For The Love Of Reading

I. LOVE. BOOKS. I’ve always enjoyed reading. I am the type of person that if I like a book, I will keep it and read it again. Those worthy of this are To Kill a Mockingbird, The Glass Castle , Cold Sassy Tree, and A Separate Peace. This has produced a large collection of books. Every year I give away a vast number of books, and somehow they still seem to stack up.

The musty smell of a book stashed on a library shelf or the sound of pages being turned make my heart pound – thus said, I never thought I would give in and purchase a kindle. How can a book lover (not just a lover of words or reading, but a LOVER OF BOOKS) possibly enjoy reading without the sound, smell, or feel of a book at her fingertips? It was love at first touch! Gone are the piles of book that cluttered the house. Ok, I’m lying. I still have tons of book, but I have lessened my collection and am not adding more to it. It’s amazing carrying so many books in so little space. Even though the cost of ebooks are so much less than paper books, I spend more because I buy more. I take my kindle almost everywhere I go. I’m never bored. I no longer have to worry about the germs on the magazines in doctor’s offices. And I don’t get sick reading in the car any more!

The most recent books I’ve read are The Help and Water for Elephants. Both have been made into movies. Often I am disappointed in the movie after reading the book. However, I enjoyed Water for Elephants, and absolutely can not wait for The Help to hit the theater. The best nonfiction books I’ve read lately are A Writer’s Book of Days which gives a years worth of writing prompts and Writing and Being: Embracing Your Writing Throough Creative Journaling which is a soul searching writer’s paper back (or kindle in my case) dream.

My father is a lifelong reader. I can not remember ever seeing him in his bed without a book or newspaper in his hand. On the other hand, I don’t think I recall ever seeing my mother read a book. I mean she read, but it was always the newspaper or one of those trash mags like Enquirer or Star. I know she reads the bible and books for bible study…and she mentions novels she’s read, but I’ve never actually seen her with one in her hand. That seems really weird to me now that I think about it. At any rate, both of my parents always encouraged me to read.

When I was young reading was an adventure. It took me to places I’d never been, and allowed me for a short while the ability to be someone else. Now, I read for entertainment and education. I enjoy being lost in other worlds for short periods of time, and I also love learning new skills and information. I can spend hours in bookstores or libraries or even online looking at books and making wish lists. And now I have the ability of one click ordering directly to my kindle…talk about instant gratification (except when the book doesn’t come in kindle form)!

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65 thoughts on “For The Love Of Reading

  1. Sounds good, but I’m still dubious. I am also a huge fan of books and have had to have crates made up to help ship them about when I move. I like the idea of the kindle for its convenience, but I haven’t been converted away from paper yet. Plus, like you I imagine I’d spend even more on books which could be tricky. 😉

  2. I’ve played with a KIndle and really, really liked it. I have a little Kindle app on my iPhone but it’s just not the same. I love books too, but have not had the time or concentration to read in a while. I usually go through these phases, but this one has lasted longer than normal.

    I would love to read Water for Elephants and The Help.

    I am really glad to see someone embrace new technology even though they love the feel, smell, and look of books.

    Good for you!

    • I go through phases, too and also with the types of books I read. I get busy at times with quilting and put reading to the wayside. You’re probably so busy with photography that you don’t have much time right now to read…but you’ll get back to it.

  3. You give your books away? That’s nice of you. I can’t bear to give them away because I want to have my own library some day.

    I really need to read The Help…. This is like the 100th post I’ve read about it.

  4. I have a Nook and completely understand. I never thought I’d cave to an ebook, but John bought me one for our anniversary last year and that was it. Now, I carry it everywhere for that exact reason. I even read while in line at the grocery store. My parents were the exact opposite of yours. My mom read ALL THE TIME. If the tv was on, a book was also in her hands. She mutli-tasked. My dad, not so much. We never bought him books, he liked magazines and quick reads much more.
    The Help and Water for Elephants were amazing. I haven’t seen the Water movie yet, but I will soon and I will definitely see The Help just to get some more of that story, I loved it so much.
    You’re linked!

