Another Trip To Crabtree Falls

Crabtree Falls provides some of the most breathtaking waterfall views in Virginia. It is the highest vertical-drop cascading waterfall east of the Mississippi River. For your viewing pleasure I’ve posted several shots of the many cascades.

It was hot as heck the day we hiked it. We were beat by the time we got to the base of the top fall. This is Dirt Man, myself, my niece, and her husband. The little chihuahua hiked the entire way!

A few days later, Dirt Man, Wylie, and I hiked another trail and came up the backside of Crabtree from the top. This is a view of the creek at the top of the mountain at the base of the highest falls.

This is another set of smaller falls along the creek at the top.

This is the scenic view from the observation deck at the top of the falls. Thanks for hiking with me. Hope you didn’t get too hot, sweaty, or tired!

Our hike on Crabtree last year was a few weeks later in July and was a bit of an adventure. See here if you want to read about it.

44 thoughts on “Another Trip To Crabtree Falls

  1. As usual, Suzi, your photographs always make me feel as if I’m actually THERE!

    Beautiful falls. Yes, and I could even HEAR them!

    Love the shot of you guys with the little chihuahua. How cute!!!!

    And that view from the observation deck is stunning!

    Hope you had a great Thursday, my friend!


    • The sound of roaring water travels! Sometime soon I’ll post some pics from the hike where we came up the backside of Crabtree and show the mountains from another site…gorgeous!

  2. We LOVE waterfalls. When we lived in NC, we headed to the mountains many weekends to hike to falls.

    Also love sitting on boulders in the middle of the splashing spray!

    Aah . . . that’s better. 😀

    • In a couple of days I’ll be posting our hike to Saint Mary’s Wilderness…this is truly the loveliest waterfalls I’ve hiked, and yes, a big part of the hike was up the creek and waterfalls itself!

  3. I can see why you return to that area – it is so beautiful! It makes me wish I lived nearby so I could visit, too. This was the most laid-back hike I’ve ever been on (didn’t even crack a sweat.) Thanks for taking me along.

  4. there is something magical and healing about waterfalls, especially in the midst of wilderness like this. what a spot of beauty in your life.

    • Yes, proper shoes make a big difference. A few days after that we did another hike that was supposed to be a simple one…was rockier and longer than expected and I did it in my Keen sandals!

  5. Waterfalls are my favorite place to visit. And, it must have been the week to go see one as another blogging friend also posted waterfall travels today.

    Your trip looks simply wonderful.

    Most of the Minnesota waterfalls are in State Parks, so you can not visit them while the government is shut down, they shut the parks down, too. We all have to wait until our State government makes some political compromises … I feel for all the seasonal business owners and workers on the North Shore of Lake Superior this summer.

  6. Hey! I know those people! My baby sister, my baby, my grandpoopie, my favorite BIL and faorite SIL…. Gotta LOVE it! I’m so proud of the stinkmonster going the whole way herself! I guess that should apply to Tinky and my baby!

    • Yes, they both made it! I think it might have even been easier on Tinky. NikNik had on those toed shoes that don’t give much cushion and the trail was really rocky!

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