Flying Into The Light Of Night

While Dirt Man and I were camping we were visited by a luna moth one night. I realized they were special because they are not often seen as they are nocturnal and only live for about a week. It was quite a surprise the next day and several miles away in the daylight, we were visited by another one. This one fluttered about around Dirt Man’s shoulders following him for a good distance of the trail and occasionally circled him. At the time, I wondered if there was some “significance” or “symbolic meaning” to this. In the far off recesses of my brain I vaguely remembered hearing the legend of the luna moth. I searched to no avail, but I did come upon some symbolic meanings.

Apparently luna moths are a symbol of spiritual transformation. We all know the definition of spiritual transformation not only varies from culture to culture but from person to person.

Luna moths also signify rebirth and new beginnings as they represent a continuing quest for truth and knowledge, gift of intuition, psychic perception and heightened awareness. I suppose these things are associated with “seeing the light” since the luna moth is nocturnal but will gravitate toward light in the night. Of course, these symbolisms are lore passed down through the years but is interesting to wonder what started these beliefs. And then again, who really knows? One can only wonder whether sighting of such things are merely coincidence or indeed something more.

63 thoughts on “Flying Into The Light Of Night

  1. TOTALLY found this fascinating, Suzi!

    And how awesome is the Luna moths sybolism…

    “a symbol of spiritual transformation.”

    “they represent a continuing quest for truth and knowledge, gift of intuition, psychic perception and heightened awareness.”

    How wonderful!

    As I’ve shared in several of your posts, I DO believe in the symbolism of things.

    Thanks for sharing, my friend. Muchly enjoyed!


    • I am lucky enough to have several luna moths come to me at the end of their short lives. Maybe because they somehow sense that I will take photo after photo of them and they live on in the image captured by my camera. Just tonight, I had one come to me and settle in the mystical, magical small still live I created with ferns, stones, bamboo, ivy and other such nature that just called to be arranged into something wonderful to look at, meditate with and of course photo graph. The Luna Moth was the final addition to my creation and when it arrived, I knew my creation was complete. Until next time…. I have no doubt there will be a next time. Thanks for allowing me to discover the interest in Luna Moths. One more idea I had… The green color is the color of my birthstone, the opal. Coincidence? I think not.

  2. The picture is spectacular. You could always go into professional photography.

    I’d never heard the symbolism of a luna moth, but in color symbolism it fits…green often symbolizes growth of the spirit and that particular shade of green seems particularly spiritual. White often symbolizes pure love or the highest spirit or purity of the soul.

    Very nice post and pic, Suzi.

  3. I like the spiritual transformation link better than the one with Lunesta. I believe the drug was named after this moth, which figures prominently in their advertising. Do you suppose better sleep leads to spiritual transformation? There I times when I’m sure this is true, but I’ll do it without Lunesta, thank you very much.

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  5. Thank you for this. We were visited by a Luna Moth today, hanging outside our front door all afternoon. I thought it seemed significant, and perhaps it was.

  6. I just wanted to say, i found one outside of my apt door in NN, VA. it was the most beautiful creature i had ever seen in my life! so huge and i believe now it is dead but i still left it to remain on my brick wall outside of my door. what a sense of safety. a great sign from God.

  7. I lived near the woods in rural Tennessee growing up. There were always wonderful varieties of moths and butterflies around. My favorite was always the Luna Moth (didn’t know the name at the time).

    A decade ago (i was about 29) I saw one in the morning in Nashville on my way to work…it was a very strange time for me, many changes in my life were happening that year; and there it was just on the side of a building at 6am; it stopped me in my tracks…as I hadn’t seen one or thought about them since i was 13. I researched them after that (and of course those Lunesta Sleeping Pill commercials are everywhere now) and continued to be fascinated.

    At some point my research led me to this painting:

    And when I was working on this album 4 years ago, I knew It had to be the cover:

    Thanks for sharing,


    • That is a gorgeous painting which indeed did make a fantastic album cover.
      Funny in retrospect, that moth did signal some big changes that began at the end of that week.
      I plan to zip back over and check your music!

  8. Yes, I was about to turn 30, quit my “daytime” job of many years to pursue music full time, and break up with my longtime girlfriend (we were starting to realize we wanted different things in life)…

    I knew that little Moth was saying something to me…or he symbolized something.

    Are you aware of the Mothman stories from the collapsed bridge in WV in the 70s?

  9. They defiantly are symbolic ! I have been looking for two years for a green butterfly only to find out it was a moth all along. I started actively searching for it because of a tattooe I wanted. This moth appeared on the outside door of my mothers room at hospice when she first arrived. I saw it from the garden and found it very peculiar, so I took a bunch of pictures of the “butterfly”. Needless to say the moth left when my mother past which was four days later. It’s crazy because they only live for a week and when I saw it at first it was still kind of wet. I truly believe there is a spiritual aspect in this particular moth. It means so much to know that I can remember my mom through a beautiful moth!

  10. I found a beautiful Luna moth on the wall of my front porch this morning. Its beauty absolutely made my day! So glad to find others who are similarly touched by the Luna. I live in central Oklahoma.

  11. I live in New Brunswick as well. There was a Luna Moth on the window of my work all morning. It was beautiful! I have been through many life changes and uncertainties in the last 2 years and believe in symbolism with all my heart. I took pictures of it and stroked its wings. I feel it was a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings. I feel blessed by the visit.

  12. Just googled “Lina moth symbolism”” and linked into your blog…what a nice surprise! And helpful explanation, too. Just bought a t-shirt ( at a little craft fair in the mountains of New Hampshire …a whole month on the river!!! ) with lovely silkscreen of Luna moth on it.

  13. Suzicate…I bought that t-shirt this Saturday….last Saturday my husband and I and another couple helped “rescue” a woman from my very favorite place in these woods in NH…we managed to get her down from a pond…about a mile hike through a rocky, muddy, rooted path…beautiful place…and very spiritual place for me for many years. She had tried to take her life at the pond the night before, but perhaps it was such a spiritual place of life that she actually lived and came out of the woods at the moment we were there…and as willing to let us help her down…..blessings indeed…here’s hoping she will experience transformation and “rebirth” and happiness in the months ahead…

  14. Well, we see this blog as we were in search of facts about this beautiful moth, which appeared at the window of my Dad’s home, where he was on hospice, and who passed away shortly thereafter. We did not know what it was, though found it very unusual..hence the search. How wonderful to see the special symbolism of this creature. Interestingly, we also saw hummingbirds outside his window. They, too are gentle creatures symbolic of the Spirit.

  15. My Sister ,Brother-n*law & I saw our first Luna Moth today sitting on their RV tire as, we all three walked all around it looking at it’s beauty it just stayed there. We got up close took pictures saw one of the tails was missing but, just admired it’s beauty, we took pictures of it. Neither of us had ever seen one before today so, I came on line to look at photos of moths of North Florida which we live in, found the picture then looked up name found your sight.

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