Sit On It!

Sit on it! If you’re as old as I am, I’m sure you remember Fonzie telling Richie that all the time. I don’t imagine he meant for Richie to just think about it though.I tend to sit on things a very long time before I act on them. I’m not sure why I do it. It’s certainly not because I am thorough. Maybe it’s simply procrastination. Or perhaps the uncertainty of the situation stalls me.  Maybe I need time to absorb. Probably I’m just lazy.

Sometimes an image, a word, or a phrase passes through my mind. It rumbles and tumbles and disappears. Then it comes back and rolls around a bit more. It might take a few days, weeks, or even months for the seed to germinate. There are times I still might not have any idea where I am going with it until I start writing and it takes on a life of it’s own. I can even think I have a vague idea of where I am going only to find I’ve gone somewhere entirely different by the time my piece nears completion.

When it comes to creativity, do you do things on the spur of the moment or do you think them through? Are you a calculated planner? Do you force things along? Or do you let ideas flow and develop on their own?

44 thoughts on “Sit On It!

  1. A bit of a mix for me, I start with a concrete idea, but it sort of develops itself into the end result. I never know for sure what I’m going to get.

  2. This post is a jewel, and I so appreciate that you allowed it to shine in solitary beauty, short and unadorned by fluff.

    Your process perfectly aligns with mine — a melange of spontaneous blurts and long-simmered stewings.

    • I’m so glad you got this post…I almost didn’t publish it! Most people I know are planners so I feel somewhat inferior that I don’t work that way. “I yam what I yam”, so I’d better get used to it!

  3. I tend to go by the seat of my pants. It’s usually spontaneous. I may have ideas floating around but not really know what I’m going to say until I type it. Sometimes I have something really great and by the time I get to the point I would insert it I forget what it was! Rarely do I keep things for a long time and go back and rewrite them. I have done it a couple of times with maybe a poem but usually I just go with whatever flows. Like I talk, unfortunately… what comes into my head goes out my mouth (or fingertips) and that isn’t always a good thing! Great post!

  4. I wish I could say I calculate and plan, but I don’t think I’d be honest. Much of what is in me and comes out has been there a long, long time. Like you, when I begin to write, the small plan that I have often takes an unexpected turn. I don’t know the answers on this, but I don’t think waiting is always a sign of procrastination or laziness. I think you have it right that ideas rumble and tumble until they develop and finally spill out. I like what i read that spills out of your rumble-tumble thoughts. Blessings to you, Suzi…

  5. I tend to blend. When the muse sits on my shoulder, I try to capture everything she has to share; then my editor-side appears to bring sense to it all. Sometimes, I get mired in the latter, but I think it’s important to let things cook a while, don’t you?

    • I have been letting the critic take over a lot…I’ve finally learned to separate the critic from the editor so it’s better. I also gave the critic a name so I can shoo him a way!

  6. I am EXACTLY like you, Suzi!

    “I start writing and it takes on a life of it’s own. I can even think I have a vague idea of where I am going only to find I’ve gone somewhere entirely different by the time my piece nears completion.”

    ME TOO!

    I sometimes get inspired spontaniously and it just flows. Then other times, I’ll start writing a piece and then come back to it a day later and finish it.

    Also, I will sometimes see an image of something and then suddenly get inspired to write about a particular topic.

    Basically, I just fly by the seat of my pants.

    Great post! Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!


    • It comes in different forms. I think my problem is that sometimes I am at a place that I can’t stop and welcome the muse, so I only catch part and it takes a while for it to return.

  7. When it comes to photography or artsy things I do on the computer with photoshop or web page design, I just dig in and let the ideas flow. When it comes to things like writing and sewing and stain glass … I put a lot of thought in first. Writing because others will read it and it is not my strongest skill. Sewing, painting and stain glass (and stuff like that) because it is not as forgiving as photography or electronic work. My thought process is pretty free, though … I love creative planning

    • You do stain glass? That is the one medium I am itching to try my hands at! I love creative planning, like for quilts but never with writing. I abhor writing outlines and sticking to deadlines!

      • Yes, stain glass … when I have free time. I have not had time to create anything for a while … but, all the materials are waiting for m. As for writing … unless it is for a class, technical or school I don’t outline. However, for my blog I write, rewrite, rearrange .. put it away and think about it .. then go back again. Sometimes deadlines have actually made what I do turn out better I think .. the deadline made me focus on it without distraction or procrastination.

  8. I tend to go with the flow without much in the way of planning. I just start and the way appears.

    I had quite a bit of FUN with my last post. It didn’t end as it started . . . but what does? A paradigm shift occured in the parable when I added the phrase “parading with parasols” and chose not to paraphrase it.

  9. Honestly, inspiration strikes out of the blue and lots of times I’ll sit and write immediately. But for longer works, things have to simmer some in my subconscious. They usually come out when I let my brain slow down- when I’m showering or oddly enough, playing a game like bejeweled. Crazy, huh?


  10. Well, I’m not nearly as old as you…:) ROFL ouch! I think I hurt myself. I might start with an idea, but there’s usually a fork in the road, and my mind always takes it and I never know where it’s going to end up.

  11. Beginnings often come to me very spur of the moment and I have to jot them down, but many times I sit on a story, thinking and plotting in my mind until I feel ready to write.

  12. “When it comes to creativity, do you do things on the spur of the moment or do you think them through? Are you a calculated planner? Do you force things along? Or do you let ideas flow and develop on their own?”

    Yes, exactly. 🙂

      • Well, sometimes I do things spur of the moment. Sometimes I think them through. Sometimes I plan so much I don’t even end up doing it. Or I plan and then I do but I still have to force it or the ideas flow and it changes EVEN though I planned it. So, for me, yeah, all of those things and more.

        It is just crazy how it is not always the same.

  13. I was just telling my husband of my areas where I lack. 1) I procrastinate. 2) I’m interested and curious about too many things. 3) I try to experience those things, therefore, never being very good at much, or completing much.
    It’s a constant cycle. But that’s okay. I’m eating and have a roof over my head, and have the love of family and friends.

    I don’t think I answered your question. That’s another issue. 🙂
    I guess I’m kinda going with the flow; but I’m subject to break loose at any time. Eventually it’s going to happen.

  14. Some of my creativity comes in a moment. But the best of my creativity is a thought process. On other notes? Yay Fonzi!

  15. I’m more of a mind mapper…think tag cloud! I start to write and my mind will go in a hundred directions. I end up jotting down thoughts in side notes while I write and then go back and try and tie it all together. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes I set out to capture a specific photo and sometimes I just shoot the things I like and a blog idea will pop into my head when I’m reviewing them. So……I seldom have a plan. 🙂

  16. I usually dont wait for too long, its a bad habit, sometimes i rush into things but mostlyy my impulsive behaviour works.

    as for creations well i first start and then think (most of the times).

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