Getting To The Nature Of Things, Again And Again

When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world. – John Muir

Yay, Jen of Sprite’s Keeper has brought the Spin Cycle back to life! Our first installment is “Reunions”. Now I could be somewhat typical and tell you about all of the reunions of family and friends I‘ve experienced lately, or my hubby’s 30th high school reunion, or even the 30th reunion that my class has decided doesn’t need to occur. Or I could tell you about all the fabulous connections I’ve made through Facebook. I could talk about the feelings that surface during these meetings, impressions we try to make on others, and all of the changes we go through in life. Remember this is the Spin Cycle, so I plan to put my own twist on the theme.

small cycle

I’ve lived in this city for twenty-nine years. I had only been to First Landing State Park once or twice. It had probably been a good fifteen years ago. Last August Dirt Man and I decided to go there to hike some trails. Then we went back to ride bikes. We’ve been at least four times in the past eight months. Sometimes we take different trails, and sometimes we see the same views of nature but through the eyes of different seasons.

Each time I return now I have that same excitement and sense of familiarity. I look forward to going to a few of the same spots and experiencing it in all it’s current splendor. In the dead of winter, the swamp can seem dreary…bring in the sun and it comes to life. It smells heavy and earthy of decaying leaves in the fall and winter. In the spring the flora of budding trees intoxicates you while the late summer brings out the woodsy scent of pine.

In the heat of an August sun, my hair stands on it’s own in the humidity, and I’m laden with sweat. In the fall, my hair starts to calm, and my skin enjoys the tingle of a slight breeze. In the dead of winter, a cap keeps my head protected from the wind as it bites at my face. In the spring, the sun warms my neck, and I welcome the occasional gust of air.

This photograph was taken in winter with the swamp frozen over. The suns reflects on the ice, and shadows fall in and out.

This was taken in the same spot in the spring. All life within view reflects upon the water. No matter the season, the Spanish moss thrives…whipping through the air, hanging and clinging to life.

This is taken at a scenic area along the creek. It was taken in the fall, but all was still very much alive.

I think this one was taken in the same spot, but closer to the shore line without zooming the lens. Though it was taken in the winter and much of the ground cover appears lifeless, green stands out among some of the bushes and trees.

The familiar of every reunion is the calm I feel inside. The wonderment of animal and plant life in the creek, swamp, and woods always keeps me searching for more. I am touched by all that seems different yet the same. The sun and wind are constants though in varying degrees.  The air seems different, not just the smell but the depth of it. While the heat of the summer sun is almost stifling to breathe, the crispness of the fall air is invigorating.  The woodpeckers strum year round, and the swamp remains that dingy brown color from the tannins of the cypress trees. The trails are my thinking grounds. Ideas generate and rumble around in my head. Sometimes they come in the form of words that  make it to paper; other times the notions are stored away for possible future use. What I always get that is consistent is the peace in the now, and the awareness of myself as being an integral part of a much bigger picture and plan. I don’t even feel the need to understand. I am satisfied just being a piece of it.

In nature we never see anything isolated, but everything in connection with something else which is before it, beside it, under it and over it. ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

48 thoughts on “Getting To The Nature Of Things, Again And Again

  1. My life has been lived out in many diverse chapters. I miss the chapters that included long walks in nature. I come to your blog and relive such times in your photos and writings. The way you describe nature makes the memories come to life. In my imagination I can smell, hear, see, and touch the trees, flowers, and streams, as I did in times past. Thank you for sharing. Blessings to you, Suzi…

    • Thank you, Linda….my hubby thinks my photography sucks!!!! His is better and he tries to teach me, but I’m not a good student. I think he should just buy me a nicer camera!

  2. I love the direction you took this in! I tend to feel the same way whenever I step back into a location, whether nature or even my old room and feel the sense of calm come over me with the familiarity. Great pictures too. Dirt Man is wrong about your skills. 🙂
    You’re linked!

  3. “What I always get that is consistent is the peace in the now, and the awareness of myself as being an integral part of a much bigger picture and plan. I don’t even feel the need to understand. I am satisfied just being a piece of it.”

    This exactly! You perfectly expressed my own feelings

  4. Tell Dirt Man that I like your photos! You have a good eye . . . even if you don’t use the best F-Stop when you’re running from a cottonmouth. 😀

    • Ha, I threw the camera to him when I saw that cottonmouth…there was no way I way leaning in to let him take a shot at me while I was taking one of him!!!!!

  5. Suzi, I ADORE reading about your feelings and deep, deep connection to nature…

    “What I always get that is consistent is the peace in the now, and the awareness of myself as being an integral part of a much bigger picture and plan. I don’t even feel the need to understand. I am satisfied just being a piece of it.”

    Isn’t nature GRAND?

    Nature for me, is my connection to a Higher Power. Whenever I infuse myself with it, I feel clearer – mind, body and spirit. I feel healed. And as you shared…the peace in living in the now – living life in the moment.

    Gorgeous photos! The spanish moss reminded me of living in Florida. And you’re right…it thrives all year round, doesn’t it?

    Thank you for sharing, yet, another post that touched me.


    • Hey there. I just saw where you posted another video, and will get by to see it tomorrow, afraid since I’m so tired if I watch it tonight I might miss some of your superb humor,

  6. I loved your photos…and I think your husband’s judgment that they “suck” is way off! Of course, I’m not an expert 😉

    I agree that we are part of a bigger plan that we don’t have to understand.

  7. LOVE your reunion spin. I didn’t have so much time to write it since we didn’t get back home until almost midnight! I so understand and feel your connection on your walks. I get the same feelings.

  8. I love the picture of the scenic area along the creek. I could stare at that scene for hours. Just sitting there looking at “stuff”. Beautiful.

    What a nice think to feel on walks.

  9. This was beautiful! I have places where I feel this way – like I’m coming home. It’s an interesting connection, right?

    I’m so glad the Spin Cycle is back! I don’t think I realized how much I’d missed it.

  10. That is simply beautiful… the reconnection with something so pure is great!!! Awesome spin and I envy the beauty that you can surround yourself with 😀

  11. Great spin! (I’m looking forward to getting back into the spin of things). It’s neat to see the same areas at different times of the year… the moss still keepin on keeping on.

  12. I have to disagree with your hubby – your pictures are stunning! 🙂 But you could tell him a new/better camera would help, if you want a new camera. 😉

    LOVED your Spin! I kept nodding (no, not nodding off…nodding in a “I know what you mean!” kinda way!) 😉

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