All In It’s Own Time

Nature herself does not distinguish between what seed it receives. It grows whatever seed is planted; this is the way life works. Be mindful of the seeds you plant today, as they will become the crop you harvest.
Mary Morrissey

To others we might seem to be the most ordinary of life’s circumstances. Proper value is often not placed on virtues until one runs into those who don’t possess them. The spreading of common goodness just might make the most profound and lasting impact on the world. Because we have such great expectations, we might be totally unaware of the lovely fragrance of our own gardens. Sometimes, we must learn gratitude for our eyes and ears to become vigilant to the beauty of life.

We plant seeds our whole lives long. We might add a little water, fertilizer, and sunshine. Otherwise, we must wait for them to germinate and flower in their own time. We can’t force the season of the soul. It might even appear as if the seeds have been buried and will never come to fruition.

As long as we do what’s right we can trust in the unfurling of our flowers. If we are fortunate, we will witness the fruits of our spirit planting their own seeds. It is every parent’s reward (whether we are talking children or ideas) to watch those seeds blowing and catching root in the winds of time.

Anyone can cut an apple open and count the number of seeds. But, who can look at a single seed and count the trees and apples?
Dottie Walters

32 thoughts on “All In It’s Own Time

  1. Great post…on the subject of apples (and because I love tangents): I just learned last year, when watching a documentary based upon Michael Pollan’s The Botany of Desire, that not only are most apples grown via grafting trees(upside=more sale-able plants, downside=less variety) rather than planting seeds, but that this is primarily because apple trees don’t bear true from the seed! It’s a sort of wonderful mystery as to which variety one will end up with! Who knew? (Well, I’m sure more scholarly sorts did–but not me!)

    • When I was a child my father managed a few apple orchards, so I knew that but hadn’t really thought about it (probably because I’m not the scholarly type either!)…interesting huh?

  2. Very nice quote at the end of your post. Great post, too. We reap what we sow. We can count on it. Your photos illustrate your post beautifully. Thank you for brightening my day. Blessings to you, Suzi…

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