxing because they are just too busy to induce calmness!

Speaking of busy, I wonder if honey bees ever rest.

46 thoughts on “Birds And Bees, A Closer Look

  1. I’m watching the hummingbirds right now! I have a feeder outside my window, and now that the mimosa trees aren’t blooming, they are at my feeder all the time! I love it!!!

    However, I hardly ever get more than one at a time.

    • They sure are fabulous…I wish I had them here. I wonder if they’ll come if I put up a feeder at my house. At any rate, I sure enjoy them at my MIL’s house.

  2. Thanks for not talking about sex this morning. You reach a certain age and thats all it is. Watching birds is always a good thing.

  3. LOVED your opening line, Suzi….

    “No, this is not a post about sex.”


    AMAZING photos! Such clarity and sharpness. I especially love the one of the bee and the Echinacea flower! I’m a huge Echinacea fan – it’s one of the best things to take when I get a cold.

    Aren’t humming birds incredible little birds? I love how the can hover like a helicopter.

    Thanks for sharing about the birds and the bees, Suzi. Enjoyed! Have a great Monday!


  4. We have masses of hummingbirds almost year round. They are so gorgeous and I think of them as the muses behind the development of the Harrier Jet Plane. Wonderful creatures. Bees are lovely too. So very busy all the time. We get the occasional bumble bee and I find them a marvel too. How on earth those fat creatures can fly is beyond me. Harry tried to eat one. It was not his best idea ever.

  5. LOVE IT!

    I love our hummingbirds. They supply hours of endless entertainment. In the evening call that time “hummingbird wars” because they fly around and fight. I used to wonder if they actually made contact until I heard a smack once. I love our hummingbirds. They are so funny.

    I just came across a video I shot this spring. Baby birds were learning what was going on. I might post it.

    Thank you for sharing!

  6. Good shots! We rarely see honeybees around our yard. A few years ago there was a swarm in our backyard, and a beekeeper came and collected them. We had a lot back home, I was always stepping on them with my bare feet. (unintentionally)

  7. Wonderful photos. I’ve never been able to capture a still hummingbird, so I’m impressed!

    The last one with all the bees was a little creepy. My arms are itching now 😦

  8. Isn’t capturing hummers addictive? I have so many shots I can’t count them. Of course, most of them are fuzzy. These are great shots. Mine are very territorial so there isn’t much sharing of the feeders in my yard.

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