I Don’t Like Spiders And Snakes!

While in the mountains on vacation, there were only a few times that we had cell phone connection. On our way to a hiking locale one day was one of those such times. Dirt Man and I both received this pic message from our oldest son telling us that we have a new pet. It seems that this garter snake has taken up residence in my front flower garden between two hostas.

About a month ago, my neighbor found a garter snake (same size) in her back yard and wanted Dirt Man to kill it. He refused because it is a “good snake”. Previously, I’d been of the thought that the only good snake is a dead one. He offered to transport it to our yard, however I threatened him bodily harm if he did so. He therefore placed moth balls throughout her yard. We didn’t know if it would really chase her snake away or not. I’d hoped if it did that it would move to the neighbor on her other side. It looks like he chose us.

We haven’t named this snake, but it seems like a nice little guy. It comes out for a period of time each day and stretches itself across the flowerbed. Sometimes it just pokes it’s head out and waits for flies or whatever else it’s feeding on. It is not aggressive and doesn’t roam. It has become a daily habit for each of us to check on our snake friend. I can not believe I am tolerating a snake living at my front door. Yes, the flowerbed where it has made it’s home is at my front steps! Dirt Man offered to remove it and relocate it to the rear of the house, but I said no as I kind of enjoy keeping tabs on it…ok, I like to know I’m not going to step on it!

While we were getting ready to leave the campground, Dirt Man cleaned out the outdoor shower and spotted this huge wolf spider. Good thing we were leaving because I was not too fond of sharing the shower with it. However, he was considered a “good guy” as well.

I was told wolf spiders eat mosquitoes and other pesky insects. They do not spin webs to catch their prey as they are always on the prowl. They live under rocks and in dirt and leaf debris. Upon researching them I found that they are poisonous but not lethal and only bite when provoked.

I’m not quite sure what has happened to me. I’ve never cared for spiders or snakes. I’ve not actually taken a liking to them either. I do find them interesting and am sharing space with them. I guess that’s a start, huh?

****I actually wrote this post a few weeks ago. I’m sorta’ sad to report that we haven’t seen our snake all week. Dirt Man tried to help him out by throwing an earthworm to him…guess he wants to get his own food! Or maybe he felt he was assaulted or maybe he just didn’t have the taste for earthworms! Anyway, our neighbor two doors (opposite side of us from our neighbor we acquired snake from) reported finding him in their yard. They didn’t kill him, but helped him move on to another neighbor’s yard.  However, we have now spotted a baby garter snake in the back yard.

52 thoughts on “I Don’t Like Spiders And Snakes!

  1. Garter snakes don’t bother me, but if I saw a wolf spider that big I would totally freak out. I’ve been chased by them. They always make me think of the scene from Arachnophobia where they’re putting fire to all of them. That’s exactly what I want to do!

    • This wof spider didn’t budge when we took the pic, and my hubby said they were harmless…ha, then I read they will chase you! Now that would freak me out!

  2. Nope. Even if I knew they were “good”, I would not be able to stand having them near my home. We actually get the wolf spiders around our area, they are extremely aggressive though, always trying to come inside the house. Yuck!

  3. I had a dream about snakes last night. I dreamed two of them entered the house. They looked just like the one I stepped on in the hall! Lol.
    We have seen a snake go up in our holly bush. It’s the “good” kind. I feel your natural conflict pain.

    As for Wolf Spiders, I think they are cool too. Had no idea they eat Mosquitos. I really need some of those in our yard! I had a bunch at the duplex, but none here. Just little lizards…..and snakes. Haven’t seen the bats this year either. 😦 I have to put armor on not get eaten alive when I step outside.

  4. Oddly, I like snakes. We had a bright green Garter Snake in our lawn a few years ago. He was very nice and quite pretty. I don’t mind rattlesnakes either as long as they don’t attack me. They are pretty majestic actually with their warning rattles. I just give them a wide berth.

    Spiders are fine too as long as they aren’t in my house. If they come in, I capture them with a plastic clear cup and slide a postcard under it to secure them and then gently escort them back outside.

    I saw a hatching of spiders out in the yard and it was breathtaking. There were about a thousand tiny golden spiders tossing up webs and floating away. It reminded me of that scene in “Charlotte’s Web”. Really beautiful. Now see, this is not what you expected from me at all, is it?

    A rat came in the house and scared us to death. Alex chased it outside and then took it some cheese. We watched him nibble his cheese in our neighbor’s flower bed. Sweet really!

    • Rattlesnakes are beautiful. but I am seriously petrified of them. That really must have been quite a vision to watch the spider hatch. However, I draw the line on rats! You and Alex are funny!

  5. Aw….what a sweet post, Suzi!

    I actually smiled when you shared about the snake…

    “We haven’t named this snake, but it seems like a nice little guy. It comes out for a period of time each day and stretches itself across the flowerbed. Sometimes it just pokes it’s head out and waits for flies or whatever else it’s feeding on. It is not aggressive and doesn’t roam. It has become a daily habit for each of us to check on our snake friend.”

    And I’m sooooooooooo glad you were able to find him in your neighbors’ yard – yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

    Now, SPIDER’S???? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I would never harm them, but OMG…whenever I see one, I SCREAM like a sissy mary!

    Great post, my friend! Hope you’re having a FAB day!


