The Waiting Game

Sprite’s Keeper – “Waiting”

I spent my life waiting. It seemed like forever.

I was a late bloomer. Life was difficult being a bud among blossoms.

I only wanted to be one of “them”. I thought my time would never come.

Little did I know I needed to accept myself for others to accept me in return.

I was not writing my own story.

I yearned for acceptance. I just wanted to fit in.

If I couldn’t be one of them, why couldn’t I be a rare orchid?

Somehow, I managed to blend in. I became who “they” wanted me to be.

I was playing the character I thought written for me.

I was standing outside of my life waiting for an invitation to participate in it.

I ran away from myself time after time.

I was afraid of finding there might be something wonderful in being different.

Or maybe I feared more that I really wasn’t so unique after all.

Life took me down many paths of waiting, wandering, and wondering

…until I met myself head on.

I am right where I belong. I am living my story as I write it.

77 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. Yay! I so glad you wandered down the right path that allowed you to meet yourself head on.

    It is a wonderful feeling to know that you are right where you belong.

    Orchids fascinate me.

  2. Beautifully said.
    As always.

    It’s all so simple. Funny it takes us (sometimes) so long to ‘get’ it! (love the accompanying photos too!)

  3. Its tough sometimes when you are considered the “black sheep” of the family. When my dad died and I was taking care of those things that needed to be done one of my aunts said to my wife ” he is doing a great job but we could never tell him that”. In the end you are who you are.

    • Duke, wow. They “could never tell you that”? Yikes. I hope that says more about the family you grew up in that it does about you. I’ll bet that snapped the picture in clear focus that day. Families! God luv ’em, because sometimes it’s hard for us to do.

      • As my sister says “You pick your friends but family you are stuck with”. I have not recieved one phone call from my family to see if I’m ok after my spinal fusion surgery in March.

      • Wow! Is your family uncomfortable with intimacy? Sometimes we find friends who are more important than family as they love, support, and accept us in ways our families can’t or won’t.

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  5. A bud among blossoms. How many of us feel this way? We look at other’s lives that seem to open before them so easily. We cannot see the ants on the peonies, chewing away, toiling to get eat petal to let go and open to the sun.

    I’m so grateful you met yourself and are inspiring others to do the same.


    • I think we all go through much the same process though we don’t realize it at the time…a shame considering how much support we can lend to one another. I guess that’s one of those things we learn with maturity.

  6. Wonderful framing of a life of discovery and acceptance. Good words to live by. Bloom where you’re planted, right?

  7. Amen to that! You’re so completely right. Sprite is already showing how forceful her personality is, not wanting to blend into the crowd, she wants to lead it in a different direction. I hope her confidence keeps her doing that.
    You’re linked!

  8. This seems to be “Write About Differences” week. I posted on it, Matilda on Women’s Memoirs did, somebody else I’ve forgotten, and now this lovely post. Each post different. Each important. Beautiful. Do you suppose we’re getting the message now?

  9. Love this. I met myself head-on a few months ago like a slap in the face. Every day since has been a wrestling match with who I am and who I thought I was. It’s a difficult process, but necessary for growth. And you are right, we are right where we need to be in each moment.

  10. I feel like that some days, like I’m waiting to become. But I love this post, not just for the writing and the photos but the reminder that our whole lives can be an unfolding of self discovery.

  11. Suzi, Suzi, Suzi…..this post ROCKS!!!!!

    OMG, reading this post, I feel like you were talking about me because I couild relate to every. single. word!

    And what a faaaaaaaaabulous way to sum it up….

    “Life took me down many paths of waiting, wandering, and wondering

    …until I met myself head on.

    I am right where I belong. I am living my story as I write it.”

    You GO, girl!

    And thank you for this reminder.

    Have a great weekend!


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  13. I think kids always want to be part of the “pack”. Anything that sets us apart is not comfortable even though our teens. If we are too smart, we hide it, if we are too tall, we slump. It takes a while to accept ourselves as individual and even embrace our unique self. This was lovely and so were the photos!

    • I think we all want to belong…sad thing is we’re all hiding the same things, so we’re already much more alike than we ever thought! However, it usually takes growing up to find this out.

  14. wandered here from Melissa’s Meanderings because, for some weird reason, this post hasn’t shown up for me yet even though I subscribe. anyway, that doesn’t matter what matters is the beauty of the words and images you’ve shared here. So many of us took so long to find out who we truly are and then, longer still, to stand in that. It touches my heart to see other women becoming and blooming.
    walk in beauty.

    • I don’t know why you didn’t get it unless maybe it’s not delivered immediately…some of my subscriptions come later than they are posted. At any rate, thank you for stopping by to read and comment. We must stand together and hlep one another!

      • standing together is great. It’s what I am enjoying most about the blogging world – the amazing women who reach out to one another.
        walk in beauty.

    • Had my Black-eyed Susans bloomed, I would have posted one! I love the smell of peonys! These are at my MILs. They were transplanted fom her childhood home to her first house and now to her retirement home.

  15. What a great spin! And your pictures are beautiful! I think we’d all be better off if we accepted our differences as the beautiful things they are.

  16. Lovely photos, Suzi! Wonder why it takes some of us so long to accept who we are, without trying to squeeze into the mold others would place us in? Glad you’re past all that. The world needs one SuziCate, not a bunch of clones!

  17. Wonderful post. I remember when I met myself…and it was when I was in my mid-30s. I wonder if many years from now I’ll discover she was just another imposter?

  18. Self acceptance takes a really long time. I think its a hard won prize that some people never get. Beautiful post Suzicate!

    From one Fruit Loop to another,

  19. Wow, this was great. I can relate to a lot of it because I’ve looked back several times on my life and have had to ask, “what am I doing?” or “Why am I doing this?” The self-awareness that comes with age is such a beautiful thing.

  20. Love the photos and the post, as always, Suzicate. Your blog is such a great place to relax, to sit back and enjoy each sentence, to delight in the lovely photos.

  21. Love how you put this together. It is obvious to me that you have become a rare orchid. ;0)
    I am a late bloomer, too and as you know I have been waiting for flowers and so many other things in life. Waiting for things out of my control are the toughest. Hopefully the waiting will eventually grow great, beautiful blossums.

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