Are you aware of the conflicts within yourself?

Have you ventured to that dark place your shadows loom?

When we enter the forest alone we see shadows that frighten us.

The root of fear is the shadows belong to us.

Acknowledge, accept, invite the light.

Have you looked deep enough to find yourself?

Delve deep enough to find the silence.

You will stumble upon that sacred place.

That place where you reside.

The very heart of your soul.

For in this silence, feeling emerges. Words take shape…

Cleanse becomes purify, and practice becomes sacrament.

Acceptance and healing await in the silence. Find your peace.

46 thoughts on “Within

  1. Very nice… actually, I’ve been there within the last 12 hours. I know where the peace comes from, but sometimes it’s hard to push self aside. Thanks for your encouraging words today. It’s like you wrote it just for me.

  2. Eloquently and perfectly expressed post, Suzi!

    And I LOVE this….

    “The root of fear is the shadows belong to us.

    Acknowledge, accept, invite the light.”

    I spent years trying to avoid my shadows. However, it wasn’t until I accepted and embraced my shadows and darkness, did I discover my light!

    Yes, it’s entirely doable, I agree.

    Have a great day, my friend!


  3. Ahhh, for me the key is I am not alone. I think life in general can be frightening, so I choose not to do it alone.

    I find this to be very deep and very powerful. As I was reading it for a third time I thought that I has used that word before “powerful” to describe something you’ve written. I thought, I don’t want to just say that again, but . . . I sat here a moment and thought, “Well, she DOES write powerful stuff.” Powerful and moving.

    • I don’t know anyone who “wants” to spend life totally alone…in order to fully share ourselves with another we must know and accept ourselves. It’s a part of ourselves that many are frightened to acknowledge.

  4. The introspection is the very important first part. Your powerful words target that. I hope your next message is how you forge forward after finding your truth. Truth undiscovered is truth wasted. Truth discovered and unacted upon is life wasted.

    • I have no idea what my next message will be…it hasn’t hit me yet! However, many of my posts are my rambling as I forge on…yes, I know I tend to ramble…

    • Glad it was helpful to you. I thought I was having one yesterday and again today…just realized I am off because I have a fever in addition to headache etc…

  5. I believe many people are afraid of silence. They have to surround themselves with endless activity and noise so they don’t have to reflect, accept or acknowledge the darker things they might discover about themselves. But until a person can accept who they are deep down, there isn’t any lasting peace.

  6. Thought-provoking post. I don’t like darkness and shadows; I want to carry a flashlight. But it’s true that we must acknowledge them as part of self-acceptance and inner peace…

  7. we must make friends with our flaws and our shadows. We must learn to forgive our grievances, shadows and flaws. Then we can accept them and they can then make us more, more creative, better people, more fulfilled etc.

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