  6. I don’t mind garter snakes, unless they take me by surprise. Like the time I was trying to water some potted plants and couldn’t figure out why the water wasn’t coming out of the watering can spout. So I turned it to look, and there was a snake staring at me! I screamed and dropped the can. Snake left. Spiders? Well, my youngest brother was a spider freak, so I learned a wee bit from him. Kat doesn’t allow killing them – when she’s around, they get captured and taken outside. When she’s not around – I’m not talking about it.

    • So you’re pleading the fifth?! I would have had a fit to see the snake in my watering can…I doubt I’d have waited around to find it was a harmless garter!

  7. Not a fan of spiders or snakes. My mom has a particular phobia of snakes. One that is so pervasive that she cannot bear to even look at them on TV or a picture of them. I’m not quite that bad, but I do try to avoid visiting places where the possibility of snakes might be lurking around some corner.

  8. I don’t like spiders in my house. I don’t like bugs in my house. When they are outside I kind of just let them be. I like snakes, but I can’t say I would like one right by my front door. But I wouldn’t let my hubby kill it so I guess, like you, I would get used to it.

    That is an incredible picture of the spider!

  9. I’m with you . . . I like to know where snakes are BEFORE I step on them. 😀

    Spiders don’t bother me much, but I don’t want to shower with that Bad Boy. Yowsa. That’s a biggie.

    • we ended up letting it back out and it stayed around for about four days. The other night about midnight we heard a squall outside and haven’t seen him since…wondering if a cat or an owl got him, but Ihope not. Took lots of pics and might blog about it later.

  10. I find snakes interesting, but my husband hates them. I save him from snakes and he saves me from spiders. Can’t resolve my knee-jerk reaction to spiders.

  11. I’m fine with both, as long as they’re not too up close and personal. I’ve had a few snakes wrapped around my neck in order to show my son how not-scary they are, but that was taking one for the team.

  12. I don’t particularly like snakes or spiders. However, the farther they are away from me, the more I like them 😉

    I may have nightmares about the spider that chases you. That’s a bit too much…I’d have to have my husband squash that guy. (You think I’d go near it??)

  13. I own two pet lizards and have handled king snakes. There seems to be a difference between the fear you’d have for a snake or spider and the fear
    you would have for wolf, bear, hostile human, or other large animal. It is an
    icky fear. That in some is even worse then a lion or tiger fear. I feel a
    stroung icky fear of some bugs but still can’t understand it. As for rats and
    snakes? anything with the normal number of limbs or a least a recognisable
    face is something I have difficulty fearing. Yes I understand the danger of
    venum or carried diseases. I understand a bear could eat me, but its the
    fangs I fear, not the fur. When faced with a huge spider I stupidly fear
    the bite less then the fact it might touch me. Why is that?

  14. I don’t mind snakes so much (if they are caged) and since hubby is petrified of spiders if there are any around that survive the cats then they usually don’t survive us. Sorry. I’m not brave enough to capture and release after hubby’s been bitten twice! The cats will catch anything that moves pretty much except each other… including spiders and snakes.

  15. Ha, cats. My anole lizard rocky was adopted after it had been mauled by one of my cats. I didden’t expect it to live. It thrived, and now I’m scared to release it. As
    I will always be wondering if the next catkill I scrape off the drive way will be him.
    I don’t mind them killing the rats, I don’t like it, but its safer then poison. The lizards
    however, are just a waste, the cats don’t even eat them. I wish they could tell the difference. Dad calls it their endstinks, pun intended.

  16. BLECH! We killed a wolf spider in Elliot’s room tonight. By “WE”, I mean ME while Jamie stood across the room with a shoe in the defense position. Those freaky assed spiders are everywhere down here and this is probably the 7th one we’ve had inside in the past few years.. just thinking about that thing crawling on my sleeping kid is giving me the heebie jeebies.

    • I hope that wolf spider was not as big as the one I posted because I would totally freak out to find it in my house. Seriously, it was so big, I would have been afraid to try and kill it or try to move it. A shoe wouldn’t have been enough protection. However, it was in an outside shower on a campground so we let it live. I’m glad Jamie is such a vital part of the tag team! So now we know who the kids call if they need help!

  17. There was a large spider – or long legged something.
    living under the bed in our guest room. I never knew
    it was there untill my water dragon chased it out, and
    fortunealy, ate it.

    Giant water bugs are pretty scary too I don’t see them very often though
    and cats usually eat them – perhaps there are advantages to living with

  18. I heard of a case in the united kingdom, where this guy comes home from afganistan with one of those giant camel spiders hideing in his suitcase. It
    runs off, and the family all but drowns their home in pesticide trying to kill it.
    When the body isen’t found. They decide to move. I guess it’s the spiders
    house now.

  19. It was either a camel spider or a wind scorpion. I can’t quite remember.
    The wind scorpion is actually a fat tailess scorpian with no pinchers.
    Features that make it greatly resemble a large spider, there is something
    that lives in the american southwest that looks just like it, but thankfully,
    is a lot smaller. People tend to use the names interchangeably between
    the scorpion and the true spider, for a bit of fun, google the coconut crab.
    now theres something that will make you wish shoes came in a size fifty.
    Though from what I’ve read their pretty harmless compared the other

  20. p.s – I wasen’t impling these scorpion things are deadly – It seems they can put
    out a lot of hurt though with those jaws – people tell me they bite, but I’ve heard the danger they pose to humans is minimal – that and they all live in africa, not that it helps much once you have seen one – nasty. Sorry for going on like this, but I want to be sure I wont be giveing anyone nightmares – Just coulden’t live with
    myself after mentioning these things in frount of a bunch of people who already fear spiders.

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