Assurance In The Now

Though we seldom acknowledge their importance, the creaks of daily living are the sustenance of our existence. When we speak out we wait for a reply to know we’ve been heard. It is the hand we reach for in the night that reassures us that we are safe and loved.

Assurances do not rest in things to be, but in what is here right now whether or not we are in need.

No matter how confident we are, most of us still welcome the touches that validate us. We like to feel connected and to know others care about us. Support might appear in subtle forms such as winks, nudges, or hugs. Of course there are always electronic touches as well such as phone calls, emails, texts, Facebook messages, and even blog comments.

The links of common interest feed us, but it is truly the union of hearts that make us feel alive. It is in loving and knowing we are loved in return. Assurance is the calm confidence in knowing who you can trust and relying on them to pick you up when you fall.

Most of us expect the sun to rise tomorrow though there is no guarantee. We makes plans that sometimes fall apart and promises we sometimes break. And through it all we depend on love to carry us through. Is the assurance of this moment right now enough to hold you?

56 thoughts on “Assurance In The Now

  1. Well in this day and time with hate at the forfront, and battles still beign fought about basic human rights. I go back to prayer as often as i can to sustain me thru all the many folds of life. And thru it all i still think love will rule the way….

    • nature, earth meets sky – softness of the clouds, warmth of sand, and the appearance of the weed reaching up to the sky with the clouds scooping down…elements, and knowing standing there I can both hear and see the ocean.

  2. Stunning post, Suzi!

    “The links of common interest feed us, but it is truly the union of hearts that make us feel alive. It is in loving and knowing we are loved in return.”

    That remined me of the Nat King Cole song, Nature Boy. The final words are….

    “The greatest thing
    You’ll ever learn
    Is just to love
    And be loved
    In return”

    Have a wonderful day, my friend!


  3. Our common intrests not only feed us, but bind us together as well. We have a sense of belonging when we know that we are recognized and acknowledged by those we connect with. Excellent post. Makes me wax philosophic.

  4. Yes. It is enough to sustain me and propell me forward. Knowing you are loved has to be the best feeling in the world. And it’s that unconditional love that allows us to take risks, forge new paths and become who we are.

    Awesome post, Suzi.


  5. It is the soft touch from someone you love, the smile from anyone, the kind word, the beauty around us. All of those are my sustenance, without which I think I would shrivel up.

  6. I liked this post very much. It reminds me, too, that we have the choice about what we are doing in the moment, and if it is not assuring, we can take steps to change the next moment and the one after that…to be assured. Speaking of which, my assurance has already gone to bed. I better call it a night too!

  7. Why do we make life so hard? You’re right…love is such a wonderful thing. It should be easy. We should act upon often, as you’ve suggested, by a simple touch.

  8. An interesting post as always. This particularly resonated: “Assurances do not rest in things to be, but in what is here right now whether or not we are in need.”

  9. It’s easy to believe the promises of God when you have a Jesus in skin. My hubby is my Jesus in skin. As you say, we need that here-and-now touch. God provides it for us, because He understands what we need. Blessings to you, Suzie…

  10. “No matter how confident we are, most of us still welcome the touches that validate us.”

    Thank you for this reminder. I sometimes don’t give assurances to people I consider confident because I think they don’t need them. You are right. So now I realize they might not actually NEED them, but they are always nice to have.

    Thank you for another thought provoking (and wonderful) post!

  11. Are you familiar with the hymn “Blessed Assurance” ? In theology there are two types of assurance. The first you described above as being confident in knowing that we can trust and depend on God. I agree. The second is the assurance that we are saved. I have always had a problem with people running around with joy that they’ve been saved. I don’t think being saved is an event. It is a process and being saved is how we live in growing in the faith. I would keep it that simple rather than go into predestination or being saved by grace alone, by grace not without good works, or good works in themselves. I think I can be assured if I keep covenant but that covenant is through my lifetime.

    • I sure am familiar with it. I am one of the thought that the way we live our lives exemplifies our beliefs…I don’t feel the need to tell everyone I see. However, I realize that many are told they must tell others they are saved in order to save them and feel it is a bound duty. I’m ok with them doing that but I’m not ok with them telling me I’m wrong for not doing it.

  12. What beautiful and well said thoughts … thanks.
    I am going through some tough and scary things right now and I know that if I had a few more assurances in my life the scary parts would not be so scary … a solo life in the woods does not provide many assurances. A squirrel chattering at me and a loon singing are not doing the job 😉 … I am still looking for a “union of the heart”.
    I loved your words, you are so right … Assurances are extremely important in helping us through life … especially the tough times.

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