  5. Funny, I was just talking about Kindle with my mother on the phone.

    Even though I LOVE the actual handling of a real book (the binder, the paper, and SMELL), there is something so convenient about downloading a book onto Kindle (not that I have one yet).

    I have such limitied space in my apartment, so I will often read a book and then pass it on. Some books I keep as references, others I read and then I’m through.

    It’s been AGES since I’ve read a book, and this post reminded me that I must do so.

    Btw, Loved A Seperate Peace!

    Have a grrrrreat Thursday, Suzi….X

  6. I love my Kindle! My older daughter now has a Nook, as does her Future (next Saturday!) husband. My other 2 kids have Kindles, thanks to moi!

    I’m pretty certain I got my love of reading from my mom. She always had a book at her place at the kitchen table, with her cigarettes and coffee. My dad, on the other hand, rarely read more than the newspaper and an occasional magazine.

    I also listen to audio books when I’m in my car. I download them for free from my library and transfer them to a Blackberry that I no longer use as a phone. I use a Jupiter Jack (thank you, Billy Mays!) and they come through my speakers loud and clear! The Help is on my Blackberry, waiting it’s turn to entertain me!

  7. My mom was the reading influence in my life. Books were always available when I was growing up and she fostered a healthy relationship with the library too. And yes books do have a way of piling up. I pass on the books that I know I’m not going to read again–so someone else can enjoy them. I do have ones that I won’t get rid of no matter what though.

    • I’ve even loaned out a favorite book and purchased it again and loaned that one out and purchased it even another time because I want to have a copy…people sometimes don’t return things and I forget who I loaned them to!

  8. I have been a reader all of my life. When Alex brought me home a Kindle I was horrified. I told him I didn’t want one. I told him I wouldn’t use one. Boy! Was I wrong! I have hard copy books stacked on shelves in every room of my house. I also have the entire basement lined with books from floor to ceiling. Once I quit fighting the Kindle, I found it to be absolutely awesome. Instant gratification, the lightweight aspect of it, and the beauty of not having discarded books everywhere. I’m not tossing the books I have in hard copy, but I probably won’t buy more either. Kindle has made things so much more manageable for me since I read about 3 or 4 books a week.

  9. i wish libraries were as common and accessible here as they are at your country. i would have loved haunting one :), my reading books have dipped down since their prices shot sky high. i was once a bookaholic – read every thing (99%) atleast once.

  10. I guess its a family thing since I too LOVE to read. I also have a kindle but I usually alternate between “real” book and kindle. Some kindle books are still pretty pricey and I just love the feeling of flipping the page, the smell of the book and watching my progress through the pages.

    • I still buy real book as well since many of them are not available on kindle. So glad you girls like to read since my boys tend to take after their father and don’t do much reading unless it’s on a computer, ipod, or cell phone screen!!!!!!

    • Too bad you didn’t catch me last year when I emptied all the shelves of the entertainment center and only picked out a hand full to keep! That time and a couple of others I just took them to a thrift store. Usually I just pass them on as soon as I finish reading…for some strange reason I don’t acquire many that way…hmmmm….I need to think about that, maybe I’m too hasty in my purchases and should wait….

  11. Glad you’re loving it, Suzi!

    I love reading books, but mostly read at home . . . one book at a time. And I have lots of unread books waiting to be devoured. So, for now, I shall not buy a kindle. If I wait long enough, they’ll be “giving them away.”

  12. I adore my kindle! I still buy some real books, ones I know I’ll pass on to other people, but mostly its my kindle. I haven’t spent much though because there are so many 99 cent ones! And people send me free ones to review.

    My family were always readers and Lu is an avid reader. Mike & Sean not so much.


  13. Still don’t have a Nook or Kindle but I’ve asked for one for my birthday. I buy up to three books a week and give books away to the library’s book sale every year. I also go to the sale and buy upwards to several bags of books. I also use our library fairly often. Some times I take out twelve children’s books at a time for research. I’m sure I won’t want to buy all those children’s books.
    I’m worried I won’t read the books I have already bought if I get a Nook or Kindle.
    What is better, the Nook or Kindle?

