Signs Say What I Wish I Could!

There are times I’d like to wear a sign like this. I’d like to warn people to get out of my head. I like to think from my own point of view without the influence of others weighing my decisions.

There are times I don’t wish to see or speak to anyone. I don’t want to answer my door or pick up the phone. I just want to shut out the world and be alone.

Do you ever feel the need for solitude and silence?

I not only want it but need it.

Both my sanity and creativity depend on it.

Sometimes the space needed is external and other times it’s internal.

All it usually takes is a few minutes to reflect and renew.

Some times I could even use a sign like this one to warn of an empending blow up if I’m not left alone.

I’m used to my creativity taking hits and having to shut down current endeavors.

However if I don’t get my emotional alone time, everyone suffers.

Every once in a while I’ll take some spa time just for me. No, I don’t even want to share that time with another female friend. I want it for only me.

When I need a break, I curl up with a good book or steal a few hours for a chick flick. Come on, a few tears is always good for the soul!

As much as I cherish family time or outings with Dirt Man, there are times that I enjoy going out to eat or a movie by myself. Years ago I couldn’t stand to go in public alone. Now, I look forward to it.

How do you satisfy your need for solitude or silence?

58 thoughts on “Signs Say What I Wish I Could!

  1. Sometimes I’d like to hook these two signs together with straps and have one on my back a one on my chest to tell the world. But that would invite more questioners invading my space. So I develop ways to be invisible.

  2. I am the same way. I will go absolutely nuts without some alone time. I get up early in the morning to get some of that. If I’m on vacation and with someone too much, I have to get extra amounts of alone time upon the return.

  3. Solitude and Silence is abundant here in the woods … maybe too much of it. I find the longer I am here alone (especially during the summer when I am not teaching every day), the less comfortable and tolerant I am in crowds or large gatherings.

  4. I’m a 24-hour-a-day caregiver. Yes, we need solitude. Everyone needs solitude. Sometimes I stay up late to have some time that’s uninterrupted. I am blessed with a great husband. He’s a delight to be with 24 hours. Still, I need MY time just like you do. Blessings to you, Suzi…

  5. I’m getting plenty of solitude right now with everyone working and busy with the summer. But I’m thinking Baby Dylan (when he makes his arrival) may put an end to it. Hmmm. I may have to get downright selfish about my time!

    For mini solitude breaks, I take an extra long shower!


  6. Nice post, Suzi. I don’t have trouble with alone time, since my hubby works during the day…except for the dogs. I have three adorable Shih Tzus, but they are much like babies. If I make a move, they are there, wanting something–attention, food, playtime, go out, etc. So I do need some away time from the dogs. Mostly though, it works out, since they sleep all morning usually.

    • Now that brings back memories! Once my kids were old enough to read the hubby posted a sign on the bathroom door that said not to disturb mom, including no finger under the crack of the door, no whining, no knocking etc….

  7. When I get pulled in to many direction at once, I start fraying at the edges.

    The worst is getting off a long (generally pointless) phone conversation, expecting to have 5-10 minutes of down time . . . and the phone rings. Again. And you know you need to pick up. But you don’t want to.

    Just give me 5 minutes of silence! PLEASE!

    Great post.

  8. Alone time is absolutely essential to me. Not everyone needs it; some are nervous alone, uncomfortable without a companion around to talk to…I am not one of those people. If I don’t get enough alone time I am positively miserable to be around. I do yoga early in the morning and that time is sacred for me. I take long evening walks, too. But the biggest key to my alone time is being up-front and verbal about my need for it. I openly tell people, “I need some time to myself. I think I’ll pass on X event.”

  9. I sometimes wish I could wear signs, too. Really. -.-

    I like this post, though I do hope you’re alright. Love you to pieces!

    PS Someone stuck a sticker to our stop sign down the road. It now says, “Stop…Listening to Bad Music.”

  10. u get energy from being alone and the way u do it is an expression of the beauty in u. thank u for sharing this. i get energy from being w people. both of us like being w people and both of us like being alone. but we get our energy differently. i think that is so cool :). now, for your question, i wear earplugs.

  11. I love the quiet room at spas. I love an empty house…with every chore done. I love a chair at the beach, with the sound of crashing waves masking all other sounds. Ahhhhh. Just thinking of these places has brought mental peace.

  12. I need solitude as well as alone time. Sometimes they are interchangeable. I get up early in the morning four or five to have my alone time. That’s when I’m most creative. And I love writing then.

  13. I’m afraid my need for solitude is high. I have a low tolerance for company, even my own family. Makes things difficult and awkward. What a backward human being I am. So how do I indulge it? Book reading, writing, movies, poetry, blog reading, eating out, walking, daydreaming, and I’m sure there are others.

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