    • I really don’t know which is better. I do know that the Nook is available in color though it cost quite a bit more. My books aren’t “in color” so I figured a kindle would be fine!

  14. I am really jealous (wink) that you all can read books and retain the information. I have brain damage and that is not possible for me. That is why I can’t go to college (I tried) or read books. I forget everything almost instantly. But nevertheless, I am glad you all love to read books (like I did) and are able to do so. Have read “The Shack” by William Young. It was one of the few books I read before the brain damage and I loved it. I read it again every year to not avail, because I remember that it was inspirational and uplifting. Big hugs to all. Marie.

    • I didn’t say I retained anything…maybe that’s why I have to keep reading the good ones over! The Shack was excellent, another one I intend to read over…but I gave it to a friend in another state so I eventually will get another copy.

  15. Ha. I read this post in e-mail and I kept looking at the name because I kept thinking I was reading your sister’s blog. You two are on the same page . . . . . ha, ha!

    You both have me wanting to read the Water for Elephant book.

    I used to love to read fiction books. Carried a book everywhere. Now I am so busy trying to write a blog and read blogs all I read are blogs. I use my iPad to try to keep up. It is impossible to do so (keep up), but I try. And would you believe I only read fix to ten blogs? Whew, that is not even a lot, but it keeps me busy.

    Glad to hear you are enjoying your Kindle.

  16. I am a reader, too. I always have a book that I am reading. Rarely buy books, I am big on the library. The library here has started an ereader service so you can check out books to your kindle or nook. Big incentive for me to save my pennies for a nook.

  17. I’m a recent convert to e-books too, but am going back to paper books for summer (outdoor) reading… and I generally give away books when I’m done.
    I tried the library e-book service, but the time limit is sometimes too short for me!
    Good spin!

    • I do like the idea of my books being on my kindle forever! I suppose there is a way to remove them, I just haven’t figured out how, not that I want to…it’s not like I have 3000 yet only about 45.

  18. My hubby has been wanting to buy me a Kindle but I’ve begged him not to. It would be convenient, yes. But I would spend way too much money on the downloads. I’d be well-read, but we wouldn’t have any retirement funds left 😉

    I do check out books from the library fairly often. I see from some of the comments that some libraries offer e-reader check outs. I won’t look into that yet, because it’s not a good thing for me to know!

  19. My mom was the reader in our family.

    I enjoy digging through old sections at a library or used book store. It is sort if like a treasure hunt–finding a read of great value that has been neglected or forgotten.

    • Yes, it is! We have bookstore in our area that only carries collector’s book, those now out of print. I checked it out once….really cool but way out of my price range!

  20. My kids gave me a Nook for Christmas and I just love it! I get books from the library – although the selection for ebooks is not as great as for paper books – as well as buying books. I’ve found a number of good reads in the “cheap book” section of B&N. Loved Water for Elephants and The Help. Now I’m reading “Abundance” – a story of Marie Antoinette -from the library. Now a paper book seems just too cumbersome. I’ve always loved reading, and when my kids were little I encouraged them to read, anything. Comic books, magazines, books – just as long as they were reading. They are both avid readers now and wonderful teachers.

  21. I love reading too! Haven’t embraced the e-readers yet, but I’m sure I will one of these days. There is just something about cracking open a new book that is so rewarding. But I’ll read just about anything if you put it in front of me…cereal boxes…coupon disclaimers…:-)

  22. Just borrowed and listened to The Glass Castle on CD recently. The Help was my book club’s selection last summer. Thoroughly enjoyed both books.

    I’m now curious about A Separate Peace. Maybe I’ll read it some day.

    Like most of your readers, I was hesitant and/or reluctant at times about the e-reader, but after receiving the Nook as a gift, I was hooked.

    I still love the physical books and book stores, and will probably buy hard copies of those that I’d like to see on my shelf. The disavantage of the e-reader is not being able to go to your shelf, select a book, and flip through the pages in search of something in particular.

    Yes, I can do a “find” on the Nook, but it’s not the same.

    Anyway, I can go on and on, but will stop here. 🙂

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